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GRADUATE CORNER We congratulate the following Latymerians on their academic achievements. We invite others who recently graduated, along with those graduating this year, to share their successes.


n Timothée ROLLAND MSc, Bioinformatics, École Polytechnique.


n Nathaniel BALLARD BA, Political Science (Major) and History (Minor), Boston College. n Cameron BIGGS MEng, Computer Science, University of Warwick.

n Joshua HENDERSON MA, International Economics and Energy with Finance, John Hopkins University.

n Saskia BURNETT-SCOTT BA, 1st, History of Art, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London.


n Tom CARSON BA, 1st, German, University of Bristol.

n Mia BAISE PhD, Chemistry, University College London, University of London.


n Clarke HARNED BA, History and Spanish, Emory University. n Eva GRIFFIN MA, Disasters, Adaptation and Development, King’s College London, University of London.


n Alexandre BONNET MSc, Physics with Theoretical Physics, Imperial College London.

n Benedict CLARKE BA, 1st, English, St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge. n Benjamin FREEMAN MEng, Engineering (Civil), University College London, University of London. n Alexandra HOLKER MA, 1st, Art History, University of St Andrews. n Alexandra KNOWLES MA, History and Classics, University of Edinburgh. n Shivani RAVAL BA, 1st, Spanish and Chinese, University of Birmingham.

n Nell BROOKFIELD Postgraduate, Drawing, The Royal Drawing School.

n Ryan PARKINSON BEng, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Newcastle University.

n George CATHCART MSc, Mathematical Finance, University of York.

n Vasia PASSARIS MA, 1st, Philosophy and Psychology, University of Edinburgh.

n Milo KEATING-ABOUD MAI, 1st, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin.

n Alcina SALEEM BA, 1st, Classics, King’s College London, University of London.

n William MCCAUGHRAN MBBS, Distinction, Medicine and Surgery, University College London, University of London.

n Emily SCOTT BA, 1st, Portuguese and Italian, St Peter’s College, University of Oxford. n Patrick WOLSTENHOLME BSc, 1st, Economics, University of Nottingham.

n Michael RIZQ BA, 1 , English and Modern Languages (French), St John’s College, University of Oxford.

n Tom YATES MEng, 1st, Engineering Science, Christ Church, University of Oxford.


n Imogen WILSON BMus, 1st, Music, University of Edinburgh.


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Independent Consultants (Alumni Relations) 020 3004 0311:


n Harrison BREWER MA, 1st, Conflict Security and Development, King’s College London, University of London. n Jasmin FRENCH BA, 1st, Spanish and Russian, University of Bristol. n Zhihan Li BSc, Mathematics and Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London.

Nigel Orton

n Madeleine MERCER MA, History and Politics, University of Edinburgh.

Sally Markowska

n Jess POLYBLANK BVSc, Veterinary Science, University of Bristol.

Chris Hammond

n Cameron SELL BA, 1 , Economics and Politics, University of Nottingham.

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n Nina ANDERSON BA, Architecture, Queens’ College, University of Cambridge. n Rupert BICKHAM BA, 1st, History, University of Southampton. n James BRISTOW BSc, 1st, Social Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London. n Max COLLADO BSc, Biomedical Science, University of Warwick. n Charlotte COLLINGWOOD BSc, Economics, University of Birmingham. n Jonathan COOPER BA, 1st, English, Durham University. n Shivani KAVA BA, Media, Communication and Cultural Studies, Newcastle University.


n George DZAVARYAN BEng, Mechanical Engineering with Management, University of Edinburgh.

n Morgan AGUIAR-LUCANDER BA, 1st, Yale University.

n Yasmin KHAN-OSBORNE BA, Architecture, St John’s College, University of Cambridge.

n Flora BAIN BMus, 1st, Bachelor of Music, Royal College of Music.

n Otto TERRELL BSc, 1st, Geological and Earth Sciences, Newcastle University.

A round-up of news and media posts on former students. We welcome contributions for future editions!

n Toby NONNENMACHER and Isi BOGOD (both 2012) guided their team, ‘Suits’, to victory on the BBC2 quiz, Only Connect. n Karol OSTASZEWSKI (2001) is crowdfunding for equity in his award-winning craft cider business, SXOLLIE Cider. n Dr Samir SHAH (1961), Chief Executive and Creative Director at Juniper Television, was awarded a CBE for services to Television and to Heritage, advancing from OBE.

LITERATURE n Matthew HILTON (1965) has published the e-book and text documentary, What Colour was the Smoke?, about the Grenfell Tower fire. n Stephen WYATT (1965) published a new novel, The World and His Wife, which tells the story of a prolific writer’s tumultuous marriage. n Peter PEGNALL (1967) launched his eighth volume of poetry, Dearest Lord, When Will I Die?, at The Hostry Festival in Norwich’s historic Cathedral, via Hedgehog Press.

Tom releases Wilbur the sloth back into the wild

CAREERS n Tom LAWRENCE (2009) is Sloth Team Supervisor at The Sloth Institute in Costa Rica, where he observes the arboreal mammals in the wild. Tom rescues injured or orphaned sloths, caring for them until they are well enough to be released. n Padmesh RAGHUPATHI (1969) set up PaddyLab in India; the Training-Research-Publishing unit initiates uniquely Indian solutions to the country’s problems. n Marc-Alain WIDDOWSON (1986) was appointed Director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. This follows 18 years at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, where his work took him to Kenya and to West Africa, working on the Ebola epidemic.



n Grammy and Blues Music award-winning Producer Michael FREEMAN (1969) has been elected to the Board of Directors of The Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee as their new Chairman.

Congratulations to Amy TROTTER (2003) who married Jack in July and hosted many Latymerians on her special day. L-R: Charlie KENNARD (2004), Julian REA (2003), Ricky TAVARES (2002), Hana GEISSENDORFER (2003), Sally TAVARES, Amy (both 2003), Victoria KENNARD (2004), Nick DAVIES (2003), Alex TROTTER (2001). Congratulations to Daniel JAFFE (2010) who married Joanna at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in June. Yaseen SALOOJEE (2009) was Best Man and Daniel was supported by his brothers Paul (1998) and David (2000). Guests included Alex PARR, David ADAMSON, Felipe ANDERSON, George AUCKLAND, James BLACK, Milivoj VAGIC, Pedram ARYAN and Sam CALDER (all 2010).

Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary to Maddie and David BAINES (1951). They were married at Weybridge, Surrey on the weekend man first walked on the Moon. David and Maddie joined Tony DURHAM (1951) and Eric MAYHEW (1956), including their wives, in toasting Archie Harrison and Edward Latymer at the latest “NW Six” reunion.




