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There’s more to you than your car: your ambitions, your drive, your desires, your thirst for expression and personalization. That’s what makes you who you are. A masterwork of automotive design, the technology of Chroma Spark has been meticulously crafted to fit the needs of the luxury car owner. The power of identity is in your hands.

The dynamic touch of fiber optics The highest quality installation of fiber optic technology is a promise from Chroma Spark. Developed by NASA scientists, our patented chroma sensors allow for the truest color payoff. Not only will your entire car be enveloped with each new hue you choose, but the interaction between the remote and the color change will occur seamlessly due to advanced Bluetooth technology.

The luxury Collection includes the following exclusive colors: VERDE R ACING GREEN





using the Chroma Spark remote Color Wheel Spin the color wheel to find your perfect color for the moment.

Power Button Turn on the power button to activate your Bluetooth connection.

Collection Button Flip through your different color collections or club colors with ease.

Out of all our colors, we’re most proud of green. Reducing our carbon footprint is one of the top priorities of Chroma Spark. That’s why our fiber optic technology is certified good for the earth. We use lightweight and low drag materials to maintain the aerodynamics of your car, allowing you to use less fuel while driving. The color changing power of Chroma Spark also helps reduce the overall use of harsh paints on vehicles that can contain hazardous solvents.

Become part of the Elite Now that you’re an owner of Chroma Spark, you have the oppotunity to join our Chroma Quarter Club. The Quarter Club gives our most loyal customers the benefits of 24/7 customer support and access to future technology upgrades. However, the best reason to join is to have the opportunity to obtain our exclusive colors, released every three months, only for our Quarter Club members. Build your own personal color collection. Previous color releases have included: The European Collection NFL Team Colors The Nature Collection

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Chroma Sparkk

ChromaSpark Luxury Collection  
ChromaSpark Luxury Collection  

ChromaSpark Luxury Collection