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Clover Hill Elementary

November Issue

Its Fall Time!!! Have you met our Manchester friend? She is a girl and her name is Stacia. In her family are her sister and her mom. Her favorite color is purple. She likes to write about her vacation. She went to the Bahamas! Her favorite TV show is Sponge Bob! Her favorite sport is basketball and she likes to be at the beach. Our newspaper buddy is awesome! Written by Aiden and Devion

OUR TRIP TO HENRICUS Have you been to Henricus Park? We learned that the Powhatan indian’s number one tool was fire. The women did all the cooking and cleaning, and the men did all the hunting and fishing. Their main crop was corn. They used the deer brain to make their clothing softer. We had a wonderful time at Henricus Park! Interview by Halie, Abby, and Jessica

Do you know about 3rd grade math? Sarah R., Jeahee, and Ashlyn interviewed Mrs. Johnson to find out. In the third grade you receive math books but you cannot write in them. The students have to take their math books home and Mrs. Johnson sometimes gives them worksheets. Also they review doubles plus one and they use word problems all year long for math . Third graders have The Math Hall of Fame. You have to learn your multiplication facts from 0-12. They add and subtract two, three, and four digit numbers. Third grade math sounds awesome!

Have you met the best cook at Clover Hill Elementary? Mrs. Dolan is a great cook. She cooks for over four-hundred to six-hundred students in one day. She gets a lot of help from the other cooks. Ms. Wanda cooks, Rebecca serves the food, Ms. Elssy prepares the salad, Ms.Donna collects the money and Ms. Monica comes two days a week to help them cook. Before she was a great cook she was a stay at home mom and a secretary. She has three kids: a 23 year old, 27 year old and a 10 year old. She also has a Saint Bernard named Gracie. Mrs. Dolan cooks for a lot of people and she enjoys her job. Mrs. Dolan is like the principal of the kitchen, because she is the manager of the kitchen- the one in charge. Mrs. Dolan makes sure the food we eat is healthy for us and that is why she is an amazing cook and person.

Devion and Aiden’s Halloween Party! On October 31st we had a surprise Halloween party. At our party we had lots of tasty treats like cookies with sprinkles, candy corn, tootsie rolls and lollipops. We also did some math at the party. We had to guess how much candy was in a bag without opening it. We discovered that there were 20 pieces of candy in the bag. Also, we made a candy graph. Our Halloween party was awesome because we had a GREAT TIME!

Word Search made by Cody and Jason

The Courtyard

Do you know what it’s like to be a Principal? Mrs. Hines has been a principal at Clover Hill Elementary for three years. She served as an assistant principal for seven years. Mrs. Hines is a mother of three children along with her wonderful students at Clover Hill Elem.☺ She has many years of schooling at Cali State, Whittier College and VCU! The things she loves about being a principal are working with students, teachers and parents. The hardest thing about her job is working on the weekend and all the hard work that’s brought to her. But she loves her job so it’s worth it! By: Will, Dylan and Antonio

Have you seen our courtyard? There are 3 goldfish in the pond. One of the goldfish has a white face, an orange body, and black spots on its back. The other 2 are just gold. Also, the goldfish get fed in the spring, summer, and fall and they eat nothing during the winter. The goldfish stay by the waterfall which is located in the back of the pond. There is also an algae eater that is white with brown spots. He is the size of a rock and very hard to see. All of the goldfish are 6 years old and the algae eater is 7 years old. There are different types of plants like a butterfly bush, silver mounds, and water lilies and so many more. We would really like to thank Mrs. Dunn for showing around us the courtyard!

The Fall Festival

We Met Third Graders!! The Fall Festival was really fun! They We met two fantastic third graders. Julie and Taylor think had lots of great food like pepperoni third grade is a BLAST! Julie and pizza, cotton candy and wonderful Taylor do 1,000 math digits and drinks like sprite and coke! There was they love math. For lunch they have lunch bunch, And Julie and also ice cream with a lot of different Taylor have lunch at 11:00. For flavors like chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream! Our friend Clara Clara homework Julie and Taylor have 1-3 things to complete. Their was the pumpkin at the pumpkin math books look different from lighting. She was really bright and ours. Julie and Taylor have pretty! There was a big dance floor and started multiplication. they played lots of great music. There Sometimes they have a special treat, if they’re smart as a whip were a lot of people, and it was fun! You will have a great time at the next and on task! We’re really excited about going to third grade! Fall Festival! Created by: Ahmad, Alex, And Christopher! Edited by: Allexus Miller

November Issue