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A/W 14/15

Down The Line Trend Document

Curated By Laura Bennetts Emily Jervis & Sarah Short

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Print and Graphic The Drawn Mexican Inquisition Sign, Symbol, Delivered Sport & Menswear Noir Noir Botanic Gloom Anytime Gentleman Creative Direction ‘Really’ Real Metality Generation Y Stay Visual Merchandising/In Store Static Rush Folk Law Interframeable Seasonal Key Colour Palette Appendix Binding Graphic Inspiration

The Drawn Simplicity meets creativity as blank canvases are scrawled and scribbled upon within this trend. The garments are simple; they are primarily just plain white t-shirts most of the time. But the talent of the illustrator brings them to life and fills them with personality. Expressive figurative designs push the boundaries of printed fashion and creative design, and typical print designs are pushed aside, with a new fresh style of expression at the forefront of design.

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Ancient Mexico leads the inspiration for this print trend. Reminiscent of Aztec or Mayan art and costume, (colonial), injects cultural influences into garments as seen on catwalks such as Valentino and Dries Van Noten and in the form of coats and trainers at Berlin trade shows such as Capsule and Bread and Butter. With Mexico being one of the newly emerging MINT countries, it only makes sense for brands to be incorporating this Mesoamerican culture into their designs.

colour scheme is primarily quite natural and earthy. Use of deep reds and greens hint to Acient colonial times and the natural materials they would have used to colour their costume.


Mexican Inquisition

Above images show the graphic print being used on coats at train ers. The print is given a moder n day, feminine edge with pinks and blues on Valentino’s ca twalk. Australian desig ner Camilla Fran ks uses the Mexican Inqu isition theme for the editorial for her 2014 collectio n. Both Valentino an d Camilla Franks use head pieces on their models, something that is common in the costume of M esoamerican women and can be seen as part of the costu me for a woman in the M ayan film, ‘Apocalypto ’. She can also been se en wearing accessor ies made out of jade, a colour which is common in the trend.

B r a n d s such as Nike and Secret as well as many artists from the music industry such as SBTRKT and Chvrches have been seen to use this trend as a way of keeping their consumer base exclusive. Graphically, this trend has been popular with working text into images for front covers of magazines as well as advertising.

Sign, Symbol, Delivered

and the y don’t li Shane Smith, ke or trust ma “Young in a rec instrea closer t people m me ent a ot are an system he truth. Unt rticle in the G dia” summor rustwo s have ized Vic gry u a r d ia le r n t . He co d Gene hy poli e’s bigger uldn ticia ratio bra abbriev nds and their n Y to be un ns and corru ’t be pte de ated te advertis xt ing. Th rstandably w d Secret ary of have ev used by bran e broke d olved a n s such an arm saw as Nike and ro and “We’re und the shou ay to reach th lder, a on you ese con re r side a s nd you assuring whis umers, can tru per, Sign, S st us,” it ym says. in whic bol, Delivered h artist is a ll a b s and b out the and sp rand eak wa using s ing their con s are reachin y g out sumers igns an . Throu d symb connec gh ols t ta under nd deliver me hey are able to the rad s s ages th ar o at go that ma y not b f other consu mers e able to in the k un no abbrev derstand thes w. Being iated n e ames p them w rovides ith inclusiv a sense of ity in th e exclusiv ity.





BLK DNM by Triboro

blacks, charcoal greys and steel-like silvers build the foundsations of this gothic streetwear.


Black on black – it couldn’t be simpler. The pairing of garments of the midnight shade has become a trend in itself. Particularly in street wear, the gothic colour dominates all kind of garments to create the monochromatic matches.

Noir Noir

Botanic Gloom Botanic Gloom uses rich cherry reds and ivy greens to brighten up ink blues and foggy greys.

We a or s ther t t a is c ys tr he col l Dri early ue to our pa es V a do its n lett e m a an No inan tuura focus ten t fe l fo es o , Pr a r ada ture o m wit n bold h ,G ucc n man gree er and n i an y o d S f me s and contra aca b i. nswea rown sting r r co s, B e llec otan ds and tion ic G ye ll s. S een loom ows her e at

Mixing 1940s Hawaiian shirts with 18th century Rococo patterns, Botanic Gloom celebrates the visual exuberance of the wild. Pioneered by the likes of Oscar Wilde and Jean Cocteau this trend brings a masculine edge to efflorescent prints. The vintage look patterns of organic tropical undergrowth are dominated by shades of purples, reds and greens.

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Relaxed and ready, Anytime Gentlemen is the male consumer who finds it easy to interchange between business and leisure allowing him to live his life to the full. Soft tailored joggers worn alongside a performance coat or a tailored woollen jacket ensure that he is always ready for the next move whether that be an unexpected lunch or an afterwork gym session. Anytime Gentlemen excudes balance and stamina by allowing no barriers to hold him back from being able to do what he wants. This has never been so important as it is now in todays society, where many city dwellers lack time out from their busy schedules.

Louis Vuitton shows us that that style does not have to be compromised when it comes to this trend. Autumn/winter 2014/15

Anytime Gentleman

Real life is questioned through the use of surreal colours and filters throughout visual communication, styling and photo manipulation. The doctoring of these images distorts the line between what is real and what is not, and the use of this styling creates a sense of confusion and mystification. In an image-driven world, the perception of visual culture is important to society, and manipulating it can make the world question what is the ‘real’ real.

Perception is altered through the use of these dreamlike shades of purples creams and oranges which help to create a colourful vision across the page.

