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Dear Mrs Virani Thank you for contacting LPD and giving us the opportunity to quote for your laundry equipment requirements LPD are a leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment, our parent company Stanland is one of the oldest laundry companies operating in the uk today ,servicing in excess of 2000 different sites across the country . Our client base includes premiership football clubs ,five star hotels,prisons and care home groups, We are the number 1 supplier of Warwick commercial laundry equipment in the UK today. More information that is detailed can be viewed at our dedicated website Please Visit Having considered your requirements carefully ,Please find enclosed our machinery recommendations that we feel most suit your needs

Commercial laundry Equipment

Primus/ Warwick duvet cleaner • • • • •

Huge oversize loading door Automatic rug cleaning programmes Single or 3 phase Fast throughput Cold(self heat) fill facility

Warwick commercial tumble dryer • • • •

Gas or electric Simple dual controls Stainless hygienic drum Large filter for hair/fluff

Installation Service (optional) • • •

Factory Trained engineers Ensures correct installation Peace of mind

Financial options

Option 1-Total Care • • • •

Free installation All parts and labour included Fixed cost budgeting Total peace of mind £250.00 per month plus vat

Option 2 –lease Purchase example fully fitted • • •

Tax efficient 12 month warranty Fixed monthly payment £138.00 per month plus vat

Option 3 one off payment The above package can be purchased at £5000 plus vat ,installation and plinths £950 plus vat You will see from the figures a mere 14 duvets a months will buy your equipment .

Installation You will remember the door at the rear of the property will need widening to allow the machines to enter the shop, we can widen the door for you but I would recommend you get the builder who is doing the partition to re instate this Our guarantees All our equipment is premium quality laundry equipment ,it is all C.E. approved, it conforms to all current regulations and byelaws . I hope the above is adequate for your needs at this stage but please feel free to contact me 0121 580 0880 should you require further information

Kind Regards Richard Carr

mrs eran  

laundry parys

mrs eran  

laundry parys