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80 bull calves select groups of u pick’em bred heifers and heifer calves along with individual offerings

10:00 PREVIEW - 12:00 LUNCH 1:00 SALE


P O B OX 4 0 4 - B I G T I M B E R , M T 5 9 011 DONNA - 406-932-4282 M A RV I N & A S H L E Y - 4 0 6 - 9 3 2 - 4 4 0 3 K U R T & SA M - 4 0 6 - 9 3 0 - 518 8

We would like to take this opportunity to invite all of our friends and neighbors to our sale. Please feel welcome to come and join us for the day. We love having you whether you are viewing the cattle or just visiting. It is a treat for us to have you join us on sale day. Thank you, Donna, Marvin and Ashley, Kurt, Sam and kids

Thanks once again for attending our sale. We wish God’s blessings upon you and hope all of you have a peaceful year. We look forward to next year to see what each and every day brings.

WELCOME TO LAUBACH RED ANGUS . We e all of you to our annual production sale com wel to like ld wou we st emo For First and ut the Red Angus breed that when we read and hear abo our and le catt our in e prid h muc so take t. le. It means we are doing something righ breed topping sales, it makes all of us smi the winter. The of m it was the worst and only stor Last year’s sale was great considering come ated as for the customers that could not reci app atly gre e wer ds roa the ved bra customer's that ut with our friends blame them at all, too much to worry abo not did we ns, ditio con d roa the of e aus bec 98% of the on the roads. selling through the end of April, we sold lly The cattle sold well that day and kept on calving season much shorter. Marvin rea the e mad ter win mild The it. of ud pro bulls and were to get away and about the road conditions. It is always fun g ryin wor out with s bull ng veri deli yed enjo them. was pretty see our customer's ranches and visit with the decision to sell some females. I With the drought scaring us, we made was d home, C Lazy B in Nebraska. There goo a h suc to t wen le catt the but it, nervous about Cory will enjoy the a couple of really good friends. I know ed gain we plus ut, abo ry wor to ing noth g them business as much as the rest of us do. calves hit the ground and continue watchin are It has been fun watching our first embryo and l of our own that have done just as wel e som e hav also we said g bein that all summer, with and they tell us this We have had some visitors at the ranch n. ctio sele bull our of end top the at rse their also y like their power, muscling and of cou The us. from n see e hav they s bull is the best set tinue them on a bull l on the weaning pellets and we will con wel ned wea e hav s bull The . ist ions osit disp hay. While working with the feed nutrition ice cho free with ter, win the ugh thro et challenger pell we try to develop the positive feed back from our customers to ning liste and y pan com feed the from . have done the bulls with a 2.75 to 2.90 average gain my oh my, I do not know what we would Marvin continues to manage the ranch, a nail t the herd records, along with working as mos g agin man r ove n take has ley Ash . without his help Jayde now joins the cious little girl on December 19, Aubree pre a with sed bles e wer y The this an. nici tech and in the 5th grade, much too old for old r yea 10 a now is elia Am s. eye my other apples of p them young, but are in 1st grade, I have really tried to kee han Nat and k Nic s, twin The her a. ndm Gra es with his crop insurance and Sam has tinu con t Kur re. whe any me ing gett not I am afraid it is vin, they are living other changes, I traded places with Mar the all with ng Alo s. ines bus ing rse I thriv own I really do not mind the town life, of cou not or it ieve Bel n. tow to ed mov I on the ranch and Marvin or driving him crazy. m, we spend most everyday at the ranch helping sfaction, when you put faith in our progra sati er tom cus for e striv we t, leas not Last but there is a problem and we will be here to help if needed. If you with us of t par a ng taki are can you feel ic to our ears. Please let us know if we mus is it blem pro a not is e ther If it. fix we will strive to and have a visit. cattle, so feel free to stop by at any time our g win sho love We . you e serv er bett s!! Remember Quality Does Not cost It Pay

View the cattle on video at or


Preview 10:00 - Lunch 12:00 - Sale begins 1:00 PHONE BIDS: We urge all bidders to contact the Laubach’s or buyer representatives well before the sale. We can assist you with additional information and answer any questions. Phone bids via the conference call will be the most reliable way of bidding by phone. If you would prefer, contact numbers listed below on sale day as well.

