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Wayfinding Castle Heights

Hildreth Hill Geneva, NY

Geneva New York is made up of eleven different neighborhoods but most city residents do not identify with their neighborhood. I worked on a project to try to create a stronger sense of identity and a belonging through the use of design.

I explored two particular neighborhoods; Castle Heights and Hildreth Hill. I sketched different houses, streets, and buildings to try to capture the essence of each neighborhood before designing logos for each.

Castle Street

Logo Options and Early Renditions

The neighborhood voted on logos to represent Castle Heights and Hildreth Hill.

Neighborhood logos provide a more defined sense of community, futhering the level of cohesion and pride within the entire Geneva community.


le st



c h






Final Logos



Inventory of Wayfinding in Hildreth Hill Neighborhood

While I was working on the logos I was also taking inventory of all the street signs in the same two neighborhoods. I found that all of the street signs could describe where you were, but did not convey neighborhood identity. This provided an opportunity to merge the two projects.


Former Street Sign Poles: 15 Signs: 30

Classic Street Sign Poles: 5 Signs: 10

Former Neighborhood Watch Sign Signs: 12

Current Street Sign Poles: 6 Signs: 12

Current Neighborhood Watch Sign Signs: 4

Wayfinding Options for Geneva Wayfinding, as defined by Kevin A. Lynch, is “a consistent use and organization of definite sensory cues from the external environment�. After looking at case studies of cities with successful systems, I proposed different options that could work well for Geneva.


Identification Sign

Gateway Sign

Sign Toppers

Proposal and Signs Today Since we were doing an inventory of all the street signs in Geneva the optimal option was what is referred to as a sign topper, a small sign that sits on top of street signs. A colleague and I proposed our project to the City Manager and the Director of the Department of Public Works. Our proposal was accepted and implemented.