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Communication Matters VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, SPRING 2013


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The New  Major     Showcase  &  Ice   Cream  Social     Major  Reflections       Book  Review     iStudio  Publisher     Paths  to  Internships     Job  Hunting  Tips     Join  Communiqué     Join  Lambda  Pi  Eta  

Written By  Elizabeth  Manno    

As senior   students   of   the   Department   of   Communication,   we   know   this   new  major  has  been  a  long  process  in  the  making.  We  are  so  grateful  to   be  able  to  give  a  brief  description/background  of  the  major  and  what  the   Communication  Studies  major  means  to  our  students.     The  new  Communication  Studies  major  focuses  on  an  individual’s  use  of   messages   and   communication   to   create   meanings   in   various   environments,  such  as  diverse  cultures,  channels,  and  media.  The  major   helps  promote  effective  and  ethical  practices  of  human  communication.     Students   majoring   in   Communication   Studies   select   a   concentration   of   specialization   in   one   of   three   critical   areas:   Organizational   Communication   and   Leadership,   Public   Relations,   and   Health   Communication.   The  Major  requires:   Twelve  courses—eight  core  courses  and  four  concentration  courses.    

Eight core  consist  of:  COM  100,  COM  110,  COM  220,  COM  305,  COM  306,     COM  395,  COM  480,  COM  397  or  COM  398  or  COM  399  

Goodbyes   Senior  

The Minor  requires:   COM  110,  COM  220,  COM  306,  COM  395,  and  any  two  elective  courses   selected  from  the  list  of  concentration  courses.  




Written By  Kathleen  Williams     On   Tuesday,   April   23,   2012   the   Department   of   Communication   hosted   its   annual  communication  student  showcase  also  known  as  the  communication   ice-­‐cream  social.  The  event  took  place  on  campus  in  the  Galloway  Room  from   6-­‐7PM.        In   a   social   tradeshow   atmosphere,   students   from   all   the   major   areas   of   communication   showcased   projects   from   their   current   classes   and   willingly   engaged   those   around   to   learn   about   their   studies   and   major   projects.   Faculty  and  staff  interacted  with  the  large  crowd  and  were  nearby  to  answer      

additional questions  regarding  the  Major.       Some  of  the  many  popular  projects  showcased  were:  the  Listening  Tree  from   Dr.   Bommelje’s   Listening   Class   and   a   research   paper,   “Time   Perception   Differences”  from  Dr.  Morrison's  Intercultural  Communication  Class.       The  evening  closed  off  on  a  very  sweet  note  as  everyone  was  encouraged  to   build  their  own  ice  cream  sundaes  which  were  offered  as  refreshments.            



Jessica  Spiegel  ‘13  

Written By  Avery  Laffey     Q:  In  your  experience,  how  has  the  Communication  Studies  major  helped  you   throughout  college?     A:     Jessica   Spiegel   ’13   -­‐   “It   has   taught   me   how   to   have   better   relationships   with  my  friends  and  family.  It  also  helped  me  better  identify  what  career  path   I  wanted  to  take  in  life.  I  found  out  I  have  a  knack  for  Public  Relations  and  am   very  interested  in  pursuing  a  career  in  the  field  post  graduation.”       Q:  What  have  you  enjoyed  most  about  the  Communication  Studies  major?     A:   Danielle   McAdam   ’13   -­‐   “Honestly,   the   teachers.   They   have   all   been   so   amazing   and   have   helped   me   throughout   college.   Every   communication   class   I   have   taken   I   have   loved   and   learned   so   much   from.   I   wouldn’t   change   anything  about  deciding  to  be  a  communication  major  here  at  Rollins.”       Q:  Why  did  you  decide  to  become  a  Communication  Studies  major?     A:  Avery  Laffey  ’13  -­‐  “Ever  since  I  was  little  I  was  always  the  one  talking  up  a   storm.  Coming  to  Rollins  I  knew  I  wanted  to  do  something  along  the  lines  of   communication   and   public   relations   to   put   my   mind   to   work.   I   love   the   Communication  Studies  major  here  at  Rollins  because  it  allows  you  to  do  so   much  during  school  and  after  graduation.  I  have  learned  so  much  both  about   communication   and   myself   through   the   classes   I   have   taken.   I   wouldn’t   change  these  past  four  years  for  anything.”       Q:  What  do  you  plan  on  doing  with  your  Communication  Studies  major  post   graduation?     A:   Kim   Brewer   ’13   -­‐     “I   got   to   study   abroad   in   Australia   last   semester,   Fall   2012,   and   I   plan   on   going   back.   While   there   I   worked   as   a   public   relations   assistant   and   I   want   nothing   more   than   to   go   back   and   further   my   career.   Being   from   Bermuda,   I   love   other   countries.   With   my   knowledge   of   communication  I  now  have  I  hope  to  progress  in  the  field  of  public  relations   and  take  everything  I  know  to  another  country.”      



