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eflective of the Christian and ethnic diversity in most of our nation’s major metropolitan areas; Radio 1000 has a diverse listening audience in the Greater Cleveland market and continues to expand into markets nationwide and abroad, crossing all ethnic and racial groups. As most radio stations in the market, Radio 1000 continues to evolve, changing both musically and demographically, to adapt to the needs of our listeners. With a large portion of the station’s listeners falling into the Baby Boomer consumer segment, the enormous spending power of our audience is significant for both our advertisers, the city of Cleveland, and cities nationally and abroad. AM Radio 1000 and is a Christian owned and operated radio/internet station. The sole purpose of Radio 1000 and is to spread the gospel all over the world. We offer the best in gospel music, spoken word, innovative Christian talk shows, and much more. Since its initial broadcast in 2005, Radio 1000 has proven to be a major radio force in the Cleveland Metropolitan market. Having consistently occupied a position at or near the top of the ratings in its particular venue, as a community oriented station, Radio 1000 has invited and sponsored nationally renowned Pastors and gospel artists; such as Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Vickie Winans, Yolanda Adams, and a host of others. Radio 1000 has also sponsored a number of community centered activities

2011-2012 MEDIA KIT • WCCD such as home buying seminars, political events, and our Black Business Showcase. The majority of these events, that are promoted by the station, are free and open to the general public. With diversity, discerning customers, spending power and solid positioning and a loyal following of listeners upwards of 400,000; growing daily with the advent of live online streaming broadcasts; AM Radio 1000 is an excellent advertising choice, with guaranteed results and has proven to be the most cost effective media outreach in the market today.


2011-2012 MEDIA KIT • WCCD

Radio 1000 is today’s Christian radio station and has specifically designed its program format for dedicated listeners! STATION CALL LETTERS: WCCD FREQUENCY & BAND: 1000 AM MOTTO: “The Praizeness Station in the Nation” FORMAT: Traditional, Urban, Contemporary Gospel, Christian Inspirational Music. TARGET AUDIENCE: Children-Mature Adult LOCAL (OVER THE AIR) REACH: Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, & Geauga Counties. (Ohio)* PRIMARY AUDIENCE RATIO: 52.2% Female, 47.8% Male MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $35,236-$46,879 EMPLOYMENT RATIOS: 82.4% Private Sector/12.8% Gov’t /4.7% Self Employed (non incorporated businesses) Radio 1000 has built a committed listener base, both nationally and internationally, and appeals to both men and women, especially of the workingclass segment of society and we are played by may listeners during their workday. Our listening audience represents consumers who will be able to readily purchase your products and/or services. Radio 1000 is highly visible and committed to the broad spectrum of the community in general, and the spiritual community in particular.


At least a twenty percent (20%) of internet users are listening to the radio and are simply one click away from your website or social media (facebook, twitter, etc.).

Radio is a relevant source of advertising! It reaches people at different times and places. Statistics show that this form of is advertising is 60% more likely to be recalled when it’s directly related to the listener’s other activity (e.g. driving, browsing the internet). Listeners tend to use radio for company or to fill empty air, which leads to radio being seen as a friend. Just like a recommendation from a friend or word of mouth, this can be quite effective in forming purchase decisions.

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The Throne Room With Dr. Belinda Scott Tuesday-Friday 10:35am/7:35am PDT --”Real People. Real Problems. Real Answers.” | Dr. Belinda Scott addresses matters of the heart and give sound Biblical wisdom to help you gain the victory over whatever life throws your way.” The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes Monday’s 8:30am/5:30am PDT Tuesday-Friday 9:00am/6:00am PDT Monday-Friday 1:30pm/10:30am PDT Fresh Oil with Bishop Noel JonesMondays 8:00am/5:00amPDT Tuesday-Friday 8:30am/5:30am PDT Monday-Friday 1:00pm/10:00am PDT

“Catch The Spirit “ with Drs. Darrell & Belinda Scott Monday-Friday 8:00am/12 Noon/6:00pm 5:00am/9:00am/3:00pm PDT If you want to live a life of victory and operate to your fullest potential, Drs. Darrell & Belinda Scott have a Rhema word tailored just for you! The Greg Davis Show Monday-Friday at 9:30am/6:30am PDT Monday -Friday at 9:00pm/6:00pm PDT --Bishop Greg Davis and Special Guests come to you with an hour of impactful broadcasting guaranteed to change your life.

