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an exploration of modernism and postmodernism April 2013


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CONTENTS AN exploration of modernism and post modernism

welcome to new graphic design, this issue will be an exploration of modernism and postmodernism. focusing on a couple of aspects with both great moderism and post modernism qualities.

4 Artist

POst modernism Barbara kruger


Modernist typography inspired by picasso’s cubism


A Manifesto

A short manifesto inspired by ‘the holstee manifesto’ and ‘incomplete manifesto for Growth’ by Bruce Mau Design


artist of the month

Aprils issue looks at modernism arhitectural themed designer Yakov Chernikhov

modernism abstract expressionism audrey flack


New graphic design april 2013

design by laura garside influenced for modernism pablo picasso cubism typeface


pablo picasso artist typeface

This was from a project where I was to research into a few artists’ whose art work I was interested in. I then narrowed it down to 3 artists’ and began creating a type face which was all influenced from my chosen artists. When I had designed ideas for typeface for my chosen artist’s I then decided to go forward with my chosen artist Pablo Picasso. I particulary focussed on Picassos cubism art work. I found I was able to create a modern structured font. I knew after completeing my research for this project that I wanted to create a minimalistic typeface, as I found I was more drawn to simple typefaces and find that as a designer I am always drawn to a minimal clean design. I particularly drew my influence from the image below, as I found it was easy to interpret the structured shapes wirh lettering. After completeing my typeface


new graphic design april 2013

I really beleive that the typeface does mimic Picassos cubism, especially as the shapes in the image are very simple shapes which is interpretted into my typeface. As I partiularly drew influence for my typeface using this Picasso artwork, it was very easy picking out a colour scheme for my typeface as I was able to easily pick out the colours

used in the image which are very cool tones which I felt worked really well with my typeface as it kept it feeling quite modern and clean.

cubism artist typeface inspired by Pablo picassos’ art work. available at 5


The manifesto is inspired both from ‘The Holstee Manifesto’ and ‘Incomplete manifesto for Growth’ by Bruce Mau Design. The manifest has aspect from both manifestos by using the positive eangry aspects which make’s the manifesto inspirational and motivating. “This is your life. Do what you love and do it often” I have chosen to look into this manifesto as I really love the message behind it, and find it very inspiring and personally really motivational. Holstee is a design company, that wants to create a lifestyle. The message in this manifesto is basically saying they believe we should be who we want to be, and if we want something we have to grab it. I find that the manifesto is very 6

new graphic design april

is very direct, although it is short it has some very inspiring short sentences that would catch the majority of peoples attention, the manifest is very to the point and is something that the everyday person can relate to. “If you don’t like something, change it” one of the very short but powerful statements made. “You have to be willing to grow. Growth is different from something that happens to you. You produce it. You live it. The prerequisites for growth: the openness to experience events and the willingness to be changed by them” A design manifesto that was first written in 1998, about Bruce Mau’s beliefs, strategies and his motivations. I chose to analyse this manifesto because I really like that it is based on his

motivations, and after reading it I found it helped me when trying to become a better graphic designer and learning about strategies which i found were great advice. The manifesto is a poster form, something someone could look at every day on their wall and feel motivated from. The Holstee manifesto has very post modern qualities, as it is very fresh and current, which is what is being portrayed in my manifesto. The manifest is very type based which is why it has a bold interesting typeface on a blank background and nothing else to the typeface and what it is saying is all just the focal point of the design for the manifest. The two manifestos I looked at inspired me to make my manifest very direct to the reader.


artist of the month YAKOV CHERNIKHOV yakov Chernikhov was a constructivist acrhitect and graphic designer. The latter, a very fine example of colour printing, was perhaps the last avantgarde art book to be published in Russia during the Stalinist era. Its remarkable designs uncannily predict the architecture of the later 20th century. The Odessa period in the life of the future architectural master became an important state in the formation of his creative personality. By virtue of practical construction activity Chernikhov acquired an ability to study and analyze specific attributes of all components of industrial 8

new graphic design april 2013

architecture. The actual process of project design exerted an enormous influence on his creativity and gave him extensive material for experimental research work. Yakov Chernikhov has had a big impact on this months issue, inspiring our April cover design to interpret the quirky filter style acrhitecture which gives a modernism graphic effect that we love.


New Graphic Design, Form Follows Function  

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