Available online!  




Author Sam  Parker  


The  iStudio   Publisher  App  is   available  on  the   Apple  App  Store  for   $17.99        

By Isaiah  Cincyr     212:  The  Extra  Degree,  written  by  Sam  Parker,  is  an  amazing  book  that  gets   straight   to   the   point.  Most   books   tend   to   go   on   for   a   while   and   make   the   reader  lost.  After  discussing  the  author  with  a  friend,  he  recommended  that  I   read   Parker’s   book.    This   book   is   very   encouraging   and   I   was   able   to   fit   this   short   reading   into   my   busy   schedule.    The   book   explains   how   one   degree   can   make  an  impact  and  how  the  smallest  things  can  change  the  outcome  of  the   overall   goal.    Parker   relates   his   message   to   the   audience   using   real   life   stories.  This  book  can  push  a  recent  graduate  to  the  next  level  whether  it  is  in   someone’s  professional  or  personal  life.       Sam  Parker  says,  "At  211  degrees,  water  is  hot.  At  212  degrees,  it  boils.  And   with   boiling   water,   comes   steam.   And   with   steam,   you   can   power   a   train."   The   difference   between   211   degrees   and   212   degrees   causes   something   major   to   happen.   By   giving   that   one   extra   effort,   Parker   says,   we   can   accomplish  something  major.  By  taking  one  extra  action  we  can  accomplish   more.   After   our   senior   year,   we   should   strive   to   make   that   extra   step,   whether  by  interning,  serving  the  community,  or  even  helping  a  stranger.  All   these  actions  can  open  doors  that  we  would  never  imagine.           By  Alex  Sangines     If  you  have  a  final  project  that  requires  graphic  design  and  layout,  computer   applications   are   easy   to   get   when   it   comes   to   creating   a   newsletter   or   a   magazine.   From   body   pages,   text   boxes,   and   designing   text   runarounds,   iStudio   Publisher   is   a   desktop   publishing   application   that   simplifies   writing   projects.   iStudio   Publisher   is   one   of   300,000   educational   apps   that   can   be   found  in  the  Apple  App  Store.       As   part   of   my   final   project   in   my   Senior   Seminar   class,   I   was   assigned   to   conduct   a   face-­‐to-­‐face   interview   according   to   guidelines,   then   to   present   it   creatively   in   any   way   I   chose.   The   creation   of   my   publication   has   been   an   enriching   experience   through   the   use   of   this   friendly   user   application.   In   addition,   the   application   gives   access   to   several   tutorials   and   templates   to   choose   from;   thus,   making   any   publication   for   any   class   easy   to   accomplish   with  this  application.         These   applications   are   a   practical   way   to   learn   and   to   achieve   high   quality   college   projects.   Since   the   introduction   of   the   app   store   a   few   years   ago,   this   platform   has   become   part   of   college   life   across   the   country.   These   applications  are  very  powerful  yet  extraordinary  simple.  The  amazing  things   that  any  college  student  can  do  are  limitless.    


