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Press Release February 2014

The FEIZI Gallery Shanghai I Brussels is pleased to present, as part of its next exhibition : MAGNOLIA RIVER | UNSETTLED, group show by Chinese artists, Chen Yujun and Chen Yufan Exhibition from 21st March till 24th May 2014 Opening on 20th March 2014 from 6 pm. till 9 pm

A few words about Yujun and Yufan Chen Graduates from the Chinese academy of art in Hangzhou, the Chen brothers (Yujun and Yufan) are now regarded as leading artists on the Chinese independent art scene. They have numerous exhibitions all over the world and take part in many fairs, such as Art Stage Singapore, Art Basel (Hong Kong) and the London Art Fair. Recently, they took part, among other things, in the second, highly controversial “Fuck Off” exhibition in 2013, held in the Groninger Museum (Netherlands), co-curated by Ai Weiwei. The Chen brothers are originally from Putian, Fujian province. Through their work, they tackle the subject of migration and identity and draw inspiration from their own life experience. The exhibition held in the Feizi Gallery presents an installation entitled “Magnolia” (made from reclaimed cardboard materials and wood), in reference to the river that flows at the bottom of their home town. This forms the conceptual and architectural core of the exhibition. Similarly, “Magnolia (Magnolia river project)” is not restricted to a simple geographical reference. It is a poetic representation of the memories and traditions that bind a family through time and space. Around this joint installation, the artists immerse us in their own particular world, an introspective contemplation made from collages, oils, wooden sculptures, drawings on paper and photographs. For their première in Belgium, the Feizi Gallery invites you to discover the work of the Chen brothers, reflecting the ambivalent experiences of Chinese migrations from the south. The Magnolia project is a nostalgic ride through the complex experiences of the two brothers. A combination of the unstable and the permanent. CONTACT : Feizi Gallery // Irene Laub 8 b rue de l’Abbaye 1050 Brussels +32 473 91 85 06

8B rue de l'Abbaye 1050 Brussels, Belgium

China guest of honour Find us at stand G7

T: +32 2 647 55 16

8B rue de l'Abbaye 1050 Brussels, Belgium

T: +32 2 647 55 16


Yujun and Yufan Chen : 2013

2012 2011

“Fuck off 2”, Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands “Art Basel / HK 2013”, Hong Kong, China “Art 13”, London Art Fair, London, UK “Mulan River”, Zhong Gallery, Berlin, Germany “Mulan River Project”, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

Yufan Chen : 2013 2012 2011 2010

“The Light”, Inna contemporary Art Two Space, Hanghzou, China “The Folding Time”, AYE Gallery, Beijing, China “Shedding”, New art from China, Zhong Gallery, Berlin, Germany “Breaking Away”, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China “INTO ONE”, AYE Gallery, Beijing, China “Youth Upstairs”, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China “In to the mood”, AART Center, Hong-Kong, China

Yujun Chen : 2013 2012


“Criss-cross artworks”, Long Museum, Shanghai, China “Transitional Room”, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China “Frieze New York 2012”, New York, US “Dawn”, New art from China, Zhong Gallery, Berlin Germany “The Empty Room”, Boers-Li Gallery, China “Post Traditions, The Magnified Slice”, Duolun Museum Of Modern Art, Shanghai, China “Youth upstairs”, Times Museum, Beijing, China

8B rue de l'Abbaye 1050 Brussels, Belgium

T: +32 2 647 55 16

Press Release Yujun Chen & Yufan Chen  

Exhibition : 21st March - 24th May 2014 FEIZI GALLERY Rue de l'Abbaye 8B BE - 1050 Brussels For their première in Belgium, the Feizi Gall...