Sale Day Phone Numbers 406-930-2833 - Donna 406-930-2187 - Kurt 406-930-0911 or 932-4403 - Marvin

406-671-5100 - Bill Pelton 932-4395 - SaleBarn Myron Edleman - RAAA Representative

CONFERENCE CALL BIDDING: This year we are offering conference call bidding pre-register by calling Donna at 406-932-4282 and you will receive sale day information.

How the Sale Works

This is not a typical auction. Bidding will be on a 3 x 5 card. We will be using bidder numbers, please register at desk. The current high bid will be posted on a board, and a bidder can turn in additional cards as often as he or she prefers. Sale will last approximately 1 hour. There will be a bid off on contested lots at that time. We wish to invite you to come and look any time prior to lunch at noon and the sale from 1:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 9, 2013. If you cannot be at Big Timber on the 9th, we invite your telephone or written bid on any animals prior to sale date. You may put in a maximum bid, and if there are no bidders close to your bid, you will get title to the animal at the next bid increment. There will be a base price posted on each pen of animals on sale day and minimum bid increments will be $100.00 for bulls. Females will have a minimum bid increment of $50.00. The bulls will have a base price that will range from $1700.00 to $5000.00. The bred females will start at $2500.00, the commercial heifer calves will start at $1000.00 and the registered heifer calves will start at $1500.00. Early bidding is advantageous to ensure you get the animal that fits your program within your budget.

Terms & Conditions

1. The terms of the sale are cash unless prior arrangements have been made. 2. The seller will settle any disputes on bids and his decision will be final. 3. Any announcement from the seller on sale day will take precedence over printed material. 4. Health certificates will be furnished for shipment anywhere in the United States. 5. BULLS WILL BE WINTERED FREE OF CHARGE UNTIL MARCH 1, 2014. At that time they will be fertility and soundness tested by a licensed vet and will be guaranteed. 6. All purchases are the buyer’s responsibility as soon as they are sold. All reasonable care will be provided for the bull’s care before delivery. We hand feed twice daily, so we keep a close eye on each and every one of them. There will be an insurance agent available if you wish to insure your purchase. Tell the clerks at checkout and they will record the necessary information. 7. All cattle are guaranteed to be breeders. We reserve the right to test any animal for 90 days after it is returned to us before making adjustments. 8. Everyone attending this sale does so at their own risk. Owners, clerks or other helpers do not assume responsibility, legal or otherwise, for damages of any kind. 9. Free delivery of bulls up to 250 miles of Big Timber, Montana. All other deliveries at cost. 10. A certificate of registry and transfer will be furnished for each animal sold as a registered animal, after settlement has been made. 11. The above terms and conditions shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each animal sold. 12. We will be retaining a 1/3 semen interest on some bulls, buyer has full possession and salvage value. Our bulls were weaned in mid September; they are fed for moderate gains so they remain sound and fertile. 40% were culled and the rest are awaiting selection at this sale. Everyone interested can select bulls that best fit their program. Their current weights will be available sale day. 100% of females’ bid price will be due on sale day. 50% of the bulls’ bid price will be due on sale day. The balance will be due when they are guaranteed fertile and sound, and delivered in March or April. If the bulls do not prove out, the down payment may be refunded, replaced with a bull of equal value, or credit towards another bull. Feed costs will be sellers’ responsibility until delivery. We hope to have all bulls delivered by the first week of April. 2

Reference Sires


Reference Sires

A bull from Strawberry Ridge Red Angus. Seth Leachman stated he is one of the best Judge bulls he has seen.

A moderate and heavy muscled bull from Strawberry Ridge Red Angus.


