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Table of Contents 2……………… Table of Contents 3……………… Female Body Shape and Lack of Confidence Saga Karítas Björnsdóttir

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6……………… Continuation María Nathalie Maí

7……………… Continuation/Interview with Kolbeinn Guðmundsson María Nathalie/Hugi Ólafsson and Guðjón Hlynur Sigurðarson

8……………… Interview with María Egils Katrín Timonen

9……………… Yearly Festival 2013 Sölvi Þorgrímsson

10……………. Continuation Sölvi Þorgrímsson

11……………. QuizDOWN Garðar Ingvarsson, Anton Leví, Urður Einarsdóttir, Eyrún Arna Óskarsdóttir

12……………. TV Show Poll Andrea Birta Axelsdóttir and Þórhildur Elísabet Þórsdóttir

13……………. Anime Bjartur Steinn Hagalín and Þorsteinn Víglundarson

14……………. Continuation Bjartur Steinn Hagalín and Þorsteinn Víglundarson

15……………. Interview with Steinunn Einarsdóttir Member of staff

16……………. School Fitness Member of Staff

17……………. Horoscope/Opinion Poll Urður Einarsdóttir and Eyrún Arna Óskarsdóttir/Beta Dagný Prada Hannesdóttir and Tristan Máni Maríönnuson

18.…………… A Message From the Editorial Team Hugi Ólafsson, Bjartur Steinn Hagalín, Þorsteinn Pétur Víglundsson and Þó rhildur Elísabet Þórsdóttir

Female Body Shape & Lack of Confidence By Saga Karítas In almost every book about a teenage girl the girl has an eating disorder or thinks she is just too fat. In the classic ones at least. I have read so many teenage books about the girl that‘s new in school, bullied by all the cuter girls and has friends that are so much prettier or thinner. Well there comes a time in our teenage girl lives where we just have to sit down in front of a mirror and tell ourselves that we are extraordinarily beautiful. Not ugly, that‘s not a nice word. Would you really treat your best friend like that, tell her she is ugly if she is maybe not as pretty as some other girl? No, of course not because on the inside she is the prettiest, but are you maybe that too? Each of us is different, we women all have something different about our body shape and some of us totally the opposite, not the same percentage of body fat, but that does not mean we have to tell ourselves every day that we want to be like her and her, everything but us. The shape of us, our looks, is what makes us unique. 50 years ago every guy that set his eyes on the beautiful Marilyn Monroe fell in love. She had this curvy figure, was in size 12 and now all I think about is her when I look in the mirror. She is a good distraction from the spoiled thoughts about those 0 sized models. But small sizes can be something some girls criticize themselves about, though we more often hear “I’m too fat”. The idea of the perfect body which has been carved into our heads is poisoning our need to love ourselves. If you are a size 0 society tells you you’re too skinny and then a size 12 and suddenly you are way too fat. It’s not that we don’t want to love every inch of our body, only the lack of our society telling us “you’re beautiful the way you are”. Hearing from society how imperfect you are and how you have to be a certain way to be beautiful hurts, but what hurts the most is our own craving to be something we’re not and you not being able to tell yourself “No I am beautiful.” We are all beautiful in our own way but I believe that some of us just don’t let ourselves think that way. Because of the ones that are “skinnier, funnier or prettier”, those three last letters “-ier”, are the ones we hate the most, because of jealousy and the scary idea of never being good enough.

A study of the shapes of over 6,000 women, carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University around the year 2005, found that 46% were banana (rectangular), over 20% pear, under 14% apple and 8% hourglass. According to a study done by Timothy A. Judge in the University of Florida and Daniel M. Cable in London Business “When It Comes to Pay, Do the Thin Win? The Effect of Weight on Pay for Men and Women“ In the fashion industry, models have become so weak and been through much fat loss that shows have started banning models below certain weight ratios. On the basis of these long term social norms surrounding weight, it is perhaps no surprise that some women have internalized these values: About 90% of cases of anorexia and bulimia are women.