Friends from the Class of 2006 holidayed together in the Loire over summer. Charlotte FARRANT (née WATSON), Charlie OLIVER, Emily EUSTACE (née CHALLENOR), Joe MARKOWSKI, Anna SHERRIFF, Simon ANDERSON.

Brian LEWIS (1971) hosted the annual “Old Lats 1971 Afternoon Tea”. Front Lisa Lewis. Left clockwise: Jo & Malcolm AVISON, Shirley & Richard KESSEL, June & Joe LAWRENCE, Kenneth EDWARDS, David GEAKE, Adriana Williams, Angela Edwards, Linda & Edward TIPPELT (all 1971).

Andy Heape

SCHOOL VISITS We welcomed visits from Latymerians across the decades this summer: John CROFTS (1957) found his name on the Honours board; Andy HEAPE (1961) visited our newly transformed Piazza; William VAHL (1983) enjoyed reminiscing in the Main Hall; and Mia BAISE (2011) identified cadmium on our Interactive Periodic Table, as relevant to her professional research. Would you like a trip down memory lane? Contact latymerians@latymerfoundation.org to organise a School tour. John Crofts

Mia Baise

CIECIERSKI (1983) took up the role of GBRT Junior Team Doctor, and Nic HALEY (1989) was the US Junior Team Manager.

SPORT John FISHER (1978) came back to run the Briault Cup, which he won in the 1970s. John lives in New Zealand and stopped in London en route to Switzerland to run in an 80km Swiss Alpine challenge.


There was strong Latymerian presence at the World Rowing Championships: Hugo GULLIVER (2007) and Gary PAINTER (1958) were both at the U23 World Rowing Championships in Florida, with Hugo coaching the British Team and Gary as a FISA Umpire. In Tokyo, Andy

William Vahl

Nic Haley and Andy Ciecierski in Tokyo

Georgia HELLARD TIMM (2015) with Kate WOOLLEY (2016) rowed for Princeton and Newcastle Universities respectively at the Henley Women’s Regatta in June. They last rowed together in the Latymer Quad at the Henley Royal Regatta in 2015, and earlier that season had won Bronze together in a Latymer Double at the National Schools’ Regatta. Georgia also sat 6 seat in the Princeton Tigers Women Lightweight 1st VIII, taking Silver.

SPORT cont...

Congratulations to Jeanne SOCRATES, former Teacher of Mathematics and parent of Nick SOCRATES (1987), who has become the oldest person to sail around the world alone, non-stop and unassisted. Jeanne’s love of sailing was born whilst teaching at Latymer during one particular Activities Week when she took part in a sailing course on the Isle of Wight and “absolutely loved it”. The rest is history! Jeanne during her Latymer teaching days

Oliver Williams and Jack Thompson

n John MARTIN (1958) launched A Brush with Music, his first commercial exhibition of paintings. John stepped away from his PR career in 2009 and took up full-time portrait painting. n Elmar MARIPU (1969) took Moving On to the Toronto Fringe Festival; his play is a comedy set in a one-bedroom apartment moments before the 2018 Cannabis Act. n Congratulations to Jessie CAVE (2005) for a successful Sunrise tour and recent comedy show, Cave Women: Work in Progress, which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Chloe YATES (2017) also took her play, Mental, to the Edinburgh Fringe, featuring a cast of Latymerians. n Hugh GRANT (1978) was BAFTA nominated for Best Actor for his performance in A Very English Scandal.

Jeanne Socrates, 77, became the oldest person to sail around the world alone

ARTS n Imogen PARRY (2008) is a member of The Swingle Singers, the award-winning group renowned for pushing the boundaries of vocal music for more than half a century. n Peter THICKETT (2014) directed a theatrical production at the Brunel Museum, War is my Condition, a reinterpretation of a tragic love story. n The latest film from director Phil GRABSKY (1981), Leonardo: The Works, made its debut at the Vancouver International Film Festival and explores every da Vinci painting. Phil will release three more films in 2020; his company, Seventh Art Productions, is the world’s largest independent producer of Phil Grabsky art films.


Congratulations to Ben FREEMAN (2015) for being crowned UL Sportsman of the Year. Henry FIELDMAN (2006) achieved Silver coxing the GB Men’s Eight at the European Rowing Championships in Lucerne. Five Latymerians competed in the US collegiate L-R at the 2019 IRA Championships: Nick Mayhew IRA and NCAA Rowing (Stanford), Georgia Hellard Timm (Princeton LTW 1st 8 Championships. Orlando Silver medallist), Orlando Nixon (Yale heavies 1st 8 Gold NIXON (2015) sat bow seat medal) and Tom Phelps (Brown) in the victorious Yale Heavies Men’s 1st Eight, winning Gold. Hats off to Oliver WILLIAMS and Tom PHELPS (2016) won the Jack THOMPSON (both 2011) who B final to come 7th overall, stroking swam in the Thames Marathon, a Brown’s 1st Eight. Nick MAYHEW th 14km swim down the Thames from (2017) came 10 overall, sitting bow Henley to Marlow. seat in Stanford’s 1st Eight.

n Freddie MEREDITH (2012) appeared in Chekhov’s Three Sisters at The Almeida. n Natalie ABRAHAMI (1998) directed ANNA at The National Theatre; set in 1960s Berlin, the production uses individual audio headsets to give the audience intimate access to unfolding events on stage. n Joss HOOREN (2007) achieved honours in New Zealand’s National Photojournalism and Landscape Competitions; one of her images was exhibited in Auckland as an award winner in the Laurie Thomas Landscape Salon. Joss Hooren’s image, Autumn Misty Morning, taken at Lake Wanaka



Norman the dog enjoys his weekly Latymer visit

As 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of the Prep Bursary fund, a party was held to celebrate five successful years of funding fee-assisted places at Latymer Prep.


PUPPY THERAPY…AND SCHOOL DOG! Andrea Rutterford, Prep Principal, ushers in the celebration with pupils

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Latymer set up Puppy Therapy rooms to help students de-stress during exams. So successful was the initiative the School now has its very own ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog, Norman, who visits every Friday.

RAIS£ WEEK RAIS£, the student-led fundraising club, held the first ‘RAIS£ Week’ to raise money for bursaries. A particular highlight was a University Challengestyle quiz, in which teams of students competed against other year groups and teachers – the Upper Sixth were crowned champions. RAIS£ Week helped to boost the funds raised by the club to an incredible £18,601.44 during the 2018/19 academic year. Alex WRIGHT (2019) presents the Head, David Goodhew, with a cheque of RAIS£ proceeds



The newly transformed Piazza, as pictured on the front cover of this edition, was revealed in all its botanical glory on the first day of the new school year!

