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WELCOME Laughter House is a unique entertainment agency delivering creative and hilarious performances for a range of festivals, corporate events and celebrations. Completely self-contained and able to transform any space, our focus is always on the visitor experience – blending bite-sized acts and humour with surprises, entertainment delights and genuine wow-moments.

More than just ‘entertainment providers’, at the House of Laughter we are ‘masters of engagement’ – making you and your event SHINE. We use laughter to create shared experiences that connect people to each other and the brand.

We consider it our mission to bring people together in laughter – to make connections, forge community and enhance culture. We do all that while helping reduce your stress and embrace your creative self, so you look super-humanly awesome.

Imagine knocking the socks off your audience, hearing your festival or event being spoken about for years to come; referred to as iconic and award-winning. More importantly, imagine the impact of your audience feeling uplifted, inspired and part of something, rather than broke, disengaged and hung-over.

Laughter House has thrilled, spilled and giggled audiences all around the world and extensively throughout Australia. With an outstanding reputation and unrivalled quality, professionalism and kindness, we will make your offering unforgettable. Ridiculously Entertaining and the undisputed happy weight champions of the world!

“Absolutely perfect”

– Karin Rodgers, producer, Seymour Centre Sydney

“That is the best show I have ever seen”

– Emma Thompson (actress, UK)

“Brilliantly clever”

– Festivals Australia

ROLL UP! Meet the keepers of the House, Dave and Tamara... For more than 20 years, performing power couple and Laughter advocates Dave Evans and Tamara Campbell have been making audiences happy all around the world. They met as performers and soon discovered a shared interest in being at the epicenter of funny stuff – taking great pleasure in watching people smile, cackle, involuntarily double over with joy, and sometimes even wet themselves. Tamara Campbell

Dave Evans

Hi Dave here. At aged 14, I literally ran away to join the circus. Sounds romantic but in reality, circus saved my life! A troubled youth gave way to a lifelong passion for the energy, spontaneity and joy found in the ring and then shaped the cornerstone of Laughter House. I believe that performance should be for everyone. No matter how young, old, rich, poor, sophisticated or not. I am eternally grateful for my introduction into the fabulous world of comedy circus and have made it my life’s work to re-gift that chance to others.

Hi, Tamara here. I believe that the world needs more and better laughter. That laughter should be a force for good. Bringing humans together to share and connect, breaking down the barriers and masks that inhibit our progress as a race. I also believe that it is fundamental that we have bloody good time together as often as possible. I have been fortunate enough to

“You, your tents and your artists are AWESOME” – Valley Lipcer, Director, Falls Festival

“Thanks for an amazing week at NightFest, it was fantastic, a real success!” – Floriade Canberra, ACT Government

Over 55 years collectively in the business (we’re not that old, we just started really young...)

spend my entire career spreading joy and laughter and gently nudging people out of their comfort zones to discover that there is always more. I have done this across the globe in different languages and for varying cultures and the one thing that always stands out, is that people are naturally willing to connect and let the guard down, sometimes they just need an environment that makes that OK.

Creating shared joy in 40 countries for audiences aged 0 – 110+

At Laughter House we wake up every morning to lighten and advance the human race by adding joy, laughter and possibility to horizons that lay ahead. We strive to create unforgettable experiences with impacts that continue long after the event is over. We would love for you and your peeps to be on the receiving end of this fabulousness, by having us help you create the most memorable event ever.

Delighting audiences from arenas of 50,000 to intimate dinners for 10

Roll up, roll up!

Responsible for 5.2 million laughs and counting... Worked for 150+ companies and organisations world-wide.

Performing in front of everyone from HRH Queen Elizabeth II to The Sheikh of Dubai

Winners – Countless “People’s choice” awards from around the globe

Australia Day award recipients for contributions in Arts and Culture Played festivals with everyone from the Rolling Stones to the Wiggles

Our mission is to help make your event unforgettable

yes, We’re the

real deal We understand the concern and risk that people feel in booking comedy. Laughter appears as a subjective devil and can be risky. But rest easy knowing we have entertained millions across the globe with our unique, playful and engaging humour and it turns out the verdict is that we have the goods. They love us and you will too...