There are those specific body shapes, which some of us don‘t really see. I mean if you would say that you would want to be like Marilyn Monroe and you are already shaped like a banana you wouldn‘t be able to do it without a surgery. So there’s often no reason to be crying over how you look. If you want to change it you can but you should make the best of who you are. The people in the Hollywood world all want to be like someone else but if they would just look at themselves positively they would all see the beauty that you see.

I have read books about thin people, fat people, watched TV-shows about moms that make their daughters weigh themselves every morning, TV-shows where five year olds are wearing make-up and high heels in a beauty contest, everywhere we can see people being criticized and laughed at. Every day before school I find what I should wear and I always feel fat. Even though I lost a lot of pounds I still feel the urge to listen to the voice in my head that says I‘m ugly. I blame society, how shallow everything around us is and tells us how to be. We have those amazing clothing stores and some more expensive than others. I have heard stories about the staff looking at people basically telling them that they are not good enough to be here. Why do we always judge people by their appearances? Don‘t you realize how great a person can be if you just look closer. Sometimes we need help to find clothes that fit our body type, like wearing black often makes women feel thinner and smaller but white exactly the opposite. There are some very interesting books about that specifically.

People probably have lost opportunities just because of how they look, kids been bullied and committed suicide and owe their lack of confidence to shallow kids. Here we are trying to live a life we can love and if you don‘t love yourself you can‘t even love your life or anyone around you. Maybe we just have to stop and ask ourselves if we shouldn‘t give ourselves a little break. You don‘t have to be perfect. You should be perfect in your own eyes. A man who doesn‘t love you for who you are on the outside doesn‘t deserve your love, a classmate that calls you fat or criticizes you in any way, probably just has a problem on their own. Everywhere we are we can feel these small wars that most people don‘t see but maybe we can try to see them and stop the hate. If you can learn to love yourself, people can learn to love you too.

Apple or “V” shape (triangle downward) Apple shaped women have broad(er) shoulders compared to their (narrower) hips. Apple shaped women tend to have slim legs/thighs, while the abdomen and chest look larger compared to the rest of the body. Fat is mainly distributed in the abdomen, chest, and face.

Banana, straight or “I” shape (rectangular) The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or bust measurement. Body fat distributed predominantly in the abdomen, buttocks, chest, and face. This overall fat distribution creates the typical ruler (straight) shape.

Pear, spoon, bell or “A” shape (triangle upward) The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement. The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips, and thighs. As body fat percentage increases, an increasing proportion of body fat is distributed around the waist and upper abdomen. The women of this body type tend to have a (relatively) larger rear, thicker thighs, and a small(er) bosom.

Hourglass or “X” shape. (triangles opposing, facing in) The hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat distribution tends to be around both the upper body and lower body. This body type enlarges the arms, chest, hips, and rear before other parts, such as the waist and upper abdomen.

Readers of Laugalækjaskóli Recommend Divergent by Veronica Roth Category: Young-Adult, Dystopian Divergent is the first book in a trilogy full of action and with a touch of romance. This book is for boys and girls. It’s a dystopian novel, happens in the future and is a page turner full of cliff hangers. If you liked the Hunger Games you will most likely like Divergent, they are both dystopian novels (But very different stories). In March 2014 the story will be a major motion picture with Shaliene Woodly and Theo James!

The book tells a story of a 16 year old girl called Beatrice Prior. Her country is divided into 5 factions (Abnegation-the selfless, Erudite-the intelligent, Dauntless-the brave, Amity-the peaceful, Candor-The honest) each focusing on a different goal. When teens turn 16 they have to choose a faction suiting them which they would to live in for the rest of their lives. They would leave their families and life as they knew it behind to claim their rightful place. But when Beatrice takes the test the results aren’t conclusive, she’s more than one faction and they call it Divergent.