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 and Year 11 students who celebrated exam success over the summer. At A Level, 70% of grades were A*/A and at GCSE, 92% of grades were the top grades of 9/8/7.

L-R: Bella (current student), Mia ANDERSEN, Maddie LLOYD and Darla MATTHEWS (all 2019) are winners at Henley




The School celebrated great success at the Henley Royal Regatta, including victory for our Women’s A Quad in The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup. Four students represented England and Team GB internationally, gaining Bronze in the Women’s Eight and Gold and Silver in the Junior Women’s Pair and Junior Men’s Coxed events.

Latymer had the pleasure of welcoming Iain Dale, LBC Presenter, to talk about his new book, How To Disagree But Get Along, at the start of term. Tony Antonelli, NASA Astronaut, also delivered a speech in July to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon.


We are grateful to all Latymerians and parents who gave their time at the Careers & Skills Evening; their wisdom inspired our Year 8s on many different pathways. Our Year 10s took part in the first Sustainability & Enterprise Day by pitching business

Would you like to open doors to your workplace, advise students on potential careers or put your name forward as a member of our Careers Task Group to help shape Latymer’s careers programme? Email latymerians@latymerfoundation.org to register your interest.


CHARITY DODGEBALL Teachers and the Head, David Goodhew, took part in a fancy-dress charity dodgeball match to raise money for Care4Calais.

We would love to hear your memories of Latymer, from what it was like as a pupil to being a teenager in London at the time. We would like to start by collecting memories of Latymer from those who attended in the period 1940-1960. If you have memories to share, either written or verbal, please contact Nicola Bligh, Alumni and Communications Officer, on nab@latymerfoundation.org or 0203 3004 0469.


Year 7 students were offered a glimpse into the world of work by spending the morning at a wide range of organisations, including Sky, the Royal Courts of Justice, National Theatre and NSPCC.

ideas to professional coaches and Latymer’s very own “Dragons Den investors” (Latymerians and parents!). Each idea had sustainability at its core and featured some fantastic, thought-provoking innovations.



When a Canadian resident uncovered an antique gun emblazoned with a “LATYMER SCHOOL” stamp, he felt compelled to track down its origins. Images of the enigmatic weapon, thought to be over a century old, landed on the desk of our Archivist, Polly Foley, and investigations soon began. Former Combined Cadet Force (CCF) members Ian MICHELL (1962), Graham BRAVO (1955) and Tony MEIER (1956) were enlisted to shed light on the mystery; the trio combed for clues through boxes of CCF memorabilia from the interwar years, held in the Latymer Archives. After careful consideration, all were confident the gun had indeed originated from Latymer Upper School, most likely manufactured at the turn of the 20th century.

Dr Clive CHEESMAN (1985), an Officer of Arms at the College of Arms, and Christopher Harvey, Head Conservator, kindly offered guidance on the restoration of Latymer’s Deed of Conveyance. The Deed is the original, almost 400 year old document by which Edward Latymer put ownership of his land into trust in order to finance his educational and other charities after his death. It had suffered water and UV damage over the years and needed expert attention. Over the coming months, the Deed will be cleaned, stabilised and its text preserved to make it more accessible. Once conserved, it will be remounted and framed using non-intrusive methods to protect it from environmental harm, thereby ensuring future generations of Latymerians can admire this historic artefact.

Tony Meier, Graham Bravo and Ian Michell investigate

Christopher Harvey, Clive Cheesman and Polly Foley



Changing Face of Hospitality Angel-Clare GRANT (née WATSON, 2000) is relishing her role as Hospitality Manager at Twickenham Stadium. Last season, she oversaw the smooth running of 26 rugby events, two major music concerts, 156 executive boxes, 46 kitchens, numerous corporate events and 4,500 staff on match days. After a whirlwind year, Angel has time to pause for thought. After leaving Latymer, Angel began her hospitality career working at a local gastro-pub where she immediately recognised a love for meeting and serving the public. She later joined SweetSpot Group as Hospitality Manager, designing and implementing bespoke hospitality areas across the country for professional cycling events, The Tour of Britain, Women’s Tour and RideLondon. Today, she enjoys the thrill of tailoring culinary and event experiences at the iconic Twickenham Stadium, home of England Rugby and host venue to hundreds of events annually. Part of the third intake of girls into the Sixth Form, Angel entered Latymer in 1998 and has warm memories of those formative years: “I was inspired by the teachers and encouraged by friends who were willing to learn all they could from lessons,” she remembers. Friendships were not only forged in class, but during theatrical performances and dance-offs in the Sixth Form common room. Angel laughs when recalling the “six inch Angel-Clare at work

Angel-Clare at school

rule” which forbade girls and boys to be less than six inches from each other on the School site. Such ties endure today, as she remains in contact with many Latymer friends, including Hayley KORN (née TANKEL), Aisling VLASTO (née BLYTH CORCORAN) and Felix DUNNING (all 2000). She is a proud mother of three children and was the first Latymerian in history to give birth, an accolade to which she is proud to lay claim. Angel passionately believes the path to a successful career is not always the conventional one. At School, she is grateful for the encouragement of former Head of the Sixth Form, Chris Chivers: “He was strict but incredibly supportive, not at all forceful when I decided I didn’t want to go to university. It’s why I returned to Latymer for a Careers Evening to talk with students about alternative routes to fulfilling careers.” Hospitality may not be the most obvious route for school leavers, yet Angel is keen to dispel certain myths: “We live in a world of celebrity chefs and primetime cooking shows, but hospitality professionals also need many other managerial, financial and organisational skills.”


These skills are put to use on a daily basis at Twickenham; Angel recently contributed to the successful launch of the extensive new hospitality facilities in the Stadium’s renovated East Stand, embedding sustainability as a core feature across the venue’s annual operation. She credits the School for instilling an emotional intelligence that has served her well as a manager of teams: “The encouragement I received from Chris, and other teachers, has become a value I have carried forward into my professional practice when helping colleagues; for that, I am grateful to Latymer.”

