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contents 1 ( FLYBRIDGE SEAT 2 ( COMPACT SPORTS SEAT 3 ( CHARTER SEAT 4 ( PILOTHOUSE SEAT The Navigator Flybridge Helm Seat

The Navigator Compact Seat

The Navigator Charter Seat

The Navigator Pilothouse Seat



The Navigator AIR Seat

The Navigator Wasp Seat

The Navigator Dynamic Seat

Electric Pedestal Pneumatic Pedestal



PEDESTALS Fixed Height Pedestal Box Slide

( 10 ( Features 11 ( Deck Chairs 12 ( Ultrafabrics



Style & Functional Together

Of all Navigator Helm Seats

Navigator Stainless Steel Deck Chairs

Ultra Surfaces




welcome to navigator Navigator Stainless Steel helm seats and pedestals are Australian manufactured utilizing sate of the art engineering and upholstery methods. Upholstered in genuine leather, Ultraleather™, vinyl or your choice of marine grade fabric, each sear is hand-built to a degree that surpasses current Australian marine standard specifications. The advanced ergonomic design built into every Navigator helm seat will keep you alert, refreshed, comfortable and safe for extended cruising.

“We specified these seats because we had to ensure proper, ergonomic support for our crew members – especially when travelling at speed to rescues in dificult sea conditions. These are proven seats for offshore work and have also been chosen by very demanding users including the Royal Australian Navy and NSW Water Police – so we are in good company.” Commissioner Glenn Finnis, Marine Rescue NSW

(Flybridge Seat )

The Navigator Flybridge Helm Seat

Mounted on a Navigator noncorrosive polished stainless steel pedestals of your choice. This Navigator helm seat features a 316 stainless steel frame with adjustable backrest, moveable arm rests, removable headrest, fore/aft adjustment, full rotation and the standard Sports Flip Up. Available with or without a headrest. Upholstered in a plyable, hardwearing U.V. resistant vinyl from the Navigator range. Based on the Pilot House seat design, this helm seat provides excellent ergonomic comfort and navigation safety. Wide options of the seat is also available.

(Compact Sports Seat ) The Compact helm seat has been designed for the smaller vessel with helm size restrictions. With ergonomic design for comfort and support in harbour conditions or out in the rough as standard. The standard upholstery and colour is U.V. resistant white vinyl, with a noncorrosive 316 stainless frame including moveable arm rests, adjustable backrest, fore/aft adjustment, Sports Flip-Up and 316 degree rotation and mounted on a Navigator non-corrosive polished 316 stainless steel pedestal of your choice.

The Navigator Compact Sports Seat

“After a six hour delivery run at speeds will in excess of 20 knots we arrive in Sydney feeling quite refreshed and alert. I was most impressed with your Navigator Helm Chair, which is very well designed and extremely comfortable in all conditions. The Navigator will be the seat of choice on future vessels built by Stebercratf�. Chris Elford, Stebercraft Pty Ltd.

(Charter Seat )

The Navigator Charter Helm Seat

The Charter Helm Seat has been designed for the commercial user. The commercial user who requires hard wearing helm seating that facilitates quick and easy access, without compromising ergonomic comfort. Upholstered in durable plyable, U.V. resistant vinyl from any colour in the Navigator range. The frame is non-corrosive 316 stainless with moveable arm rests, adjustable backrest, fore/aft adjustment and 316 degree rotation. Mounted on a Navigator non-corrosive polished 316 stainless steel pedestal of your choice, your captain will never want to leave his / her seat.

(Pilothouse Seat )

The Navigator Pilothouse Helm Seat

This Pilot House Helm Seat is the premier model in the Navigator range. Upholstered in genuine leather or Ultraleather™, the 316 stainless steel frame features fore/aft slide, backrest adjustment, moveable armrests and full rotation. This seat now also comes standard with the Sports Flip-Up. The Pilot House is designed to offer you the full gamut in personal adjustment options, as welll as ergonomic comfort. Mounted on a highly polished 316 Stainless Steel, shock absorbing pneumatically adjustable pedestal with optional retractable footrest and forward locking. Available with or without a padded headrest. Wide options of the helm seat are also available.

(Air Seat )

The Navigator Air Helm Seat

A world first COOLING & HEATING Helm Seat. With over two years in development the Navigator Air has revolutionized the way we think of helm seats. Made form 316 Stainless Steel Frame and marine grade foam with adjustable backrest and moveable armrest. Options include a removable headrest. The seat is upholstered in marine grade Ultraleather™ in your colour choice. The unique Heating mechanism uses temperature sensors in the heating pad, the high setting gives you a fast full powerwarm up and the low setting provides soothing warmth. The Cooling system circulates cool air around your body to keep your core temperature at a comfortable temperature on those hot sunny days.