“The best sci-fi I’ve read this year” -Margrét Erla “ A great story in a fantastic world” -Margrét Vala

The Fault in our Stars by John Green Category: Young-Adult, contemporary The Fault in our Stars is John Green’s greatest book so far! If you like his writing you should definitely read this master piece. But be prepared, have a box of tissues on your nightstand; believe me you will cry and feel emotional for days. This book is a standalone book and a real page turner. It is for both boys and girls, even the toughest boys tear up while reading this amazing book! There is also a movie in the making which will be on screen in 2014 starring Shailene Woodly and Ansel Elgort. The book tells a story of a girl who suffers from cancer. One day she meets her new best friend and the love of her life, Augustus Waters. He gives her hope, she learns to live her life and her days get brighter when he is around. They are both strong and interesting characters.

“Heart breaking but beautiful!” -Garðar Ingvarsson “The saddest thing about the book wasn’t the ending but rather that it ended” -Margrét Erla “A beautifully written story about an extraordinary girl!” -Margrét Vala

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher Category: Young-Adult/ adult, contemporary If you like books by John Green you may like this one, it has a similar style. It’s a beautifully written standalone book full of useful hidden messages. Both boys and girls will like this book Jamie is a ten-year old boy who moved from London to a small village. On the 9 th of September when he was 5, one of his twin sisters got blown up by Muslim terrorists. In the village he meets his new best friend called Saunya who happens to be Muslim. He knows his father won’t allow him to be with her because of her religion but he does it anyway. My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece is a brilliant story of the tough life of a tenyear old.

A quote from the book: Page 193

– "If guilt was an animal then it would be an octopus. All slimy and wriggly with hundreds of arms that wrap around your insides and squeeze them tight."

Looking for Alaska by John Green Category: Young-Adult, contemporary Both boys and girls will like this book Miles “Pudge” wants a fresh start and goes to a boarding school called Culver Creek . There he gets to know the screwed-up, pretty and funny Alaska and her friends, The Colonel and Takumi. Alaska draws him into her weird life which includes trouble, fun, drugs and love.

If you liked The Fault in Our Stars or any book by John Green you will certainly like this one. I recommend that you will read Looking for Alaska before TFIOS, if you have read TFIOS don’t expect too much from this one. It still is extremely good but not his very best! “Combination of love and sadness with a taste of humour.” -Garðar Ingvarsson

Interview with

Kolbeinn Guðmundsson

Everyone knows Kolbeinn (better known as Kolli) who teaches physics and biology. Kolbeinn has now been teaching in the school for about six years and really likes it. But a lot of people don´t know who he really is so Hugi Ólafsson and Guðjón Hlynur Sigurðarson sat down with him one after noon



viewed him. The boys asked Kolbeinn a few questions about his interests. A few of his favorite movies are The Godfather Trilogy, The Big Blue and The

Fifth Element. His favorite musicians are Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. If Kolbeinn had one wish he would want to be a successful golf player so he could live an easy life and have enough time to spend with his family. Kolbeinn doesn’t have any pets and he never has. When he was a child a cat jumped out of a trashcan and attacked him. After that he has always been afraid of animals. They also asked him a few questions about his early life. Kolbeinn didn’t always know he wanted to be teacher. When he was younger he thought of becoming a doctor, or an archaeologist but he says that thing just went that way.

Interview with María Egilsdóttir When school was almost over last year eight tenth graders went on a trip they probably won’t forget any time soon. They went to Bodö in Norway to compete in Barents Youth Festival along with other countries. We are so lucky here at Laugalækjaskóli to have been invited to a Pan-Scandinavian project about filmmaking for the younger generation. The teachers at the festival were young Norwegian film directors so the focused on a very professional guidance from the beginning. The students came from six diffrent school from the nordic countries. María Egilsdóttir was one of them. Most of you probably know who she was but for the ones who don’t here’s a quick introduction. María Egils has been in the student council all the years. She won Miss Laugalækjaskóli, The Smile, The Friend and The Idol in the Yearly Festival. She was everyone’s friend. Katrín María Timonen took an interview with her about the trip.

