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Q5) How did you attract/ address your audience?

Laura B.

We targeted young adults and teenagers, because they are the audience we can relate to and they can relate to the actors. We chose an age group close to us because it is easier to understand how they think, what they like, what they don’t like and what they want to see. We don’t target a specific sexuality or religion. For our questionnaire we chose a short film made by AS Media students called “Inner Evil”. We found the clip on YouTube and realised this was the kind of opening sequence that we would like to make as well. We created the questionnaire asking the people to watch the film and then answer a few questions regarding the opening sequence. In the clip the actress is a young adult with dark hair and isn’t represented as the typical weak female. Her make-up is quite natural except for the eyes, she’s wearing a bit of mascara and a very thin line of eyeliner. W styled our actress Anna in our film quite similarly with the make-up. The music is quite slow piano music and in the questionnaire most of the people liked it, so we used a similar piano music in our film. A few people thought a bit more exciting music would be better for a thriller film, so we put that sort of music into our film towards the end of the clip. The questionnaire included a question about the weather as well and the audience wanted to see a bit more rain and gloomy weather, so we included that into our film as well. Here I’m going to present the questionnaire results again and write about how we considered them. 25/30 said they liked the music, the other 5 would like more exciting music, which means for us that we can use the kind of music which has been used in the film we showed. It is dramatic piano music. We realized this and included both in our film. 27/30 people liked the font. So we used a similar type of font, capital letters, in the same style. 26/30 people liked the make-up, which means we used similar natural make-up and hair styling, just the eyes had a bit more make-up. 23/30 people liked the lighting, 7 people would like more shadows. So we tried to use slightly different lighting with more shadows, but tried to work on the same basics.

15/30 people said they didn’t like the camera movement, instead they would like more tension building scenes and more movement. We tried to include a bigger range of movement and techniques. 23/28 people liked the location in the clip. The people who didn’t like it said they would like the film to take place in a city. It means for us that we should try to make a city apartment look lonely, isolated and dark at the same time. 15/28 people liked the colouring, 12 didn’t like it, instead they would like a darker colouring. We tried to get the dark tinge but as our film plays in mid-day, we have to consider the daylight. 15/28 people didn’t like the representation of the story. Instead they would like to have more action, more information and more tension in the clip. Our clip includes all that, the abduction and the fake murder. 13/28 would like to see more blood, 15 people were okay with the amount shown in the clip. So we are going to use about the same amount of blood in our film opening scene. The scene where Richard Adams fakes his own death we used some fake blood. 18/28 liked the weather in the clip, 10 would prefer rain, fog, clouds, dark sky and wind. So we showed some more rain in our clip and some cloudy weather. Only for 4 people want us to use more weapons in our own film. So we decided to just use/ pretend to use a knife.

The make-up is a bit stronger on the eyes but still doesn’t look quite natural.

The weather is a bit lighter, but rainier in our film and we added the sound of rain to make it a bit more gloomy.

Questin 5  

Evaluation, Question 5

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