Written by  Phung  Van       If  you’re  a  student  looking  for  an  internship,  here  is  what  you  need  to  do.  I     would   suggest   that   you   go   to   the   Career   Center   in   the   Fairbanks   building   and   obtain  their  information  sheets  on  the  processes  of  obtaining  an  internship.     In  the  many  sheets  of  paper  that  you  will  obtain  in  the  Career  Center,  locate   the   sheet   that   will   inform   you   on   the   dates   available   for   their   Internship   Career  Services   Planning  Workshop.  Attending  the  workshop  will  give  you  the  direction  that   Office  Hours   you  need  in  obtaining  the  internship  that  you  want.  If  you  are  like  me  and  are   Mon.  &  Thurs.   unsure   about   which   internship   is   right   for   you,   they   will   help   guide   you   in   8:30am  –  7pm   narrowing   the   field.   Another   option   is   to   use   your   R-­‐Careerlink   account,   which  can  be  accessed  through     Tues.,  Weds.,  Fri.             8:30am  –  5pm   What   is   an   R-­‐Careerlink   account   you   ask?   It’s   an   online   resource   filled   with   links   available   to   you   such   as   placing   your   resume,   jobs   and   internship   Walk-­‐In  Hours           availability,   information   about   the   requirements   for   the   internship,   and   Weekdays,  3-­‐5pm   anything   you   want   to   know   about   interning.   If   you’d   like   to   build   your   Office  Closed                         experience   by   interning,   login   to   your   R-­‐Careerlink   and   start   searching   12-­‐1pm  daily   through   the   huge   database   available   to   you.   See   what   interests   you   and   apply!         THE  JOB  HUNT:  5  WAYS  TO  HELP  YOU  FIND  YOUR  DREAM  JOB!     WRITTEN  BY  JESSICA  SPIEGEL       1. Resume  &  Cover  Letters:  Take  time  on  these!  Take  your  resume  and     cover   letters   into   Career   Services,   have   your   family   and   friends   look   it     over,   etc.   The   more   people   who   look   at   it,   the   better!   You   cannot   catch   everything,   so   it   is   always   a   good   idea   to   have   others   have   a     look.   Because   there   is   no   right   way   (especially   with   resumes),   be   creative  and,  most  importantly,  be  yourself!   2. Be   Organized:   When   you   are   searching   for   a   job,   you   usually   do   not   apply   for   only   one   job.   You   must   be   organized   and   keep   up-­‐to-­‐date   with   all   the   emails   and   statuses   of   the   jobs   you   are   applying   to.   A   good  way  is  to  keep  everything  in  an  Excel  document.     3. Network:   Making   connections   and   building   your   network   is   extremely   important!   It   is   not   about   quantity,   but   quality.   You   want   to   put     together  a  network  of  people  that  would  help  you  the  best.  Don’t  be   afraid  to  reach  out!     4. Informational   interviews:   It   is   always   a   good   idea   to   have     informational   interviews   with   companies   to   make   sure   it   is   exactly   what   you   want.   The   description   online   isn’t   always   accurate   or   does     not   fully   state   what   the   job   entails.   It   is   always   a   great   way   to   meet   people   within   the   company   and   build   a   network.   Don’t   be   afraid   to     ask  questions!        



Expanding  horizons,   building  futures…  


Written by  Jennifer  Rios     Communiqué   is   the   student   chapter   of   the   Florida   Public   Relations   Association   (FPRA)   at   Rollins   College.   The   purpose   of   the   organization   is   to   help  communication  students  learn  more  about  the  PR  industry  and  become   active   in   the   field.   Students   from   other   majors   are   also   invited   to   join.   Communiqué  provides  “hands-­‐on”  opportunities  for  Rollins  students  to  gain   experience   in   the   field   by   learning   from   experienced   professionals   and   expanding   their   resumes.   Communiqué   provides   educational   sessions,   leadership   opportunities,   internship   introductions,   networking,   and   special   events   involvement.   This   information   and   more   can   be   found   at         “We   really   wanted   to   make   Communiqué   more   student   driven   and   more   about   applying   the   skills   learned   in   the   communication   classes.   Our   latest   project   was   to   promote   the   Department   of   Communication   student   showcase  in  April  using  a  variety  of  different  methods  to  increase  awareness   of   the   event   to   students”   stated   Catherine   Weiser,   Student   Chair   of   Communiqué.    “Because  public  relations  is  such  a  hands-­‐on  field,  it  was  really   important   to   get   as   many   students   involved   with   Communiqué   as   possible,   and  it's  also  great  to  have  a  variety  of  opinions  and  ideas  to  pull  from.”       Come  join  Communiqué  and  make  connections.  Meetings  are  scheduled  the   first  Tuesday  of  the  month.  You  will  not  regret  it  -­‐  join  now!      