How was it to travel to another country with friends from school? It was so fun getting the chance to take a trip out of the country without parents and it was an amazing experience! Did you like the hospitality? Oh, it was awesome! Like a luxury hotel and almost too much room. What did you think of the kids that you were working with, did you bond at all? Yes, the kids were fantastic and so nice. They were all ready to get to know us and almost all of them talked English. What did you do? What was on your schedule? First we woke up really early, at eight o‘clock (six o‘clock in Iceland) Then we walked for fifteen minutes to have breakfast. Try to bond and get to know the kids that you were supposed to work with throughout the day. Then we ate. Worked in the groups. Dinner was at four! Then we could do what we wanted until we went to sleep, which wasn‘t that early What was the average level of English? The Finnish and the Russian kids didn‘t know that much of English, almost nothing. The Finns knew more but the accent was so hard to understand, it was always like they were so angry. The Russians knew hardly anything at all but they tried Did they know anything about Iceland? They asked us if it wasn‘t always incredibly cold and snowing and if we ate fish every night? But that‘s so not the case! We were also told that Iceland was so beautiful. They had seen it on photos and stuff like that. Did you learn anything from them about their country? Mostly about Norway because that‘s where we were. I also tried to learn to say „my name is María“ in every language. What were you there for? This was kind of a movie program, mostly to try new languages. A chance to learn more about films and get to know new and different people. What came out of it? In the end of the program it became easier for me to talk English publicly, I wasn‘t nearly as shy about it! Talking it for five days non stop made it clear to me that it was such a beautiful language. Now I have friends in all the different places and some of them I am still in contact with, which is amazing! I also got to learn something new like being a director for the first time

The Yearly Festival 2013 In mid-April there was festivity in the air. People

During the Yearly Festival week some themes were

were running around, busy with their cameras,

chosen. First up on Monday was a sport theme,

struggling to finish the next scene. I am, of course,

dress up in your sport uniform! On Tuesday it was

talking about the 2013 Annual Festival which is

a fantasy theme; I dressed up as Aragorn from The

held on or around the 14th of March every year.

Lord of the Rings and was accompanied by Moses.

This festival includes a dinner, a secret guest, a

(He insisted he was Gandalf but we all knew better)

comedian and the highlight of the night; The

We shot our final scene in our fantasy costumes in

Yearly Festival video.

the Yearly festival video as well.

On Wednesday we had a 60s rock theme, so everyone came dressed in black pants and leather jackets. On the final day, Thursday, it was a relaxation theme, dress up in your pajamas and robes. The problem with wearing pajamas and robes was how cold it got while waiting for the bus.

Now the Yearly Festival was upon us and people were arriving in limousines, no less! Then the doors to the dinner halls were opened and everyone found themselves a seat. For dinner there was turkey, sweet potato mash and an assortment of boiled vegetables. And to make it even better you got a half-liter of soda of your choice. Now, the reason why we hold a yearly festival makes me wonder. It might have something to do with celebrating spring, or it might just be an excuse to bring us all together and have a good time.

During dinner we were greeted by a magician who did neat tricks with his rings and heat sensitive eating utensils, a famous stand -up comedian and the ever so popular „Popularity Awards� given to people who excel at being themselves. After all that excitement the gentlemen of the audience had to clean up. Joke´s on the girls, however, because next year they have to clean up! After the hall had been thoroughly swept clean it was time to dance. The band Tilviljun sang the songs as we danced the night away. That concludes this report on the yearly festival 2013.


Quizzes Guess the right answers and you


9.The Wizard of Oz

1. “I‘ll have what she‘s having“


get a COOKIE! (lie) 8.Star Wars

2. “You‘re gonna need a bigger boat“


3. “Houston, we have a problem“

6.The Lord Of The Rings

4. “Say ‘hello’ to my little friend”

5.The Shining

5. “Here’s Johnny!”


