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24K GOLD JEWELRY Gold was powerfully symbolic to the people of Pre-Columbian indigenous civilizations. A medium of majestic significance, it was believed to capture the power of birds and animals and to summon the gifts of fertility from the sun. Faithful to this legacy, we reproduce the craft of the Quimbaya, Calima, Tayrona, Tolima, Nariño, Zenú and Muisca civilizations, preserving authenticity in technique and design. These gold pieces are inspired by archaelogical findings between 1600BC through 1600AD in the Colombian territory. Here we invite you to discover ethnic jewelry pieces such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, accessories as well as decorative figures that capture the essence in design and in meaning used by the people of Pre-Columbian civilizations.

Corn, gold and the jaguar share the same yellow color of the sun, symbolizing life and fertility.

All of these objects are 24 karat gold plated and and made by the only authorized manufacturer of the original pieces displayed at the famed Gold Museum (Museo del Oro - Bogotá)


This filigree pendant is an allusion to the delicate filigree earrings of the ZenĂş civilization. Their filigree work was heavily influenced by basketwork and weaving prevalent in their society. Goldsmiths not only merged the form of fabric into their work but an understanding of the various aspects in their lives as interconnected, including the fluvial maze of waters that surrounded them, blooming wildlife, polytheistic awareness, and political conformity. This jewel is an emblem of balance and harmony within the various aspects of life.

The serial repetition of beads, ornamental elements such as, spirals, pins, buttons, anthropomorfic and zoomorphic figures or rattling balls were put together to form our impressive necklaces.



In Pre Columbian times, in some societies, chieftains and captains would pierce their nose and ears at the end of their long training at special ceremonies and temples. After that, they could wear earrings and nose rings to show their rank. For example in the Zenu tradition the most impressive items are ear ornaments, which are genuine achievements of goldwork art. They were not made with wire threads of metal, as the filigree technique implies, but cast by the lostwax process. Complex networks of zigzag patterns, triangles and other motifs are exquisitely put together to result in these unique ethnic gold nose rings and 24k gold earrings.

Bracelets were commonly worn in both arms by chieftains in rituals, they could have rattling charms or simple berrys from their surroundings. Bracelets were an essential part of the shaman´s paraphernalia. Some groups mummified their chieftains and they displayed these mummies at ceremonies and at warfields, so they could protect the community and instill valour in their warriors. Others symbolically perpetuated their ruling figures by covering them with masks and gold ornaments.



Gold was the preferred metal of our ancestors, it´s yellow tones with an intense shine was like the sun giving light and the source of life. Metal objects return to the earth as gifts of the gods. It takes the form of the bird-shaman who flies through the middle, upper and lower worlds. It also adopts the posture of the seated shaman who in his hallucinatory trance, reveals the secret of the cosmos and controls the forces that regulate life.

All our figures are replicas of archaelogical artifacts such as shamans paraphernalia, poporos and representations like the Muisca raft found in the colombian territory crafted by indigenous people from 1600 BC through 1600 AC. These pieces are 24 karat gold plated. Made by the only authorized manufacturer of the Banco de la Republica de Colombia to make exact reproductions of the original pieces they have in custody at the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro - BogotĂĄ).

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CHILDREN’S EDUCATION Supporting Children’s Education These artifacts are 24 karat gold plated and and made by the only authorized manufacturer of the original pieces displayed at the famed Gold Museum (Museo del Oro - Bogotá). SUPPORTING CHILDREN’S EDUCATION LUMA GOLD donates 5% of each sale to the Marina Orth Foundation, supporting a 21st Century education for children in Colombia.

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