(Wasp Seat )

The Navigator Wasp Helm Seat

This seat has all the features and functionalities all the Navigator Helm Seats come with. The wide version of the Flybridge or Pilothouse helm seat is available in vinyl, Ultraleather™ or genuine leather. The WASP seat will require more space in your Pilothouse or Flybridge, due to its width of 640mm. The WASP seat is also available in with the AIR upgrade. Suited to any of the Navigator Pedestals, this seat will supply you with added comfort when traveling long distances.

(Navigator DYNAMIC Seat Introducing the

After extensive design work, Offshore Marine Technology has released their latest helm seat the Navigator Dynamic Seat. Based upon a jockey seat with a unique shock mitigating system which takes care of the high forces often received when travelling at speed on a RIB. Made in Australia, the Navigator Dynamic Seat is manufactured from a combination of 316 polished stainless steel, powercoated aluminum and plastic molding. With the use of the latest technology in saddle seats, the seat enables the body to maintain ideal posture when sitting and the users

Features of the Navigator Dynamic Seat

l The Navigator Dynamic seating system is

l Designed to fit in limited spaces.

designed to reduce the chance of injury to the passenger

l Takes almost no more space than the person seated in it. l Seating geometry designed to give passengers optimal body posture for dynamic loads. l Long life water resistant and UV protected upholstery. 2 years Limited World Wide Warranty

How the Navigator Dynamic Seat Reduces Impacts and Injuries: l Absorbing high energy impacts into the semi- active suspension system. l Maintaining the optimal posture of body and spine to withstand impact. l Activating the human natural reflex-based muscular protection system.

pelvis remains upright, maintaining natural lumbar curves.

l Seating geometry designed to give passengers optimal body posture for dynamic loads.

The Navigator Dynamic Seat will be available with or without a

l Distributing impacts between arms and legs to protect back and neck.

backrest support. Colours include Black and White. The saddle

Technical Information: Footprint: 160 x 412mm Vertical Travel: 250mm

is also available in a slim line or wide version, dependent on

l Long life water resistant and UV protected upholstery.

your needs.

l 2 years Limited World Wide Warranty

l The seat design optimizes your body

posture while the ram system takes care of the high forces during impact.



The Navigator Pedestal Collection

Electric Pedestal

Pneumatic Pedestal

Premium Pneumatic Pedestal

This remote controlled Electric Pedestal is

Constructed of heavy duty marine grade 316

This pedestal includes all the features of the

designed for the most luxurious Pilot house.

stainless steel the pneumatic pedestal has

standard pneumatic pedestal. The Premium

Electric operated actuators provide the up/

vertical height adjustment of 240mm (9.6�) via

pedestal includes a curved tilt able footrest

down and fore/aft movement for this pedestal.

a stainless steel gas cylinder incorporated in

and Ultraleather™ inlay for superior comfort and

The pedestal has the same contemporary

the base. This model is also available with an

style. The upgraded footrest is available on all

lines as the standard Navigator Pedestal and

optional tilt able footrest and a forward anti-

Navigator Pedestal Models and is standard with

includes the premium footrest. This pedestal is

rotation locking system. All models feature as

the Electric Pedestal.

designed to suit the Navigator Wide Pilothouse

standard heavy duty 360 degree rotation and

Helm Seat.

fore/aft lockable slide of 125mm (5�).

Electric Pedestal

Pneumatic Pedestal

Pneumatic Pedestal with lock

Premium Pneumatic Pedestal with lock

(Pedestals )

The Navigator Pedestal Collection

Fixed Height Pedestal

Box Slide

The fixed height models are constructed of

The box slide is an adaption of the standard Navigator

All models feature a 12mm thick 316 polished

heavy duty marine grade 316 polished stainless

Slide that is used across our pedestals. With the

Stainless Steel bas plate which is press fitted

steel and can be made to height order.

addition of the box attachment, rather than sitting

and welded to the column of 245mm (9.7”)

Standard ex-stock height is 520mm (20.5”) and

on a pedestal, the Box Slide allows you to place

diameter with 6 scre down holes of 10mm

100mm (4”) diameter post for the Flybridge

your helm seat on your standard ‘box configuration’

diameter incorporated at 215mm (8.5”) pitch

model or 75mm (3”) for the Compact model.

and then allowing you to move your seat fore/aft

circle diameter.

