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Enska, Haustönn 2012

Þórunn Dís Hafberg

Christmas Vacation Lindsay is a very sweet girl, not shy, blonde hair girl with blue eyes, very skinny she is not tall. It was last day in school before Christmas, Lindsay was very excited. She sat at her table in math class and watched the clock, she counted the minutes that went by, and now there were only 5 minutes until the last class was over. The shcool bell rang, class was over . Everyone was very happy and ran out of the classroom as fast as they could. Lindsay took her stuff off the table and ran out, got her shoes and went outside. It was snowing. She ran home, she and her mom were going to make alot of cakes and breads for the Christmas. Then they were going to buy some Christmas gifts for family and friends. She walked home in the snow, when she finally got home, she and her mom started to bake. After 2 hours they were done with all the baking. Now they were going to drive for one hour to the mall, and to some another shops that were nearby.(they lived in a little village, but many people live there


shopping malls are there, only some little cute stores) They were in the mall for very long time. They had to find something beautiful that the people that were going to get those gifts could use it, but couldn’t be to expensive. They found alot of pretty gifts. And none of it was to expensive. Finally they got back home. Lindsay´s mom, Ashley put all of the bags on the kitchen floor, all of the delicious cakes and bread were on the little blue kitchen table. Lindsay went to her room, she was going to start reading a book, but as she watched out of the window, she saw a boy that she had never seen before, he was alone and he was skating on the frozen lake. He was with brown curly hair and blue eyes, very tall and good looking guy. She desided to go out and get to know this boy. She got her shoes and went out. She walked to the frozen lake and she put her skating shoes on her feet. When she was done with that, she skated towards him and he smiled, Lindsay smiled back, she thought he was very cute. When she came to him she said ‘hi, what is your name? Are you new here?’’ He said ,,Hi! My name is Moose, and yes I recently moved

here with my parents and with my two younger sisters so I havent got to the school yet”. They talked for a long time together about everything. Lindsay asked Moose-,,Brr I am getting a little cold out here, can we maybe go to yours home I want to see your house” Moose said ,,Emm no, can we please rather got to your home ?” Linsay said- ,,why do you not want to go to your house?” Moose said,, don’t say anyone.., but.. I live in a caravan’’ Lindsay is shocked ,, What why do you live in a caravan?!’’. Moose says ,, my parents do not have alot of money, and to buy or rent a house is to expensive. We can not keep Christmas or get any Christmas dinner, and we will get no gifts, It sucks really’’. ,,That is terrible, Lindsay says!, hmm perhaps you and your family can be with us for the Christmas?, I can ask my mom and dad, we are only three in my family and we have enough of food for everyone” Moose says,, Lindsay No, no its OK, you dont have to do that’’ ,,I insist!’’ Lindsay says, Moose gets very happy and says ,,well

thanks Lindsay that is

awesome’’. When they arrived at Lindsays home Lindsay asked her mom and dad if Moose’s family could be with them for the Christmas. They said yes! Lindsay said ,,lets go to your caravan Moose! And tell your parants and your sisters about the great news you have to offer. Moose said happily,,Yes let’s do that!’’ They walked to were Moose place (caravan) is, We went in, We told them the news, his mother told me that i was an angel, she cried and gave me a

big hug. Now everyday Moose and Lindsay were toghether, everyday.

They became really good friends. Now there was only one day until Christmas, Lindsay and Moose were both very excited. This was going to be a wonderful Christmas.

' christmas vacationnnn by þórunn dís  
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