Life with Bishop Iona Locke Mondays at 11:00am/8:00am PDT --Bishop Iona Locke and Special Guests come to you with an hour of broadcasting to inspire your day and bless your life.

2011-2012 MEDIA KIT • WCCD

Serving Up Soul with Dorinda Clark Cole Saturdays at 7:00am/4:00am PDT --”Nothing but ‘the hot buttered hits’! Dorinda Clark Cole, “The Rose of Gospel”, from the legendary ‘Clark Sisters’ hosts this broadcasts full of tips, insights, interviews, and of course nothing but your favorites in Gospel Music! The Zone with Tim, Anaija, Louis,“dJFree” , & Bre Tues-Friday 3:08pm/12:08pm PDT --The Zone is America’s hottest “reality radio show” with a gospel message! They take on the topics that are considered taboo in church and bring out meaningful discussion on each topic. There’s never a dull moment behind the scenes or over the air; Get Locked In, Get in the ZONE! The Urban Word with “dJFree” Every Friday 7:00pm/4:00pm PDT --dJFree spins the best in Gospel Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae and more! Special guests hosts join in the fun every week! You don’t want to miss it!

“The Run Down Sports Show “ with Lou the MVP Every Saturday at 11:00am/8:00am PDT Color commentary and lively discussion on the current seasons league play (Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc.)

“Prophetic Voice Ministries Broadcast” with Prophetess Rosalyn Johnson Monday-Friday at 2:00pm/11:00am PDT

“Biblical Insights Broadcast” (Cathedral Worship Center) with Rev. Robert Josef & Elder Michelle Moore Every Tues-Friday at 12:30pm/9:30am PDT


2011-2012 MEDIA KIT • WCCD

Business Directory spots

Thirty (30) Second Commercial Packages •Seven (7) Days @ 5 Times per day 35 Spots One (1) Week $525 ($15.00/spot) •Fourteen (14) Days @ 5 Times per day 70 Spots Two (2) Weeks $975 ($13.90/spot) •Twenty One (21) Days @ 5 Times per day 105 Spots Three (3) Weeks $1250 ($11.90/spot) •Thirty (30) Days* @ 5 Times per day 150 Spots Four (4) Weeks $1500 ($10.00/spot)

Individual Commercial Spots (Outside of the Business Directory)

RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING Thirty (30) Minute Programming

15 Second Commercial Spot $20.00 30 Second Commercial Spot $35.00 60 Second Commercial Spot $65.00

$125.00 per spot @ One (1) Time per Week $80.00 per spot@ Five (5) Times per Week $400.00

Prime Commercial Spots

live remote/mobile broadcast

(Played During the Throne Room Broadcast) 30 Second Commercial Spot $75.00 60 Second Commercial Spot $125.00

LIVE INTERVIEWS/RELIGIOUS SPOTLIGHT 10 Minute Spot $50.00 per spot 15 Minute Spot $75.00 per spot 30 Minute Spot $125.00 per spot One (1) Hour Spot $300.00 per spot

Fifteen (15) Second Commercial Packages (Outside of the Business Directory)

10@ $20.00 per spot $200.00 15@$20.00 per spot $300.00 20@$20.00 per spot $400.00

Four (4) Hours $400.00 --

All live remotes are done in four hour increments per event at a rate of $100 per hour with a minimum of four hours of coverage. Get your business, your church, your ministry, grand opening, or event the exposure it deserves!

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For Inquires: 216.320.0000 Antoinette “Latré” Morris, General Manager Find Us At “Radio1000” on Facebook

Radio 1000 Media Kit  
Radio 1000 Media Kit  

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