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Geom etric


Life Drawing.

Final Toile.

A project largely based on tailoring exploring my chosen words, Geometric and Distorted. I created a sketchbook for each of these words, producing a range of samples for each and fusing them to inspire the final piece. For this project I wanted to challenge myself and have a go at designing menswear, as it is a good opportunity to show diversity in my portfolio.

I looked at various shapes and forms, taking inspiration from modern architecture to create samples using creative sewing techniques and origami. I created many toiles to perfect my chosen design of an over-sized bomber jacket with raglan sleeves. I Incorporated a geometric design onto the front of the jacket and experimented with different ways of sewing to create a 3-dimentional effect. My final garment will be constructed using leather and suede, with a 3-dimentional sewing effect covering the entire front of the jacket.

Final. The outer shell of the jacket is made of leather and suede, contrasting the sleeves from the body, contrasting on each side. I constructed the 3D panel using thinner pieces to give it a more dramatic effect. The jacket has a monochrome colour palette as I felt whilst having a fairly decorative front panel I wanted the design to remain simple. The inside is a matte white lining with the addition of black net overlaying the back panel, containing a large zipped compartment in the lower back as well as leather trimmed jetted pockets also on the inside.

Geometric Distortion  

My most recent project brief loosely focussed on tailoring. Inspired by my chosen words 'geometric' and 'distorted' to design and create my...

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