“This is FANTASTIC, let’s keep doing it until you get bored of it!...” – Ian Pidd, Director of The Lost Lands Festival

“Thanks Dave! We love having you at Viva – your shows are beautifully curataed using amazing talent. You add so much value to the day.” – Wollongong Council

just some of the PEOPLE WE’VE WORKED WITH:

a selection of countries we’ve worked in:

what we can offer ›› you unique venues Custom-built by Laughter House, all of our tents and venues are performers in their own right – one-of-a-kind and helping to set the scene in style.All venues can be dry hired for your own use or come with a fully curated program of entertainment.

Call us now on 0403 817 549

“Thank you once again Tamara for providing the perfect entertainment for our function. People haven’t stopped asking where we found you as they thoroughly enjoyed the evening.” – Narelle Adams, PCL Money

LIVE ACTS Along with our own solo and duo acts, we also have access to dozens of world-class performers right at our fingertips – from physical comedy to circus acts, musical performers and plenty more to suit your audience.

“La Petite Grande is a stunningly beautiful addition to any outdoor festival. Dave and Tamara program high quality, engaging entertainment and are themselves brilliant performers. I would absolutely recommend them”.

–Jamie Dawson, Senior Producer, Sydney Opera House

SPECIAL SHOWS Bring your corporate event, fundraiser or festival finale to life with a special show completely curated and constructed by Laughter House for you. We’ll tailor our show to suit your audience – from family friendly to educational to themed to absolutely adults only!

“I am happy to recommend Laughter House Entertainment. The productions have been extremely well received and attended with the desired outcome of increasing family memberships at the museum significantly.”

– Diane Osmond, Members & Special Projects Advisor, Australian National Maritime Museum


MC HOSTING If you are looking to do something different and remarkable at your event, be it a speaking event, an awards night, a company party or a fundraiser, you need to meet Laughter House’s Kiki Bittovabitsch. She is as refreshing and hilarious as they come. Professional and in complete control while also offering an unrivalled arsenal of material - with interview skills, comedy acts and an exceptional ability to connect to an audience. Kiki will make your night!

“Kiki is one of those things that is very hard to describe, but the moment she takes the stage, your event takes on a whole new dimension. Whatever you do, make sure Kiki is on at your next event. You will love every single moment of it.”– Paul Dunn, Founder B1G1

For your business event laughter house offers a number of disruptive services that will enhance your event, create connection and make unforgettable memories... A performance that aligns creatively with a business theme that you are highlighting. A unique performance to commence or empower your event by getting people to laugh, relax and open. An exceptional MC or facilitator with an original approach, including the moderating of panels or the interviewing of high profile attendees. (All done with an appropriate amount of cheeky humour that breaks down barriers and creates connection and engages the audience. An energizer – a delightful surprise act that (re) engages your audience or changes the mood after learning before heading to a networking event. Team Building. A hilarious interactive comedy act that is followed by a workshop or presentation that focuses on creating change in the work place culture by “playing” around with communication and collaboration.

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Want to know what it would be like to run away with the circus, or just show of your agility to your friends? The Circus Dropzone gives all ages a chance to throw your hands, feet, hips and heart into the ring with the help of our highly skilled, fully insured professional trainers. Trapeze, juggling, unicycling, hula-hoop… The Circus Dropzone is a playground for everyone!