Architectural Director Tamsin BRYANT (née ADAMS, 2004) was recently made an ambassador for Women in Construction. Coming from a long line of ground-breaking architects, she is using her platform to promote equality and diversity in the industry. Words: Sally Markowska Tamsin at work

Meeting Tamsin in her Shepherds Bush studios where she runs Adams + Collingwood Architects, I am struck by her love for the profession. Recent press accolades in The Times, Bricks and Mortar and Grand Designs are testament to Tamsin’s dedication to the firm, which was established by her father 27 years ago. “We’re proud to be known as specialist private residential architects,” explains Tamsin. “We’re also starting to gain a reputation for unique and noteworthy design.” This is none more evident than their award-winning ‘floating staircase’, a beautiful structure acclaimed for its innovative use of the material Corian (visit www.adamscollingwood.com to find out more about their work). Tamsin’s growing profile led to her selection as a Women in Construction ambassador which fulfils a family tradition of architectural excellence. She is inspired by her grandmother, another talented architect, who practised at a time when women were not recognised for their contribution. Although standards have improved, women currently account for barely a fifth of UK architects (source: Building Magazine). Tamsin’s message is clear: being an architect is an exciting, rewarding job with different skills and she wants to encourage other women to enter the profession: “It isn’t just drawing all day!” she laughs. So, what does a typical day look like? “I’m woken by the kids at 6.30am and get them showered and dressed for nursery. By 8.30am, I settle into the studio with a coffee and work through emails. Later I’ll have design and construction reviews with our architects to discuss strategy, then I’ll visit construction sites or meet

with clients. I’m home by bath time and ready to put the kids to bed.” Tamsin is undaunted by being a minority in a maledominated industry as she is used to challenging the status quo. The ratio of girls to boys when she entered Latymer’s Sixth Form was similar, but this was no deterrent: “Latymerian girls had a ‘get up and go!’ spirit: we pushed each other and had a determination to succeed.” As a rower she is proud that, in 2004, the Latymer Women’s Quad won Gold and Silver at the National Championships with a crew of Tamsin, Lisa YATES (2004), Sophie FRATER (née Bradshaw) and Lindsay MUIR (both 2005). Their exploits helped establish a culture of girls’ rowing, paving the way for further honours in succeeding years. The richness of experience Latymer offered – she recalls school trips to Belgium, Cornwall, Snowdonia, New York, Rome and Florence – meant she had much to fit in two years (“I never wanted to miss out!”). Whilst Latymer prepared Tamsin for the time management skills she would need in later life, it also gave her the confidence to raise the profile of women in construction for future generations. Floating staircase


Paving the Way

L-R: Don McLachlan, Lisa Yates, Sophie Frater, Mary Stevens, Tamsin Bryant, Lindsay Muir


Reflections END OF AN ERA

Long-serving teachers Roisin Babuta and Keith Noakes retired in June, following 37 years of combined service at Latymer. Here, they share their memories from their time at the School.

ROISIN BABUTA, FORMER TEACHER OF ENGLISH (2003 – 2019) I joined Latymer during a time of extraordinary optimism, at the beginning of the new Millennium. The fizz of possibility spread its way to the School under the inspirational Peter Winter and a visionary team of Governors, determined to transform the School towards a confident, co-educational future. Leaving, it is remarkable to reflect on how much of that vision has been realised. David Goodhew and successive teams of Governors have stayed true to our ethos. The values of the School make it a haven of tolerance, social awareness and compassion. Governors, staff, pupils and alumni have worked tirelessly to embed the mission of the School: to ensure that anyone who might benefit can attend, whatever their circumstances. Latymer – always distinctive, independent and non-conformist in the deepest sense – has found its culturally ambitious and co-ed stride. The first step into modernity was the transformation of an outdated infrastructure. My first 15 years were spent in a haze of brick dust, teaching Lord of the Flies to an outdoor symphony of hammering, drilling and whistling. There were Latymerians rowing, running and swimming for Great Britain; winning debating competitions across the world; making their mark as scientists; combining activism with modelling,

acting and business, always in a style of their own. Core values never changed, but the space in which to express them did. I have loved the opportunities Latymer has given me to try new methods, to make each day a voyage of discovery. The School will continue to be a place where rigorous questioning of received wisdom will thrive. The Quakers have a saying, “Think it possible that you may be mistaken,” a dictum any teacher needs to take seriously: Latymerians make you think afresh and will challenge sloppy thinking. My most Inspiring Minds are, undoubtedly, those of the pupils.

KEITH NOAKES, FORMER HEAD OF RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY (1998-2019) It was the Buddha who taught that all existence is contingent and changing; to be happy, one should embrace the change! It has certainly been my experience over 21 years at Latymer that change has been a constant. When I joined in 1998, Years 7 to 11 was a boys’ school. Morning assembly consisted of a hymn, a bible reading and prayer, with the Head and Senior Team in gowns on stage in front of the organ, leading us all. There were few administrative staff and the Senior Team was very small. Growth at Latymer has been in every direction. The greatest change I saw was in building construction. I recall walking around what is now the Arts Centre with a hard hat on, peering at the building as it was constructed. I remember the opening ceremony with the late great Alan RICKMAN (1964) and Mel SMITH (1971). Then there was the construction of the Science and Library building. I remember the evening I helped to raise money for the Interactive Periodic Table on the Chemistry Floor, with Ruby Wax making an appearance, and scientific whizz-bang experiments being performed. Last but not least came the refurbishment of the Sports Hall. How Latymer has changed, not only physically, but also in the curriculum. The change to a ‘global curriculum’, as well as developments in pastoral care, was a pleasure to be involved with. My fondest memory was being asked to host Strictly Latymer (Latymer’s Strictly Come Dancing), and being granted something of a performance of my own!


Latymer was a fantastic place to be at the core and end of my career. I have met so many fantastic staff, as well of course as the marvellous students I was privileged to teach.


Campaign Update Much has happened since 2014, when the idea of the Inspiring Minds campaign was first proposed. With five years passed and five to go until our 400th anniversary in 2024 when the campaign culminates, we reflect on progress at the halfway mark. The only criteria for entry to Latymer should be ability and potential. The Inspiring Minds campaign, the most ambitious fundraising campaign in Latymer’s history, will help to make that a reality. We want to be able to offer a life-changing education to children regardless of their financial background. With generous support from the Latymer community, we have already raised a staggering £26m – over half our target of £40m by 2024. The Latymer Foundation at Hammersmith, a registered charity, was established in 1624 ‘to clothe and educate eight poore boyes’ in Hammersmith. Today we remain true to the vision of our founder, Edward Latymer, by funding bursaries at Latymer Upper School and Latymer Prep as part of the Inspiring Minds campaign. This year, the Latymer Foundation’s programme of events was bigger and more varied than ever before. The autumn term kicked off in style with an Inspiring Minds drinks reception in September. The Head, David Goodhew, and actor and Latymer parent, Mark Strong, awed audiences David Goodhew at our first Inspiring Conversations event series. Over £26,500 was raised by the Great Latymer Dinner Party which was hosted in people’s homes in November. More than 160 pupils, alumni, staff and parents participated in our 2Bridges Run, raising £7,900. All of this and more to help support the bursaries we provide at Latymer.

