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From the dawn of humanity, mankind has recognized the awesome powers of the sea and the sun. A tsunami can wipe out a city in one day. The sun can scortch the land and lead to famine. Although they would seem to be polar opposites, together they can nurture and sustain life on earth. At Sea & Sun Creatives, we are both awed and inspired by these forces of nature. Just as man has learned how to harness these awesome powers for his benefit, we also harness our creativity and technical skill to bring life to your ideas and inspire your clients. My name is Laura Bombara and I am Sea & Sun Creatives.

Bombara’s Italian Kitchen menu

This is a menu for a family owned Italian restaurant. It is a current day version that pays homage to the original restaurant from the 1970’s. It has a vintage Vegas feel.

4FITNESS Logo and Business Card 4Fitness is a business featuring a variety of group exercise classes. It is geared towards clients who might be intimidated going to a large gym but would thrive in a smaller more personal environment. Most of the clients are over 40 or retired. The owner, Valari Spence, wanted a logo that looked friendly and modern and utilized the color purple.



SOS is a Christian radio station based in Las Vegas. (S.O.S. stands for Sounds of the Spirit.) They play a wide variety of contemporary Christian music and are very family and community oriented. I wanted to create a logo for them that is fresh and modern yet simple and friendly. I used bright colors to exude a friendly modern feel.

Handmade Inspirational Wall Hangings This is hand painted home decor that could be sold as hand made merchandise on Etsy or made into a print and sold at retailers. They feature the words hope and faith in a classic font with soft colors in the background that reinforce the meaning behind them. The colors radiate out from the words to demonstrate their positive influence. They are meant to inspire and add beauty to the home.

Canyon Ridge Christian Church Weekly Program Canyon Ridge is a mega-church in northwest Las Vegas. The program resembles a trifold brochure, however the last panel is a rounded piece about half the length of the full panel. It serves double duty as a pocket for the weekly inserts that are pertinent to the specific weekend and also as a perforated tear-off communication card. It can be used to write prayer requests or leave contact information. I used the colors used on the church buildings.

Chloe Cooks- cookbook cover

This is a made-up cookbook featuring vegan recipes. As a home cook and parent of a vegan, I am a big fan of cookbooks featuring healthy and delicious recipes. I thought it would be fun to design the cover for my daughter’s future publication. I used orange as it is very attention getting and works well with the brightly colored photos.

Jane Eyre 2011 Movie Poster

This poster is designed to highlight the contrast between Jane’s innocence and simple, honest intentions against the cruelty, manipulation and deceit of those around her. The fire is a clue to major events of the story and the trails that await her.

Success Magazine Article Illustration and Layout

Success Magazine often uses graphic illustration for self-help articles and stories. I illustrated the concept of growing confidence with a seedling that is being nurtured by positive affirmations.

Barilla Pasta Package

I designed a pasta package for Barilla that would stand apart from other brands. The background of simple cardboard reinforces the idea of a natural and authentic product. The red wave draws the eyes attention in an elegant manner.

Meet the Flopdums Children’s Book Cover

This is a book cover for a children’s book about a village of bunnies with floppy ears. I made the illustration with pastels. I wanted to give a peek at them without giving too much away.

Laura Bombara phone: {702} 339 2127 email: www.sea&

All projects featured in this booklet are student work and not for actual clients, with the exception of the 4Fitness logo (pro bono). All photographs are either open license or belong to the designer with the exception of those used for the Jane Eyre poster. None of the projects for outside companies will be used for commercial profit.

Leavebehind bombara  

Mini portfolio for potential clients to take home

Leavebehind bombara  

Mini portfolio for potential clients to take home