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June Update

Hello! Welcome to the summer edition of my newsletter. This one is a little bit early due to holiday at the beginning of June. I’m loving the sunshine, although not getting to see too much of it - it’s still a little chilly in the office! As was mentioned in my newsletter I’m now working full time with Arise Ministries although still very much involved in the goings on at Viz-A-Viz Ministries. I am now paid one day a week by Arise which is a great help in raising the monthly support I need! It’s a sad time as people are moving on from Viz-A-Viz: Lis and Emma left in March, Diane in April and Simon, Claire and Rich will be finishing at the end of May. The trustees and leadership team are currently working out the redistribution of day-to-day jobs for the rest of us! It’s a re-adjusting time, your prayers for those moving on and those remaining would be much appreciated! On 15th May it was my niece Emi’s 3rd Birthday. She had a bouncy castle with her friends and it was lots of fun! She was very cute, totally took it all in her stride and kept saying ‘Thank you for my party. I’m so happy!’ Well it’s a busy time of year - please remember me! Keep checking my blog for up to date news, diary, photos etc! Take care and enjoy the sun!

Andy, Myself and Dusty (named because he got very dusty playing hide and seek with Maddie, Emi and Billy in the woods for my birthday!)

Finance I have been very blessed recently, thank you so much to those generously supporting me. I do still need financial support to enable me to do what I do! To find out why I’m self-funded and to support me financially please visit:


June 11th: ‘Just A Child’ Training at Earl’s Hall Baptist, Westcliff 17th-19th: Church Weekend Away with Dan and Jen Wicks 21st: Andy’s 21st birthday!! 29th-4th: ‘Check It Out Team’ in Herne, Germany

July 8th-10th: SOLID Festival + Junior SOLID (10th), Upminster 22nd-28th: Liv’It Youth Camp, Northallerton August 1st-8th: Children’s Venue Leading Edge, Warwick 22nd-4th: Holiday! For my most accurate calendar visit: Prayer You’ll find a Prayer diary for June enclosed/attached. To receive this every month please contact me. It can also be viewed/downloaded at In general please pray for my health, safety, finances, for the events I am preparing and delivering and most importantly for all the people I meet and have the opportunity to chat to about the Gospel.

Laura Bayliss Arise Ministries Phoenix Court, Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3EZ 01268 530531

Event Diaries Church Of England Advisers Conference On the 5th April Andy and I headed to High Leigh Conference Centre near Hoddesdon to exhibit Arise and Check It Out at a Childrens and Youth Workers Advisers Conference. It was a fairly small exhibition and the first ‘event’ of the conference so only for a couple of hours. We had a good few conversations, made friends with people from Pulse Ministries and set the record for the quickest pack down ever - about 10mins! It’s always great to help people link together the aspects of Viz-A-Viz Ministries that they have heard of with areas they haven’t. I also love hearing about what people are doing in their own individual churches and communities and being able to encourage them.

Newbury Baptist 8th-10th April was my first ‘proper event’ with Arise Ministries. Ed, Jonny and I headed to Bournemouth to run the 3-11s venue for Newbury Baptist’s Church Weekend Away. We had roped in help from some past Arise volunteers and had 15 children for various sessions over the weekend looking at Matthew 14 - Peter stepping out of the boat. There were songs, games, crafts, quizzes, talks and even a cinema night with popcorn! It was great fun to get to know the children and a privilege to spend a whole weekend with them. The hotel was lovely, the people friendly, the weather beautiful - was a fab weekend!

Baptist Assembly This year I joined the Children’s Team at the Annual Baptist Assembly - working with 70 5-11 year olds. We were based in a marquee at the Norbreck Hotel, Blackpool and stayed in a B&B down the coast a bit. The theme for the weekend was 'Your Kingdom Come' and we had a Knightly Theme - each day following three Knights on the quest for the Ultimate Kingdom. There were crazy songs with Big Fish Little Fish, stories, news reels, weather reports, talks, leaders being pied (see picture!), letters from Fredrickson the crocodile, crafts, name it, we did it! We also had for the weekend a keypad system which meant at certain points each child was given a keypad and we asked questions and they selected their answer using the keypads (Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ask the audience styley!) which was brilliant. We asked them all manner of questions about God/ Church/Prayer/Friendships, as well as using them for discussion times in smaller groups. The weekend was exhausting but brilliant. It was so cool to see these kids engaging, having fun and chatting about God. We also filmed them answering questions like 'What is Worship?', 'Is the Bible boring or exciting and why?' and 'Why do we go to Church?' - some of the answers they came out with were fantastic - well thought through, or just spontaneous and enthusiastic. It was great to chat to the parents too and hear that the Children were so excited to come every morning and were loving it. The parents were really appreciative that we weren't just babysitting the kids so that they could get some time off in the adult venue, but were actually giving them some good teaching. We’re now praying that the children we met will have been really impacted by God and fired up to live their lives making a difference and helping see God's Kingdom come on Earth. Twins Update: Andy’s sister-in-law Vicky is expecting twins any moment! We’re both very excited and looking forward to meeting the new arrivals! Please pray for Jon and Vicky for safe and quick delivery, healthy babies and for them as they adjust to life as a family together. Family photo shoot L-R: Sarah (sister), Billy (nephew), Matt (brother-in-law), Andy, Maddie (Niece), Me, Emi (Niece), Mum.

WhatsLauraUpTo - Newsletter June 2011  

Whats Laura Upto

WhatsLauraUpTo - Newsletter June 2011  

Whats Laura Upto