Mark Strong

Just five years ago, the Latymer Foundation supported 123 bursary recipients across the Prep and the Upper School. Last year, 176 Latymer pupils were in receipt of a bursary and 14 of the 39 students that applied to Sixth Form were offered and accepted a bursary. This academic year (2019/20), almost 200 of our students are benefitting from bursarial support, including one in five of the new Year 7 pupils. This progress has only been achievable thanks to the incredible generosity of the Latymer community. The success of the Campaign to date has been down to the thousands of alumni, students, staff and parents and who have contributed through donating, volunteering or even taking up sponsored sporting challenges for Inspiring Minds. This contribution has been greatly valued by everyone at Latymer and especially by the young people who have been able to fulfil their potential at the School. This includes Sulayman HUSSAIN (2019), whose bursary place at Latymer allowed him to be “stimulated and awed on a daily basis” and develop the skills that have seen him accepted for a place on the Rolls Royce internship scheme before he applies to university. The Inspiring Minds campaign ensures that Edward Latymer’s ambition for the School is kept alive by making Latymer accessible to ambitious children from all walks of life. The collective generosity of the Latymer community has allowed us to make great steps towards making Edward Latymer’s vision a reality.

Sulayman Hussain



LATYMERIAN SUMMER BBQ L-R: Sally Markowska, Rohini JAIN, Michael RIZQ, Claire BROWN (all 2013)

HENLEY TEA John BARNES (1955) enjoyed speaking with Latymerian rowers at Henley


RECENT LEAVERS’ RECEPTION We welcomed back the Classes of 2014 and 2018 for their reunion on our newly landscaped Piazza. L-R: Scarlet SOMMERS, Kiriko GARNER, Sofia SPORTELLI, Freya KIRK (all 2018)

1624 SOCIETY TEA As the sun shone, the 1624 Society gathered outside the Recital Hall for their annual reception. The Society recognises those who have left a gift to Latymer in their will.

MILESTONE REUNION LUNCH Chris Hammond shared memories with Latymerians celebrating various milestone anniversaries since leaving the School. We were delighted to welcome back some alumni who left the School 70 years ago!


1969 PREP REUNION - 50 YEARS ON! L-R: Guy BENSLEY, Hugh GRANT, Nick JORDAN, Iain BLAXALL, Lincoln PAYTON, Huw JONES, Clive RICH, Matthew BOND, Jon STEAFEL, David KUTNER, Graham SMITH, Adam SIMMONDS, Rom MICKLEM, Alvin JACKSON, Peter RUBACK, Henry BLYTHE, David JONES (all 1978)

COMBINED CADET FORCE (CCF) LUNCH Jerry ANDREWS (1959), Rick STUBBING (1958), John FREEMAN (1953), Dick PIPE (1963), Mike JOHNSON (1957), Tony MEIR (1955), Tony BUDD (1959), Ian MICHELL (1962), Charles KEMP (1956), Con METREWELI (1961), David STILES (1957).

If you would like to get your school mates together and hold a reunion at Latymer, please contact Rishi Chopra, Alumni Relations Manager, on events@latymerfoundation.org or 020 3004 0470.


Spirit of the Gild Latymerian actors recently lit up the Edward Latymer Theatre by performing in sketches, songs, poems and play extracts; the artistic variety was a revival of the Gild, the School’s unique cultural and dramatic society that started in 1922.

Ophelia Lovibond

‘An Evening of Drama’ was compered by actor, and former Latymer parent, Niamh Cusack (Testament of Youth, The Hollow Crown). Niamh introduced each act, including her son Calam LYNCH (2013), who performed a selection of poems. Other pieces included The Interrogation, performed by Jack WALDOUCK (2007) and Maisie PRESTON (2014), an extract from This Might Not Be It, written by Sophia CHETINLEUNER (2012) and performed by James ESLER (2012). The night was capped off in resounding style with a musical ensemble of Everything’s Coming up Roses, from Gypsy. Renowned actor Ophelia LOVIBOND (2004) – star of W1A and Elementary – demonstrated her support of the School in a rousing speech: “The most important skill this incredible institution gave me was confidence,” declared the former Latymer drama scholar. The night harked back to memories of the Gild, Latymer’s flagship cultural and dramatic society that flourished from its inception until its disbandment, providing a platform for many household names to nurture their talents.

Niamh Cusack enjoyed watching her son Calam Lynch perform

PERFORMERS AT AN EVENING OF DRAMA: Saul BOYER (2010), Harrison BREWER (2014), Ben CLARKE (2015), Joel COUSSINS (2014), Jonathan DANCIGER (2015), James ESLER (2012), Owen FINDLAY (2004), Tom HANSON (2011), Alex HILL, Hana JARRAH, Will JARVIS (all 2014), Calam LYNCH, Tigony PHILLIPS (both 2013), Maisie PRESTON (2014), Lotte RICE (2007), Ruby THOMAS (2009), Louie THRELFALL (2014), Jack WALDOUCK (2007), Helena WESTERMAN (2013), Matt WHITCHURCH (2011)


Mel Smith GUIDE TO THE GILD The Gild was a hugely popular and uniquely Latymerian institution. Hierarchy between student and teacher was lifted as Latymerians were introduced to drama – prior to the launch of the Gild in 1922 there was very little drama. The Gild was more than simply a drama society, it had many mediaeval inspired eccentricities; from the names of its members (Gildani), to the titles bestowed upon them. The meetings of the Gild, which had their own mediaeval title of Morowspeche, took place every Friday in the Dining Hall. Following the minutes (chronicles) being read, the Gild would embark upon a series of theatrical performances around a particular theme. The Jantaculum, an annual topical revue performed at Christmas, was the Gild’s largest event of the year. Held

in the Main Hall (before the Edward Latymer Theatre was built), the first half of the Jantaculum comprised of the best performances from the year, whilst the second half was a pantomime. By the late 1980s the Gild began to grow tired and was ultimately disbanded – but the Gild can never lose its place in the School’s history for the way it shaped Latymer’s enviable reputation as a nursery of actors, writers and producers, including Hugh GRANT (1978) and the late Alan RICKMAN (1964) and Mel SMITH (1971). The Gild left a lasting legacy with Latymer; the notion that education is a genuine partnership between teacher and student is something that the Gild pioneered, and a strong part of what it means to be a Latymerian.