LPE  members  receive   certificates  and  pins   at  the  induction   ceremony.    

5. Follow   Up:   Always,   always,   ALWAYS   follow   up!   No   matter   if   it   is   someone   you   interviewed   with   or   someone   who   helped   you   get   the   interview,  you  always  want  to  follow  up  with  at  least  an  email,  though   a  “thank-­‐you”  card  is  always  appreciated.    It  is  important  to  let  people   know  that  you  care  and  that  you  are  responsible.    

Written by  Edwin  Chiumya     Lambda  Pi  Eta  (LPE)  is  the  official  Communication  Studies  Honor  Society  for   the   National   Communication   Association   at   Rollins   College.   Each   spring,   Rollins   College   holds   an   induction   ceremony   for   eligible   communication   students.  On  April  19,  2013,  THIRTY  new  members  were  welcomed  into  the   honor  society  at  the  induction  ceremony  in  the  Galloway  room.     The  main  goals  of  LPE  are  to:    Recognize,  foster,  and  reward  outstanding  scholastic  achievement   in  communication  studies.    Stimulate  interest  in  the  field  of  communication      

 Promote and   encourage   professional   development   among  

Eliza  Smithwick  ‘13  

Molly  Meldon  ‘13  

communication majors    Provide   an   opportunity   to   discuss   and   exchange   ideas   in   the   field   of  communication    Establish   and   maintain   closer   relationships   between   faculty   and   students.    Explore  options  for  graduate  education  in  communication  studies  

To  become  a  member,  a  student  must  have:    60+  semester  hours    12+  hours  of  Communication  Studies    GPA  of  at  least  3.0    GPA  of  at  least  3.25  in  Communication  Studies    In  good  standing  with  the  college     For  questions,  please  contact  Devyn  Cayll,  Vice  President  of  Membership,  at,   or   Stacey   Passalacqua,   LPE   Faculty   Advisor,   at        

SENIOR GOODBYES     Will  Hilbert  ‘13  

Caty  Coplin  ‘13  

Randi  Alberry  ‘13

Written by  Noemi  Orofino     “I  feel  anxious  and  nervous  about  graduating  so  soon  but  also  full  of  life  and   opportunity.  I  am  eager  to  see  where  my  life  may  take  me  and  hopeful  that   the  future  holds  meaningful  and  exciting  experiences”-­‐  Eliza  Smithwick  ‘13,   CMC  major     “Transferring  to  Rollins  my  sophomore  year,  I  was  unsure  what  major  to   chose  from  but  after  taking  a  communication  course  in  the  fall  I  knew  that   was  the  perfect  fit  for  me”-­‐  Molly  Meldon  ‘13,  Communication  Studies  major     “Graduation  is  like  death,  the  less  you  fear  it,  the  more  you  enjoy  the  time   before  it  comes”-­‐  Will  Hilbert  ‘13,  Economics  major     “It’s  a  shame  that  the  Communication  Studies  major  didn’t  come  along  until   this  year  because  that  skill  is  central  to  anyone’s  future  success  and  I  would   have  loved  to  have  taken  more  communication  classes  through  my  time   here”-­‐  Caty  Coplin  ‘13,  Art  major     “I'm  really  excited  about  the  next  chapter  of  my  life  but  I'm  also  nostalgic   about  leaving  my  friends  and  the  comfort  of  Rollins  since  this  has  been  my   home  for  the  past  four  years.”  Randi  Alberry  ‘13,  IR  major                        


This edition   of   Communication   Matters   was   created   by   the   students   of   Dr.   Gardner’s  Senior  Seminar  of  Spring  2013.    The  editors  of  this  edition  were  Jeffrey   Giordano  and  Saabira  Mohamed.  


Communication Matters  
Communication Matters  

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