View the cattle on video at or

He has a moderate frame, thick and deep set, with a great disposition.

You will not find a calving ease bull with more shape to his rear quarter.

A moderate frame with thickness and muscling from Redland Red Angus.

Calving ease bull with a smooth front, strong top line and great miscling from Sutherlin Farms. We think this bull is about pheontypically perfect.

Smooth fronted, calving ease bull that we purchased from Sutherlin Farms as a mate to Cherokee Squall.

Moderately framed, heavy muscled bull that stays in good flesh year around.


Reference Sires



Yellowstone Feed

A HUGE Thank You to Yellowstone Feed for donating our sale day breakfast.

Custom Rolling - Mixing -Feed Seed - Supplies- Pet Food Fertilizer - Chemical - Fence 127 E Yellowstone Ave Big Timber, MT 59011 406-932-5132 David & Jennifer Breck


Bull Calves * FREE WINTERING ON BULLS * Preview sale cattle on video at or * There will be a conference call line sale day. You must pre-register by calling Donna at 406-932-4282 * The bulls are cataloged from oldest to youngest. You will see in the comments about the nice length, muscling and some very nice hind quarters, this is the most even set of bulls we’ve ever had to sell. Please come and take a look.


Bull Calves


View the cattle on video at or


Bull Calves


View the cattle on video at or


Bull Calves


View the cattle on video at or


Bull Calves


View the cattle on video at or


Bull Calves


View the cattle on video at or



Bull Calves


View the cattle on video at or


Bull Calves Commercial Bull Calves

Commercial Bull Sired by: Mushroom Impressive CA

Commercial Bull Sired by: MULTIPLE SIRES

Commercial Bull Sired by: Mushroom Impressive CA

Heifer Calves It's always hard to pick which heifers to put in the sale and which ones to keep. I'm not going to write foot notes on individual heifers but I think there’s some real neat heifers offered with great numbers and phenotype. Any heifers that don't sell sale day will go right back into the herd.


Heifer Calves


Heifer Calves


“Youth in Progress” Presented to You by Laubach Red Angus We will offer $100.00 off any bred heifer or heifer calf to any youth. Our only condition is for you to report back to one of us and let us know how your project is turning out. Ken started this program a few years ago it was his way of supporting youth in agriculture. It is so rewarding to watch, listen and see the smiles on their faces as they talk to you about their heifers. This is our way of passing along Ken’s true love of cattle and youth. 24

View the cattle on video at or

U Pick Em Heifer Calves

This year we are offering 2 U Pick Em groups of registered heifer calves and 2 U Pick Em groups of bred heifers. In the groups you will have the option to bid; winning bid will be able to select one out of the group. We consider these the top end of our bred heifers and heifer calves; we will put the 5 remaining from each offering back in the herd. In this manner we feel we can offer our best to you.

Group 1

Laubach Red Angus is a proud member of the Crazy Mountain Stockgrower Association. Charlie Rein will on hand sale day to answer any questions you may have. 25

Heifer Calves

Group 2


Service Sires AA


A number of customers wondered where the Conquest bulls were. We searched and found this one at Redland Red Angus.

Bred Heifers Selecting bred heifers for the sale is always a challenge. This year we selected AI and pasture bred females. This group of highly maternal heifers should raise some real powerful calves. Any heifers that don't sell sale day will go right back into the herd. Come take a look, I think you'll like them. Heifers were AI'd April 16, 17 & 18. The heifers have been ultrasounded and their expected calving date and service sire is listed under the EPDs. This year after AI'ing, we had all the heifers in one pasture and used BB as the pasture bull.



Bred Heifers

Commercial Bred Heifer Trend Setter Daughter

Natural Service - Red Con 262. Due 3/10

U Pick Em Bred Heifers Group 3


View the cattle on video at or

Group 4


Bred Heifers


Sale Barn

.7 mi.

Hwy 10 West (6 Mi.)

I 90 30

Exit 362 DeHart

Big Timber


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Laubach Red Angus Catalog 2013