“It was such a pleasure having the Laughter House family on site to enhance the activities within the Kids Zone… presentation as MC for the Kids Zone worked exceptionally well… the aerial show and the amphitheatre was packed as was your Circus Drop Zone. It looked fabulous.”– Waverly Council

FESTIVALs & EVENTS Collectively, we’ve performed at or eyeballed almost every large festival on the planet (we’ve even created our own – The KISS Arts Festival). As a result, we know what works, what doesn’t work and what REALLY works. As well as how to manage spaces, attract crowds and get people talking. From acts to tent hire to programming an entire festival precinct, we can furnish your festival or embellish your event to deliver everything you need, and even some things you didn’t realize you needed… In short, we’ll make it rock!

Call us now on 0403 817 549


Been there done that with interactive entertainment? We can help you shake it up! Give your audience the extraordinary instead of the ordinary? Try our unexpected and hilarious selection of interactive delights. Such as The Talking Lampposts, David and Victoria; the soothing and soothsaying Truth Booth; and the impossibly well-balanced Unicycle Ballet… to name but a few.

“THANK YOU for bringing the Alkazar to the Begonia Festival. It’s fair to say that it was a smash hit! Thank you for sourcing great talent for us. We are looking forward to bringing La Petite Grande to the festival again next year!” – Lucinda Adamson, Ballarat Council

“The highlight for many audience members. The stage looked great and the pre-show entertainment really helped kick it up a notch. We’ve discovered now that shorterform shows seem to be the more preferred medium in this environment.” – Kidtopia Festival, Fairfax Events

“The Talking Lampposts were absolutely amazing, such a clever concept and the crowds loved them.” – Geelong After Dark Festival

work with us

It’s easy to add some Laughter to your life... This booklet is by no means a catalogue – for we believe in working with you to create something unique that will work specifically for your event. Our resources are big and our enthusiasm even bigger! Laughter House is proudly multi-generational, with great success in splitting the sides (comically, not literally) of all ages – from children to really old people. It’s our cheeky, crazy, don’t-stop-the-bus-or-it’ll-explode enthusiasm that helps us connect with all audiences. Part theatre, part endorphin rush, all parts entertaining. For us, it’s all about making sure that our portion of your event – be it big or small – is a completely stress-free zone for you. That way, everyone’s laughing. If you’re looking for hassle free and exemplary entertainment that makes you stand out, then we back ourselves as your best bet. With kindness in our hearts, professionalism in our minds, a fire in our bellies and laughter as our ethos, we are here to help. When laughter is what you need, choose the ridiculously entertaining option and ensure the laughs will still be heard long after the lights go out. We love to create the good times, so pick up the phone and let’s chat...

Dave & Tamara

Get in touch with us today! Ph. 0403 817 549 or email:

“We recently had the absolute pleasure of a surprise performance by Kiki (Tamara Campbell) at a workshop attended by a large group of business owners and entrepreneurs. At the end of a big day of business content, Kiki was a real breath of fresh air. As soon as she took to the stage the entire energy of the room changed and it quickly devolved into a riotously irreverent and entirely uninhibited atmosphere. Kiki’s performance was a prelude to an evening networking event, so her ability to lighten the mood for the evening allowed our delegates to move seamlessly into the social environment where they build their vital partnerships. It was a genius performance where Kiki’s ability to read and respond to the room was matched only by her razor sharp wit in doing so. I would highly recommend booking Kiki as a headline act for your next event.” David Dugan (ELITE500 Mastermind)

“I have worked with Laughter House Entertainment on many occasions over the last ten years and I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, passionate performances and unique range of acts. From my experience when you work with Laughter House you should expect nothing but the best!” - Ray White “You were the talk of the regatta. We have had plenty of people perform at our events and dinners but no one has ever raised such an overwhelmingly positive reactions as you! I have had emails coming in saying how wonderful you were and how excellent the interview was and how it was the best regatta dinner they have ever been too!” - Sailability NSW

Phone 0403 817 549

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The Laughter House Brochure  

Laughter House present a broad look at the many services that we offer. For a more detailed breakdown, head to www.laughterhouseentertainmen...

The Laughter House Brochure  

Laughter House present a broad look at the many services that we offer. For a more detailed breakdown, head to www.laughterhouseentertainmen...