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Saturday, October 29th ll The Thought Lot 8 East Earl Street Shippensburg, PA


CONTACT INFORMATION (This information will only be used for inquiries and notification about the entry) Name:________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________ State/Country: ______________ Zip Code: ______________________ Phone #1: ___________________________________ Phone #2: ________________________________________ Fax:___________________Email:________________________________________________________________

ENTRY INFORMATION Boutique Name:_______________________________________________________________________________ Company (if differed from above): ________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Country/Zip:__________________________________________________________________________ Phone/Fax:_______________________________________Email:________________________________________ Web Site (if applicable):_________________________________________________________________________

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Number of Looks: ______________ Will you be bringing your own: Models (if so, how many):______________Make-up Artist(s):_____________________ Hair Stylist(s):_______________________Photographer(s):_______________________

Please give a ONE-PARAGRAPH SYNOPSIS of your boutique’s collection and/or brand image (for press and program): _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Please include a photograph of up to four looks that represent your boutique/collection as well as a representative image for press and program.

PAYMENT INFORMATION There is a $10.00 entry fee to participate in ThinkHaute. Participants have the option of operating their own booths for the sale of merchandise or distribution of marketing materials during ThinkHaute for a flat fee of $45. Post Now PA will provide tables, but each participant must have their own representative to operate the both. I will be paying by:

[ ] Cash

[ ] Check

[ ] PayPal

Please read and sign the following: I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree: that to the best of my knowledge, all statements and claims in this document are true, and that I am fully authorized to submit the above-mentioned material to the Post Now PA Think Haute Fashion Show . I accept and agree to be bound by the official rules of the Post Now PA ThinkHaute Fashion Show. By entering the Post Now PA ThinkHaute Fashion Show, I understand photographs and/or stills from my entry may be used in the promotion of the Post Now PA ThinkHaute Fashion Show.

SIGNATURE_______________________________________________________ _______________________ PRINT NAME DATE

Questions about ThinkHaute? Call (717) 816 – 7769 OR contact us a

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