6. “My precious”

3.Apollo 13

7. “I’m the king of the world!”


2.Jaws 1.When Harry Met Sally


Answers (Quotes)

Eurovision Quiz

They were two of three triplets Whatever the color your eyes are. You‘re the bus driver. Answer key:

5. A certain five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it. What is the word?

Nobody said it was raining

4. An electric train is traveling northwest at 95 miles per hour, and the wind is blowing southwest at 95 miles per hour. In which direction does the smoke blow?


There is no smoke on

3. Three large people try to crowd under one small umbrella, but nobody gets wet. How is this possible?

5. Which country won the Contest? 2000 Eurovision 6. Alexander Rybak’s “Fairytale” won in 2009 with a record breaking score; what was it?


2. A woman gave birth to two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year but were not twins. How is this possible?

1. Which country has won the Eurovision Song Contest the most times, or 7 3. What was special times? about the results in 2. Which coun- 1969? try has compet4. Which famous band ed the most times without a won the Eurovision for Sweden 1974? ANSWERS win?

3.Four countries won the contest

1. You are a bus driver. At the first stop of the day, eight people get on board. At the second stop, four get off, and eleven get on. At the third stop, two get off, and six get on. At the fourth stop, thirteen get off, and one gets on. At the fifth stop, five get off, and three get on. At the sixth stop, three get off, and two get on. What color are the bus driver's eyes?

Answers (Eurovision)

9. “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”


8. “May the Force be with you”



TV Shows Simpsons Friends

5,6 %

Big Bang Theory Modern Family Family Guy How I Met Your Mother Walking Dead Castle Pretty Little Liars Futurama CSI Doctor W ho

This is a survey made to demonstrate what TV shows are most popular with the students of Laugalækjarskóli. To add to the survey we put IMDb‘s top 12 highest rated TV shows off our full survey up next to the most watched in Laugalækjarskóli.



Breaking Bad (Rated 9.5)

Simpsons (Rated 8.9 on IMBd)

Game of Thrones (Rated 9.4)

Friends (Rated 8.9 on IMDb)

Sherlock (Rated 9.2)

Big Bang Theory (Rated 8.6 on IMDb)

Dexter (Rated 9.0)

Modern Family (Rated 8.6 on IMDb)

Simpsons (Rated 8.9)

Family Guy (Rated 8.4 on IMDb)

Death Note (Rated 8.9)

How I Met Your Mother (Rated 8.6 on IMDb)

Friends (Rated 8.9)

Walking Dead (Rated 8.7 on IMDb)

Cowboy Bebop (Rated 8.8)

Castle (Rated 8.3 on IMDb)

South Park (Rated 8.8)

Pretty Little Liars (Rated 7.9 on IMDb)

Suits (Rated 8.8)

Futurama (Rated 8.7 on IMDb)

Doctor Who (Rated 8.8)

CSI (Rated 7.8 on IMDb)

Walking Dead (Rated 8.7)

Doctor Who (Rated 8.8 on IMDb) THE FULL SURVEY


Anime For example an Anime show called Mirai Nikki or Future Diary in English is about a boy who is a loner. He prefers to write a diary on his cell phone and talk to his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina – The God of Time and Space, which means he rules the world. However, Yuki soon learns that Deus is more than a figment of his imagination when he makes Yuki participate in a battle royal with eleven others. The contestants are given special diaries that can predict the future, each diary possessing unique features that give it both advantages and disadvantages. Within the next 90 days, the contestants must try to survive until there is only one left standing. The winner will become the new God of Time and Space.

