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Mens Wear Brief City &


Submission Close 28th September 2009


The collaboration of City Chief meets Country Cowboy


Think of a modern day Town dweller who is confident, young, creative and professional. He lives the urban culture, and wears the clean street attire. He’s a forward thinker. This guys crosses the streets at his own leisure, turns heads and makes his own trends. He always dots his “i” and crosses his “t’s” Think: stream line, clean and fitting, preppy street. Brand Icon; Ralph Lauren Colours; Shades of Primary colours, matched back to primary colours. Shaded of grey’s whites and blacks.


Country boy breathes the fresh air of the great outdoors everyday. Only paddocks, of live stock from here to horizon that he works. He is ruggered, outgoing, proud, and energetic. He wears functional clothes, that serve there purpose. He is comfortable in basics, t-shirts, denim, “driza-bones” akubras and button up shirts. Think: Functionality, check shirts, driza bones and akubra hats, relaxed pants. Brand Icon; R M Williams Think: Functionality is key, “Australia” movie. Colours; Khaki, Browns, Reds, Denim Blues, Golden tones of the earth



STEP ONE Read the brief carefully then download the Launch Initiative Submission Kit from the Resources Page.

STEP TWO Design‌

STEP THREE Submit your design... The way your design will be communicated on the website is through an image. Therefore the more creative your submission, and the more individual style and character you portray through it, the better chance it has of standing out.

So be inventive. Show us your style. Design the collection.


A few guidelines... • Designs must be original • You must submit and upload front, back and side detailed design sketches with annotations of design features • You must also download the Design Details form, fill it out, then submit it back to us. • Additional illustrations can be in any format (hand rendered, computer rendered, photos etc.) • Must be a ready-to-wear commercial garment • You can submit as many designs as you like • You may submit only menswear • No swimwear or accessories The more information you communicate to us through your design, the better chance your design has of manifesting the way you intended it to. However the design may alter slightly throughout the production process as the Creative Director and Head Designer formulate a collection that is feasible in terms of fabrication, costs and unity.


Everyone knows it’s a long, hard road to the top of the fashion industry. Saturated with labels and designers, it’s almost impossible to get your foot in the door. Many talented designers don’t even know where to start. Launch Initiative Fashion gives aspiring designers the opportunity to ‘launch’ their fashion career. Whether it be a solo venture to establish a new label or work within an existing fashion house, we are here to help you. Launch Initiative’s main focus is to promote aspiring designers in the fashion world. Think of a real life blown up version of Project Runway. This is a new concept in fashion that is going to change the course of the industry forever.

How Does It Work? If you think you have design talent or creative flair, simply sign up, log-on and submit your designs based around a brief created by Launch Initiative Fashion. It really is that simple. You do the designing. We do the rest. Once the designs have been submitted, our team of in-house designers will select the top entrants to be placed on our website. Members and the general public will then vote on which designs they think are the best. The designs with the most votes win.

What Do You Win? The reward for winning? Launch Initiative will manufacture your design and distribute it for sale to top retail outlets, complete with your name on the label. The designer remains in complete control of their design and receives a 10% royalty from the sale of their product. The same as a professional designer. You get all this and more for the small price of a Designer Membership. You can submit as many designs as you like to increase your chances of winning.


So what’s in it for me? As the Launch Initiative’s main focus is promoting talented unknown designers, those talented enough to have their designs go into production will receive the following: • The designers name on the label inside the garment • The designers name displayed under the garment on the online store • A Designer Bio Card that will accompany every purchased garment. • 10% royalty from the sale profit of your design • A complementary gift of the finished product of your design in your size At Launch we also realize that not everyone is going to have their designs chosen. This is why we will also offer all of our Designer Members the following: • A 25% discount on all clothing purchased through the online store • A free subscription to our Newsletter, Online Magazine and access to our Ask an Expert service.

How do I get involved? Launch Initiative Fashion is now looking for designs to make up our first ever Designer Member collection. The designs must be appropriate for Australian Summer 2009/2010, which will go on sale in October 2009.

So get involved now.


Now it’s your turn. Design. Refer to for all information or contact us at

Launch Initiative Men's Wear Brief  

Lauch Initiative Men's Wear Brief

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