SPOTLIGHT: TOM HANSON Tom HANSON – star of Sky One’s Brassic – performed Pinter’s Victoria Station at ‘An Evening of Drama’ alongside friend and fellow actor Matt WHITCHURCH (both 2011). What was it like coming back to Latymer to perform? It was such a privilege to be back. I was probably more nervous for An Evening of Drama than a lot of professional engagements! There’s something about going back to where you come from – it reminded me how much it meant to me whilst I was at school. What were your favourite memories from Latymer? The whole time really – and (without sounding pretentious) I have living memories because I still see my best friends from Latymer all the time. I think what I’m most grateful for are the friends that I made. How did you get into acting? Credit goes to Justin Joseph (Director of Drama) and Tony Henwood (Director of Music). Latymer was a training in itself! I was in 17 plays when I was at Latymer – just to be that well versed in modern to Shakespearean stuff is incredible. Then I was lucky enough to get into RADA straight after Latymer. After RADA I saw a lot of my friends getting jobs straight away, but I worked in a pub for six months. I’m glad that happened, because you need such hunger to pursue such an insane profession. I think Latymer and then RADA instilled in me a sense of “you have to work”.

Matt Whitchurch and Tom Hanson Do you have any advice for Latymerians looking to get into acting? One of the best pieces of advice I was given was to figure out what you are good at and obsess yourself with it! Justin Joseph introduced me to Harold Pinter, which has become a lifelong love for me. What are you currently working on? I’m in Brassic, a comedy about six working class guys in a fictional place called Horley, based on Chorley where the creator of the show, Joe Gillgan, is from. Joe doesn’t go into much detail about what is real and what’s false because he doesn’t want to implicate himself in any crimes! My character is a bit of a lovable idiot, described as a “champion kebab eater” – I put on three stone to play him!



MEDIA NETWORKING RECEPTION Thursday 6 February 2020, 6.30pm Latymer Main Hall Open to members of the Latymer community working in broadcasting, journalism, publishing, marketing, advertising, press, brand management, arts, PR and communications and those who want to explore these careers. Mike COOPER (pictured, 1979), CEO of Omnicom Media Group, will chair a panel discussion.

MILESTONE REUNION LUNCH Saturday 7 March 2020, 12.30pm Latymer Dining Hall If you left Latymer in a milestone anniversary year (1950, ‘60, ‘70, ‘80, ‘90 or 2000), you are invited to a special celebratory lunch to reunite with your school mates and former teachers.

2BRIDGES RUN Sunday 9 February 2020, 9.30am Join forces with the Latymer community in aid of the Bursaries Appeal. Run or walk this 6.5km Briault route, starting at our Boat Club heading towards Barnes and Hammersmith Bridges. Fancy dress welcome!


LEGAL & FINANCE NETWORKING RECEPTION Wednesday 4 March 2020, 6pm The Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall Our popular reception returns, bringing together experienced legal and finance professionals in the Latymer community with recent leavers and members of our Sixth Form and partnership schools.


Saturday 21 March 2020, 10am Explore the collections of this worldfamous museum with historian, author, award-winning TV producer and Latymerian Taylor DOWNING (1971).

Thursday 14 May 2020, 7pm Dinner, auction and dancing in support of the Latymer Foundation. Enquiries to Ruby Danowski, Deputy Director of Development, on rdd@latymerfoundation.org or 020 3004 0324.




Thursday 21 May 2020, 4pm This annual event is hosted by the President of the 1624 Society, for those who have included a legacy to the Latymer Foundation in their will (by invitation only).

Wednesday 1 July 2020 Afternoon tea in the Stewards’ Enclosure at the Henley Royal Regatta. Partners welcome.

Saturday 4 July 2020 An informal evening barbecue run by our Boat Club, open to all Latymerians. School rowing blazers are encouraged to be worn. Partners welcome.

Please visit latymerfoundation.org/events to register for these upcoming events, or contact events@latymerfoundation.org 16

or 0203 004 0406 to find out more information

We mark the passing of the following Latymerians who have sadly passed away recently. n Stephen ANKERS MA MPhil (1966)

He won a place at St Edmund Hall, Oxford to read Geography and went on to complete an MPhil at University College, London University. He later added an OU Management Diploma to his academic honours. He worked as Director of the Greater Manchester Countryside Unit for Tameside Council, the South Downs Society as a Policy Officer and as Head of Environment for East Sussex County Council. He was proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute. Stephen is survived by his wife Margaret and their daughter. n Martin Richard BIRD BSc (1965) We are grateful to Steve RICHARDS (1966) for offering much of the following tribute about Martin. With his fine treble voice Martin was soon recruited by Latymer music teacher John Poole to the choir at St George’s Bloomsbury. Martin later studied the double bass and became a key member of the School’s orchestra and also of the London Schools’ Orchestra. He kept up his bass-playing after Latymer and organised many music events. He went on to conduct the Bloomsbury Singers and other groups. In 1965, Martin was in the first student intake at the University of Kent, graduating with a degree in Economics and Social History. He worked for BOAC, then British Airways. He married Jane in 1971 and they later moved from London to Watford. Martin became an expert on the life and works of Edward Elgar. He researched and edited numerous volumes of Elgar’s diaries and letters, which received widespread acclaim. Martin died suddenly at home, aged 71 and is survived by his wife, three children and three grandchildren. He will be much missed by his family, friends and music associates, not least The Elgar Society. The closing passage of his own, very fine performance of Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius was played at his funeral. n Geoffrey David DUKE (1948) Geoffrey was born in Putney in 1930. At school, he was evacuated to Woking, Teignmouth and Leicester. Returning to London after the war, Geoff was awarded a place at Latymer Upper where he developed his passion for a variety of sports. Geoff spent more than forty years leading in the Boys’ Brigade, (8th London and Sutton’s 1st Belmont companies) positively influencing members. He was also in Putney’s Union Youth Club, where he met his wife. They have seven grandchildren and often holidayed with their family. In retirement, the couple enjoyed traveling and went on 44 cruises together. Geoff was active in his church community and was for a time a local school governor. His career was spent in the civil service. He loved sport and played football, tennis, table tennis, golf and cricket. His cricket team were the Old Fulham Prims. Geoff was a member of Probus and a loyal Fulham Football Club supporter. n Roy Charles ENGLISH MBIM (1954) Roy lived in Anglesey and was proud of his children and grandchildren. At School he rowed and had memories of

Sailing became a passion and he was Commodore for the Royal Anglesey Yacht Club, racing a keelboat. He enjoyed travel and his classic car, a Morgan Rambler. He was a founder member of a local group for the University of the Third Age and enjoyed time with his dogs and gardening. n Howard John FREEMAN (1955) n John GARDINER (1950) John was born in Swansea and went on to complete his National Service in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, serving in Kenya during Mau Mau. After an initial job with British European Airways he set up John Gardiner Airfreight Ltd, which he ran for fifty years until when in his late 70s he retired. John lived in Walton on Thames where he was a keen collector of guns and was in the Surrey Branch of the Muzzle Loaders. John was also a car enthusiast and amateur rally driver participating in events like the Netherlands’ Tulip Rally. He towed a caravan for his Round Table with emergency supplies to Skopje, Yugoslavia after the 1963 earthquake (now Macedonia).