Anime movies are often less successful than whole TV series because anime is often very complicated so they only have about two hours to make everything happen. And everything is a lot when the subject is anime. For example one of the few successful anime movie makers are Hayao Miyazaki, he created movies such as Spirited away, my neighbor Totoro and Howl’s moving castle. He has won 1 Oscar for best animated feature and has been nominated 28 times for his great works. There are many other Anime movies and if you would like to start watching anime I recommend a movie called Wolf Children. This is movie is simple but yet very well done and has a mature look.

Bleach is about this high school student Kurosaki Ichigo who can see souls of the newly deceased. He has no idea why this is but soon a soul reaper named Kuchiki Rukia comes to visit his house to send a soul to an underworld called the soul society. Soon after this a giant shinigami/ soul eater and attacks his family, he doesn’t hesitate to attack using the soul reapers sword and he unlocks a strange power…

Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series about two brothers who live in a world where equivalent exchange is possible. You use equivalent exchange by first drawing an alchemy circle on the ground and then you are able to create a chemical reaction. these two brothers study this art and become very skilled at a very early age. Soon after that there mother dies and they try to bring her back to life by using alchemy. This is extremely forbidden because no one has ever been able to do it successfully…

Well you could say that Anime is just for kids but if you ever watch anything other than Naruto you would know that is not true. Of course there are other childish anime but if you would just keep on reading this you will know everything there is to know about why anime is not just for kids. First off, there are A LOT of different kind of anime but almost all of them contain things that are childish to make it more enjoyable or make you think everything is okay when it is NOT. The simple version of what anime is, is the more mature version of cartoons.

Interview with Steinunn Einarsdóttir Steinunn Einarsdóttir. She worked as a teacher in Laugalækjarskóli last spring, but wasn’t her only job. She also works as a policewoman on weekends, not to mention her responsibilities as a mother at home. Before beginning to teach here last winter, she worked in Háteigsskóli. I got to ask her questions about her career as a policewoman as well as her career as a teacher.

Do you still work as a policewoman or have you completely given it up? -Yes, sometimes on weekends How long have you been working as a policewoman? -I started in 2002 but I haven‘t been working the whole time so overall I have been working for five years. What do you think was/is the most exciting thing about working in the police department? -I would say no day is like any other, every day is unique! How did you come up with the idea to be a teacher? -Again, every day is unique and then also I like working with children.. What are the main differences between working as a teacher and a policewoman? -When I am teaching I really need to think what I‘m saying but maybe not as much as in the other job where I am usually working with adults. If you witness something in school which is illegal could you use it against the person when you are not working as a policewoman at the moment, you are just a normal teacher? -Yes and no actually... It really depends on what it is we are talking about. Every teacher has the right to do something about things like that. And if this particular thing were dangerous to some student then of course I would do something about it! Which job do you like better or what job suits you better? -Both jobs have their positive and negative sides so I like them equally but being a teacher suits me better now because I have children at home to take care of. Describe yourself as a person. -I would describe myself as a sarcastic but fair person What kind of education do you need to become a policeman? -You need to be equipped with a certain number of units in college and then the police education takes eighteen months Are there a lot of „hidden cases“, which never get in the news, and which the society doesn‘t know about? -Yes absolutely! There are so many hidden cases you wouldn‘t suspect.

What would you say was the scariest part of working as a policewoman? -It depends... I would think that maybe when people threaten your family or children. What are the negative and positive things in working as a teacher and a policewoman? -Both jobs have one positive thing in common and it is that you get to communicate with people a lot and like I have said a few times already „No day is like another“. I can‘t seem to find anything negative about being a teacher right now, of course there are some things but nothing big. Negative things about being a policewoman are maybe the threats and other annoying things. Do you like Laugalækjarskóli? -Yes! A lot! What kind of policewoman are you? Do you work in the office or out there on the crime scene or both? -I only work out there on the crime scene not in the office. How was your regular day as a policewoman? -They are so diverse and it's only a predetermined monitoring plan you work after. So you just come on your shift and if you want you can go out in a police car and check out the traffic or something similar and if you are on a dayshift then you need to drive a predetermined way like around schools so that the kids who are going to school get a chance to cross streets safely. And of course the burglaries, thiefts, and all kinds of things Have you always wanted to become a policewoman/teacher? If not, what did you want to become when you were younger? -I think that I never exactly planned anything big but I maybe got some ideas and decided to try it and if I liked then I wouldn’t have kept on otherwise. So no, I never said when I was just a small girl „Hey, I want to be a teacher when I grow up,” or anything like that.

