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What’s Laura UpTo? April 2013 Year 4, Issue 3


Inside this issue: Children and Families Ministry Conference


Training with Croxley Green Baptist


In It Together?


Just a ‘child’?


ECG Conference


The Rooftop


Upcoming Dates


Prayer Points  Preparations for our wedding and married life.  Personal Finances.  Jon, Vicky, Joshua and Amelia as they adjust to life with Daniel!  Sarah as they move into their new house.  Russell, Becci, Chloe and Sam as they prepare to move.  Dad for continued good health especially that he can easily walk me down the aisle! Page 1

As I am writing this the sun is shining, hurrah! I hope that you have been able to enjoy some sunshine too over the past few days. It’s been a slightly quieter few months work-wise but been very busy with wedding preparations! My sister has finally moved house...well sort of! They are currently living with her in-laws while the new house is got ready for them to move in. It’s been a very long process and everyone has coped brilliantly with the upheaval! Billy is loving nursery and Maddie and Emi are doing very well at school. Lola is rolling

around and starting to make her presence known! My brother and his family are looking to move back to Kent he has got a new job there already and is commuting back to Yeovil for the weekends. Chloe has got a place at grammar school there and may be starting in a couple of weeks! My Dad recently had some injections in his back to help with pain management so hopefully he will be pain free and able to walk me down the aisle! I celebrated my 25th Birthday this week had a great day with my family being spoilt! Billy (3) told

me that I was ‘a bit old’!! Thank you for reading this newsletter - please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Daniel James Keel On 12th April, Andy’s nephew Daniel James Keel was born at 6am weighing 8lbs 7oz. Everyone is doing very well and Joshua and Amelia are enjoying having a new little brother! What’s Laura UpTo?

Children and Families Ministry Conference Feedback from ‘In It Together?’  It was incredibly exciting to know how we can further bring the whole community together.  It reinforced the message of the important roles parents play and the value everyone brings to nurturing faith in our children.  Been encouraged to think more creatively and inclusively about our church building and what it says about how we include and engage with children/ families in church.  It’s very important to know what children have to say about things that go on around them.  It’s a must for every children’s teacher in the church.

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We had a great weekend exhibiting in Eastbourne and Ed led a few different seminars. Andy came along to help too which was great! This year there was an interactive area

which allowed people to try out some of the resources including parts of ALF and ALF 2. We had some great conversations and a good chance to

catch up with some friends too!

Training with Croxley Green Baptist We have been working with Croxley Green Baptist Church over a series of Tuesday evenings, unpacking some of the Just a ‘child’?

material with their children’s workers and also others from the area. It’s been a great opportunity to develop relationships with the church and

pilot different models of equipping events.

In It Together? This event on 9th March was the first of its kind working with London School of Theology, looking at how we can hear, release and encourage the voice of the children amongst us - to see them speak out and speak into the life of the church. We were joined by Robert and Ro Willoughby who led the main sessions along with Ed and also took a breakout seminar each.

We had 53 people from around London and further afield and there was a great sense of unity and culture of discussion about the individual situations people came from. The food and refreshments provided were excellent which

always makes a big difference! We looked at the importance of making children feel part of the church family, how to use the Bible with children, ideas for effective All Age Worship and practical ways of seeking God’s vision for children in our churches. We had many positive comments from the day and hope it is something we will be able to run again!

What’s Laura UpTo?

Just a ‘child’? - Darlington

Unfortunately we have had to cancel a couple of the planned Just a ‘child’? Events, but at the end of March we travelled up to Darlington to stay and work with

Andrew Stobart, one of Ed’s friends from Bible College. On the Saturday we had 22 people for a ‘Day 1’ Equipping Event, including a large proportion from Chinese church communities - it was great to explore how different cultures relate to children.

On the Sunday we took part in two church services in the Darlington area - one an informal breakfast gathering where we led the older children’s group and the other an all age service at Hurworth Methodist Church where we led elements of the service, including making spoon puppets - the older generation loved it!

ECG Conference I was unable to go to ECG (Equipping Calling Going) Conference as I was ill, but Ed headed up to Scarborough and led the team (including Taste!)for a great week. Arise were working

amongst the 5-11 year olds and the daily All Age sessions. They had lots of fun and some powerful times of prayer,

worship and response with the children.

The Rooftop You may have heard about this project from Viz-A-Viz Ministries which Den has been working on in the USA for a few years and is now being piloted in the UK. ‘The Rooftop’ is an easy to follow and very flexible strategy to help you reach the

Year 4, Issue 3

people in your community. It involves gathering on a rooftop and asking God for a fresh vision of His heart for the people of your community. There are then sessions to work through looking at practical steps to see it happen. Viz-A-Viz

have recently appointed a National Director for ’The Rooftop’. You can find more details on the project at:

Thoughts from ‘In It Together?’  How would you describe the voice of the children in your local expression of church?  How do we guide children in the right direction without putting words in their mouths?  What practical, creative ways can we use to help children share their thoughts and ideas?  How do we give children space to input into the ministry we're delivering amongst them?  How accessible is information about children's and families work on your church website?  How do we encourage parents to share their faith with their children? @therooftopmin

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Upcoming Events May 3rd-6th Baptist Assembly in Blackpool

June 6th & 11th Rooftop Leader’s Training Days

8th Children’s Ministry Academy

13th Viz-A-Viz Ministries Team Retreat

15th Junior Solid Meeting

15th Just a ‘child’? Southampton

18th Just a ‘child’? Plymouth

21st Andy’s Birthday 22nd Just a ‘child’? Newbury

July 1st Portfolio Submission 5th-7th Family Weekend with Glebe Methodist, Newcastle 14th Junior Solid 17th Junior Solid Debrief 17th-26th Andy away in Italy

29th Just a ‘child’? Croxley Green The dates above don’t take into account planning and preparation for events and many of the meetings we have! If you would like more details on any of the events, or what’s coming up in 2013, please do get in touch!

Laura Bayliss Arise Ministries Phoenix Court Christopher Martin Road Basildon Essex SS14 3EZ 01268 530531

About Arise Ministries Arise Ministries wants to work with churches to pioneer new outreach to children in your community. Working on a local, regional and national level, Arise Ministries seeks to help the Church reach the children with the gospel, so that they have an opportunity to discover Jesus and become his followers. There are four key areas of ministry: 1. Equipping and Support 2. Events 3. Resources 4. ALF Clubs Our vision is ‘Equipping the church to reach a generation’. We believe children can become, be and make disciples of Jesus, whilst children. We want to work in, through and with the church to see this become a reality.

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What’s Laura UpTo?

What's Laura Up To - Newsletter April 2013  

What's Laura Up To - Newsletter April 2013

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