‘really’ real


ti affi Gr 14 / in erl B in e of een e us y. s g th ager din h uil roug e im b th abr fa e o rend mac d i s y t nd a the alit on Met lours the n co ing neo t c e

n w i ithin o h s de ns w Tra eleto t h rig g sk t B usin a s. lay so isp 4, al esign d 1 d n / s o Jan heir t ard rlin, o b ate Be Sk

Bright neon blues, harsh acid yellows and glowing reds are placed against contrasting black backgrounds to make sure that this consumers bold attitdude to life cannot be missed.


Metality is not just a creative direction, for a target consumer it is an attitude to a way of life. Stylised linear lights help to create this macabre aesthetic. Old-school rock motifs such as skulls, wings and snakes meet bright neon colours. This consumer confronts their mortality head on by living life in the moment. For creative direction this means moody lighting in dingy dark corners where rebels with cause sit at night to discuss their latest endeavours. Large neon imagery stands out against the black backgrounds making it hard to miss the message that says, “We know that we won’t be here forever, so we’re going to do what we want.”

Generation Y Stay

more fr m eratio eedom, co n Y, e mes m ore mone With y and speci deter ore d ally m es and e ined to liv , are socia ire. Gene lc nr to cre ichment, and life of reatures, alloca fulfim ating ting t new e ent throu hei xp gh 77% o seeing th eriences, o r time e ft f impe millennia world. Wi en rative ls bel t h ieving to ad are im dre it’s p supri ortant to ss causes t them se soc hat , it ia filled with l media fe ’s no eds ar image ing vo e sd lu and t nteer exp ocumentravel. erien ce Edito Vogu r ia ea azine nd Nume ls in ro re want flect socie magto esc ties ape n life th orma ro l tropic ugh their al bac kdrop and c ultura s l shoo ts.

colours cr eate the pic variations turesque sc troubles o of aquama The ene of bei r worries. rine ng next to The tranq Generatio the se uil co n Y long fo r in a bid to lours evoke the feel a, without ings live their li fe of fulfilm ent.

static rush

This trend brings fun and ebullience to window shopping and the overall shopping experience, inviting passers by to interact with the display like attending Harvey Nichols ‘School of Fashion’, for example. The displays often reflect the cultural calendar, a particular fashion week or festive season. Mannequins and inanimate objects are brought to life, allowing products to be displayed in all their glory. This trend also allows brands to tell a story before the customer has even walked in.

Wild Deer roam through a garden of oversized flowers as birds flock in their hundreds. This trend allows scenes to come to life, creating a fun and experiencial environment.

Rich colours and intricate patterns combine to make up the folk trend. Traditional old-school bohemian along with modern interpretations of cultural symbols and structures make for exciting and visually stimulating merchandising materials. A hippy attitude is being embraced, in a society where people are getting tired of being told what they can and can’t do, the fight for freedom and expression is brought to life within this trend.

Folk Law

Earthy tones mirroring that of autum leaves contrast with refreshing the blues and greens of a deep river.

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y 4 r th 201 ow ea p sho s h tality e uro rate rk at E onst and m so wo . m d l s e a n r d tre pe an cop wns c e this rom bro ngsid ken f alo age ta Im SN. WG


Flexibility, Adaptability. Simplicity. This trend focus’ on the interchangeable nature of a retail space, it’s all about creating impact and saving time. To keep the consumer interested, stores are making sure that they can revamp and revitalize their floor space in minimal time using interlocking framework structures created by the likes of Visual Magnetics and Visplay. Interframeable harks at change within consumption by recycling and reusing structures in various layouts. The colour pallete depicts a futuristic atmosphere using mainly monochrome or dark earthy coppers and metallic browns --alongside reflective surfaces to add a spacious feel.

Despite these fixtures being only temporary, their repetitive lines and shapes create a strength and stability within the retail space; an idea which is not often associated alongside it.

A/W 14/15 key colour palette

A/w stays true to it’s autumnal archive by bringing colours that cover a wide spectrum of deep earthy tones; reds, greens and oranges. Washes of blue cleanse the eyes with refreshing shades such as Brochure Blue and Wing.


20,000 ft



Yolk Diner


Sands of time Mexican Inquisition

Acid Yell Folk Law

Deep Black


Blurred Vision


Noir Noir

Rose Tint


Charcoal Grey


Suitcase Maroon

Brochure Blue

Seaweed Green

Generation Y Stay


We’re Open Glow

Distorted Reality




Botanic Gloom

Rich Cherry Red

Ink Blue Fog Ivy Green


Flexibility, Adaptability. Simplicity. This trend focus’ on the interchangeable nature of a retail space, it’s all about creating impact and saving time. To keep the consumer interested, stores are making sure that they can revamp and revitalize their floor space in minimal time using interlocking framework structures created by the likes of Visual Magnetics and Visplay. Interframeable harks at change within consumption by recycling and reusing structures in various layouts. The colour pallete depicts a futuristic atmosphere using mainly monochrome or dark earthy coppers and metallic browns --alongside reflective surfaces to add a spacious feel.

and Design Inspiration


Lodown magazine appeared at Bright tradeshow and was the inspiration for the layout of this trend document. This is page 99 of their Dec/Jan/Feb 2014 edition formed the basis of our ideas with regards to how we set out our text. By drawing a freeform box and filling it with text and removing the black line, we were able to create shapes of our own to fit on the page. It gives our document a creative and eyecatching aesthetic as oppose to a regular column or block of text.

This page is also from the Dec/Jan/Feb 2014 edition of Lodown Magazine. We also found this layout eyecatching and found it an ideal way to encorperate text within our moodboards that explained our choice of photos. This gave our pages a more graphic feel to it whereas using straight columns and images would have felt far too repetitive.

Down the Line Trend Document  

A trend forecasting document I did as part of a group that focused on trends within Graphics, Creative Direction, Menswear and Sports Wear f...

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