These pedestals can have optional footrests

as required. It is manufactured from 316 polished


stainless steel and has 6 slide locking points.

Fixed Height Pedestal

Compact Pedestal

Box Slide



of all Navigator Helm Seats

Lumbar support protects against injury

Self bailing cushions facilitates fast

from impact, repetitive stress and

drainage of water.

vibration. Replaceable upholstery allows Fore/aft adjustment of 125mm

cushions to be easily removed for

(5.5�) gives you all the options from

repair if necessary.

maneuvering dockside to laid back cruising. Slide is lockable at 5 points

Folding Footrest available as an option

along the slide.

on all pedestals. The footrest folds up against the pedestal allowing you to

Reclining backrest is standard on all

lean against the front tilt-able cushion


while at the helm and underway.

Folding armrests fold up 90 degrees

Stainless Steel deckplate provides a

to assist dismounting from seat.

solid connection point between you and the deck.

Orthopedic contours provide comfortable support. Adjustable

Pneumatic height adjustment on a

contoured front cushion for better legs

heavy duty stainless steel pedestal

and feet circulation.

offers a 240mm (9.6�) vertical range with locking clamp. Features a shock

Closed cell foam cushions absorbs

absorption mode to prevent lumbar

shock and repels water.


( Vivido )

Style & Functionality

Vivido which means vivid & powerful, is an excellent example of style & functionality, appearing to almost float in the air this stainless steel chair is not only a piece of art which is suiting to almost every boat on the market, but is also very comfortable. The frame which supports the seat is made from a single piece of Stainless Steel, which is then covered in Ultrafabric to give it a distinct look. The actual seat which appears to float over the frame is again covered in tough wearing Ultrafabric & marine foam

(Deck Chairs )

By Navigator

Navigator Stainless Steel Deck Chairs Navigator Stainless Steel Deck Chairs are

The versatility of the deck chairs is

Australian designed and manufactured

unsurpassed. Each seat is hand made from

utilizing state of the art engineering.

polished 316 marine grade stainless steel which allows you to use them on the marlin

The Deck Chairs are manufactured from

board whilst sipping champagne and cooling

marine grade 316 stainless steel which is then

your feet or as stylish dinning room table seat.

highly polished allowing you to use the seats

The Navigator Deck Chair is perfect for

for multiple applications. Upholstered in your

entertaining while offering a great storage

choice of 50 colours of Ultraleather™ you


can use these elegant seats on your deck or dinning room.

Dimensions: Each seat folds up allowing you to easily pack them away for storage when not in use.

Seat front to back: 470 mm Floor to top of seat: 470 mm Thickness when compacted: 170 mm

(Ultra Surfaces. Ultra Relevant ) Ultrafabrics Ultra Surfaces are perfect for settings where you want the look and feel of leather, but need a more durable and practical alternative.


Earth Friendly

• Fresh and vibrant color palette

• GreenguardTM Certified

• Dozens of designer inspired grain options

• No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

• Tailors beautifully

• No POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)

• Excellent seam and tear strength

• No PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers)

• Ease of use in manufacturing

• No HFRs (Halogenated Flame Retardants)

• Custom color matching and other capabilities:

• Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

– Antimicrobial Protection

• No Plasticizers, Heavy Metals or Stabilizers

– Mildew Resistance

• Phthalate free

– Breathability

• No toxic by-products

– Solar Endurance

• Over 99% of solvents recaptured/recycled

– Fire Resistance

• SO 9001 Certified Mill

• Non-Stocking Program Superior Performance

Maintenance & Care Instructions

• Exceptional Durability / Abrasion Resistance

• Clean regularly with soap and water

Surfaces are ideal for high wear applications,

• Highest Quality Resins Used

• Wipe up spills as soon as they occur

while offering a soft and supple hand.

• Stain Resistant

• Remove stains with an alcohol-based

PVC free and designed for longevity, Ultra

Using revolutionary technology, the microfoam layer created between the backcloth and surface provides long lasting, cushioned comfort.

• Odorless • Easy to Clean and Disinfec

cleaner like Fantastik® • Disinfect using a 5:1 water/bleach solution • Thoroughly rinse all cleaning solution residue with water • Air dry

For more detailed information & full colour range visit;

( contact ) NAVIGATOR MARINE 10/36 Ralph Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015 T: (61 2) 8338 8070 F: (61 2) 8338 8652 E:


Navigator Marine Brochure  

Navigator Marine, builder of world class marine seating.

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