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The Yearly Festival 2013 In mid-April there was festivity in the air. People

During the Yearly Festival week some themes were

were running around, busy with their cameras,

chosen. First up on Monday was a sport theme,

struggling to finish the next scene. I am, of course,

dress up in your sport uniform! On Tuesday it was

talking about the 2013 Annual Festival which is

a fantasy theme; I dressed up as Aragorn from The

held on or around the 14th of March every year.

Lord of the Rings and was accompanied by Moses.

This festival includes a dinner, a secret guest, a

(He insisted he was Gandalf but we all knew better)

comedian and the highlight of the night; The

We shot our final scene in our fantasy costumes in

Yearly Festival video.

the Yearly festival video as well.

On Wednesday we had a 60s rock theme, so everyone came dressed in black pants and leather jackets. On the final day, Thursday, it was a relaxation theme, dress up in your pajamas and robes. The problem with wearing pajamas and robes was how cold it got while waiting for the bus.

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