Stephen spent his career in environmental management and continued in his retirement serving voluntarily in environmental pressure groups.

cross-country runs past the Bemax factory. He went on to row for Linden Rowing Club and was selected for Olympic Trials pre the Melbourne Olympics.

John was a member of Latymer’s 1624 Society, for those who remember the School in their estate plans and support our bursaries. n John Reginald GARLICK (1949) John entered the paper industry with Percy Haynes, and he rose to be their Financial Director. His career was briefly interrupted by National Service in the Royal Navy. John served on HMS Suvla, a landing craft, mainly in the Mediterranean and Norway. John was a councillor on Epsom and Ewell Borough Council. He kept in touch with Latymer and was a donor to the bursaries John Garlick appeal, grateful for being a bursary recipient himself. His mother would not have been able to pay fees, being widowed when John was just six. He was a regular collector for his local Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. In retirement, John was treasurer to a large array of charities and community organisations. He was actively associated with the Union Jack Club in Waterloo, the Old Stationers’ Social Society, his Freemasons Lodge, the Landing Craft Association and Epsom Branch of the Burma Star Association. He was married to Doris for sixty years and they were devoted parents. n George GRUNER BA ALCM (1957) George’s Jewish parents fled from Nazi Germany in 1939 and on reaching the UK were granted asylum. George was born in 1940. He had reached grade 9 on piano by the time he started at Latymer and was also a fine player at chess and primarily Scrabble. He married Evelyn and they lived in Rickmansworth, running a travel business and then a music printing business together. George was a supporter of our Bursaries campaign. Sadly, George’s last years were overshadowed by dementia.


n Morven HAY BSc MBA (1965)


Morven had a successful career in investment banking, holding various positions, including Managing Director of ABC International Bank plc. Morven was fortunate to have spent time working abroad with his family in a number of jurisdictions, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, London and South Africa. He had a great passion for politics, and also enjoyed attending the theatre, opera and Chelsea football club. Morven spent the last 13 years living in Putney, London and died peacefully, aged 72, in July 2019 following an operation at Kings College Hospital. He is survived by two children, Rupert and Isabella, and four grandchildren. A wonderfully generous and devoted family man, he is very much missed by all his family and friends. n Ronald Derek HAYES (1949) n Donald HINTON (1946) Don’s National Service was served with the Royal Artillery. He joined the Ministry of Transport, studying Civil Engineering and working on bridge and road design. He joined the Design team at Southern Electricity Board and then the London Electricity Board’s Westminster District as a member of their senior architectural design team, rising to become the Chief. Don’s engraved brick in the newly landscaped piazza will be a lasting memorial to his happy times at Latymer and a mark of his support for our bursaries appeal. n Jan Barron HOARE MA (1949) Jan entered Latymer in the Sixth Form, keeping in touch with many school friends throughout his life. He studied at Jesus College, Cambridge in 1949, graduating with an MA in Mathematics. He then took a PGCE course at the Institute of Education in London and started his teaching career at St Clement Dane’s School before teaching in Latymer’s Mathematics Department. He ran the Film Society whilst teaching at Latymer and sent his son Peter (1984) to Latymer. He became a Lecturer and later Head of the Mathematics Department at Southlands Teacher Training College in Wimbledon. John had a passion for classical piano music, which he attributed to his time at Latymer, influenced by his talented pianist friend John CLEGG (1946). He was a founder member of the Alkan Society and was co-opted onto its committee by the Chairman, Dr John White, a fellow Latymer teacher. The Latymerian magazine of Summer 1964 records him as a staff leaver and comments, “Mr Hoare’s overall impression of Latymer – unaltered since his school days – is of the completely friendly atmosphere that pervades the school. n Alan Henry Francis KERRIDGE (1950) At the end of WW2, Alan earned a scholarship to Latymer Upper. In 1950, he left school to work in engineering and cartography. Alan commenced National Service in 1953 and trained in electronics and telecommunications with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, spending a year of service in Singapore. He then joined the BBC and became a technical operator specialising in TV studio camerawork. Alan had a passion for bicycles and while content in his home and garden in Fetcham, he loved going out on the South Downs and stopping for cream teas at one of the churches open on Sunday afternoons. n Professor Harry LYNTON BSc PhD (1947) n Andrew Robert MCLUSKY BSc MICE (1960)


Andrew graduated from the University of Leeds with a Civil Engineering degree; he completed postgraduate study at the University of Newcastle in Traffic Engineering. His career

