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cologne resources

What kind of resources can be found in Cologne?

urban area network / infrastructure materials us / social network ideas skills

to produce our project we used

the KISD Frau Mayer (Kräuterfee) Metrocard (J. Großhans) Römerpark / Friedenspark Christians kitchen Nadine (CavaCava) our mentor (B. Batholdy) pedestrian our skills

KRAUTKARTE wilderness in Cologne

(1 mensa + 8 hungry students) x KRAUTKARTE = Speisekarte

Speisekarte -> KRAUTsoup

It still remains the question how to combine soupcooking and the Cologne resources.

This is our way of dealing with it.

We didn`t prepare a KARTE , we designed tools to help you exploring KRAUT and creating your own KRAUTKARTE for Cologne.



Cologne resources

Cologne resources Don`t hesitate to use them!

Enjoy our soup!


Ressourcen Projekt

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