Skólahreysti is a group tournament between schools across the country. Each school team has to have two boys and two girls and it can be made up of 9th graders and 10th graders. The people that started Skólahreysti were the couple Andrés Guðmundsson and his wife Lára B. Helgadóttir. What they intended of this competition is that it would be The crowd cheered our contestants on wildly presented in an interesting way for grade-school students. The competition is of course to interest kids across the country in competing in sports and they show how athletics can encourage teamwork and self-reliance. The competition first took place in spring in 2005. Six schools competed in Andrés and Lára’s idea of cheering the kids and competing in this sports experience where kids used their own bodies in the events. Skólahreysti got more and more popular among the kids, the Our contestants waiting on the bench schools and last but not least their parents who grasped the message of the competition and its important preventive role. Later on it created more school spirit among the students and schools that competed in the competition and that inspired colorful and cheerful audiences from each and every school to cheer them on in the events.

For example there was an audience of over 13.000 fans urging them on to win. Also the television has broadcast live shows of Skólahreysti which are 50 minute episodes of the Semi-finals and the Finals. Each year the teams practice with their sports coach who helps them and gives them good advice. They introduce them to the course and how it works. The kids practice and practice until they‘re ready. The kids compete in different events. One of the boys competes in pull ups and tricep dips while the other boy does the speed course. One of the girls does push ups and hanging, and the other one of the girls does the speed course. Two schools compete at the same time, except hanging, then five to eight schools compete at the same time. Our students who competed in School Fitness last year were Guðmundur from class 9.L doing pull ups and tricep dips, Diljá from 10.A doing push ups and hanging, and Ernir from 10.A and Hildur from 10.L competing in the speed course, which they won. Over all, Laugalækjaskóli finished in 4th place this year with 46 points and Holtaskóli won with 53 points. That is a much better result than ever before, and everyone was terrifically proud!

Your Horoscope For 2014 Month


Color of your shirt/top

January: I teamed up with… February: I stalked…

1: A dog 2: Michael Jackson

Green: Because I could. Blue: Because I wanted to.

March: I shot… April: I ate…

3: Justin Bieber 4: Paul Wesley

May: I stabbed…

5: Harry Styles

Orange: Because I had to. Purple: Because I’m secretly an elephant Pink: Because my mommy said so.

June: I married

6: Jensen Ackles

Red: Because he/it told me to.

July: I started a band with…

7: One Direction

Yellow: Because he/it annoyed me.

August: I danced with…

8: Joe Jonas

Black: Because I was depressed.

September: I kissed…

9: A monkey

Gray: Because I have a cat.

October: I ran over…

10: Matt Damon

White: Because I’m awesome

November: I fell in love with…

11: Tom Cruise

December: I stole…

12: Ryan Gosling 13: Ryan Reynolds

Plaid: Because a demon was possessing me Polka-dot: Because he/it was wrong Striped: Because he/it was already dead

14: Liam Payne

No shirt: Because I’m sexy and I know it .Other: Because I’m a unicorn

15: Nick Jonas 16: Jared Padalecki 17: Brad Pitt 18: Barack Obama 19: Eminem 20: Ian Somerhalder 21: Batman 22: Rob Pattinson 23: Taylor Lautner 24: A cat 25: Superman 26: Homer Simpson 27: A horse 28: Chris Hemsworth 29: Liam Hemsworth 30: Zac Efron 31: Josh Hutcherson

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Do you like the school?



Do you practice any sports?



Do you like the food here?



Are you happy here?



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