was spent in Yorkshire working on roads and traffic projects. He married Margaret and they had two daughters. Andrew enjoyed walking and being involved with activities of the Institute of Civil Engineers. n Sir Roger Denis MOATE MP (1956) Sir Roger Moate lost his battle with cancer last April, aged 80. The retired Conservative politician and former insurance broker first stood as a candidate for Faversham in 1966 and was elected MP in 1970. He sat in Parliament until 1997. Sir Roger married his late wife, Lady Auriol Moate, in 1984. The couple designed and built their own house and garden in The Street, Newnham after moving from London, with their daughter Sophie. They went on to have another daughter and a son. He was strongly eurosceptic and opposed much of Ted Heath’s plans. He was one of the 41 Tory rebels who voted against joining the EU and hung a list of them, as a ‘roll of honour’ in his toilet. He was one of the first to call for an EEC Referendum. Part of Sir Julian Brazier’s tribute to Roger read, “He also had a great sense of humour, which is usually in short supply in politics”. Roger served on the Agricultural Select Committee. n Dr Robert George Whitelock PRESCOTT BA PhD FSA Scot (1958) Robert’s academic life started with his scholarship to Latymer and continued with a Natural Sciences degree at Peterhouse, Cambridge before completing his PhD in animal circadian rhythms. Robert then won a Research Fellowship at Yale University continuing to study animal behaviour and physiology; returning to the UK he became a senior research assistant at Cambridge. Then he Robert Prescott moved to St Andrews as a Psychology lecturer focusing on human behaviour in ethnography and in relation to the past as oral history and archaeology. Robert was regarded as an inspiring teacher by his students at St Andrews University. He founded and directed the Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS) at the University and held a Caird Senior Fellowship at the National Maritime Museum. He owned several boats and became a major figure in UK maritime history. He made films and radio broadcasts on maritime culture. Robert also worked tirelessly for the Scottish Fisheries Museum. He also served with the National Museum of Antiquities in Scotland and was a guest of the Queen at St James’s Palace and attended the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90th birthday celebration at Trinity House. He is survived by his wife Dr Lloyd Carson and two daughters. n Brigadier Alan Cedric Scott ROSS (1940) Alan was born in Chiswick in October 1928. He lived in Putney in retirement but sadly, in his final years, he developed Alzheimer’s. Mrs Christine Ross reports: “He often spoke very fondly of his time at Latymer Upper and had very happy memories of it, but this was fairly short lived as, when war broke out, he was sent away to Rutland.” He eventually went to Sandhurst and was commissioned into

the Royal Engineers, rising to the rank of Brigadier. Alan was “mentioned in despatches” for his work in 1956, in Malaya. n Richard Martin SANDS LVO (1955)

Richard met his first wife, Janet, during a diplomatic posting to Warsaw and they Richard Sands had two daughters who survive him, together with his second wife, Mira. His postings to Australia, Senegal and Poland appealed to his love of languages, food and culture. He was the British Director of Spandau Allied Prison and Economic and Financial Advisor in West Berlin. Richard was a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners, a Freeman of the City of London and a former London Borough of Ealing Conservative Councillor. He sadly passed away, aged 81. n Ian Menzies SEAVERS (1945) Mrs Seavers writes: “It is with regret that I have to tell you my husband died in January, aged 89. He always remembered his years at Latymer with affection and pride and was very grateful for the education he received and the friendships he made. Reading Latymerian gave him great pleasure in his later years. After National Service in Cyprus, he rejoined the NHS as a trainee administrator and after many years as a Hospital Secretary, ended his career as Secretary of the Kingston Community Health Council. He enjoyed 30 years of very happy and active retirement and although predeceased by his son, he is now very sadly missed by his daughter and wife of 67 years. n John Peter SIMPSON BSc MIMechE (1944) Peter’s time at school included being evacuated. At Latymer he was a keen member of the School’s scout troop and in the Sixth Form he led activities and organised camps. Peter also excelled at rowing and was Captain of Boats in 1944. After leaving Latymer, Peter studied for his BSc Engineering at King’s College London, continued rowing, and competed at the Henley Peter Simpson Regatta. National Service with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers was followed by graduate engineering training with Fraser Engineering. Peter then worked for Kellogg International, Humphreys and Glasgow, and Stone and Webster; finally moving to Norway for a year to start working for Kvaerner. He travelled extensively for work, most frequently to Finland, Israel, Germany, Spain, Iran, Venezuela, Algeria and the USA. In 1951, Peter married Pamela and they had four daughters. In retirement, he regularly attended Latymerians’ events and returned to the Boat Club to watch the ‘Old Boys’ race the First VIII and to attend the Andy Holmes Scratch Regatta in 2011. Peter died in March following a short illness.

n Marek Stephen Fernyhough VAYGELT BA (1978) Marek was born in Chiswick in 1960 and lived there all his life, with stints in Johannesburg and Paris. After Latymer, Marek went to Leicester University and graduated with a degree in Economic and Social History. He pursued a career in Market Research and Marketing in the UK, South Africa and France, initially working for Romtec in Maidenhead, then for YouGov and ended up at Hall & Partners in London as their European Operations Director. Marek travelled extensively and met his wife Robin in Rio de Janeiro in 1986. He was obsessed by sports, supporting Chelsea FC and playing football, tennis and golf throughout his life. His many interests also included theatre and film, politics and current affairs. He was a keen cook and oenophile. Above all Marek was a ‘people person’ with a sense of fun and adventure. He was a warm, kind and generous man who loved life and is greatly missed by his family. n The Reverend Paul George WATTS BA (1962) When Paul started at Latymer he lived inside the walls of Wormwood Scrubs where his father was the Chaplain. When his family moved out of London, Paul lived in weekday digs so he could continue to attend Latymer.


Richard had shown an early propensity for language and academic study at Latymer that carried him to later success in the diplomatic corps as evidenced by being awarded an LVO (Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order) and a Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur.

n Dennis W STANTON (1947)

Paul read Economics and later Theology at Nottingham University, where he sat on the Union Council and chaired the Anglican Society. At Nottingham Paul met Ruth Gent. In 1967, they moved to Somerset where Paul trained to be a priest. They married and returned to Nottingham, where Paul became an Assistant Priest, concentrating on deprived areas. In his thirties Paul became the first permanent Chaplain at Trent Polytechnic. By 1978 he and Ruth had two sons and in 1980 Paul became Vicar of All Saints, a deprived parish. In liaison with the City Council and the diocese, Paul revamped derelict buildings into social housing. Paul was then made Director of the Nottingham Council of Voluntary Service for ten years before taking up a new post to help raise school performance. At the age of 58 Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and retired at 61 on the grounds of ill health. In retirement Paul became chair of the Nottingham Parkinson’s group. Paul had a happy retirement, rejoicing in over 50 years of married life with two children and four grandsons. n Bill WHITEHEAD BA MIPD (1975) After Latymer, Bill worked for the NHS and then with Abbey National alongside fellow Latymerians Dave MECKIN and John WRIGGLESWORTH (both 1975). Other banking posts followed at Kleinwort Benson and Commerzbank which led to being a founding member of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers and chair of their Charities and Education Committee. Bill was also involved in the European College of Business and Management and has been credited with turning it around at a difficult time. Bill started a new career as an Independent Pension Trustee; his business Pentrus Ltd became a successful company and many ex-colleagues point to his clear, sound and ethical advice in their tributes. He was treasurer to Pension Play Pen and many other organisations. Bill enjoyed sport and travelling. He was a lifelong Chelsea supporter and had a keen interest in horse racing; he had a phenomenal memory and could remember all the scores and runners and riders. He is survived by his wife, Liz and their two daughters and a son.


Meet some of our Inspiring Minds campaign heroes: inspirational individuals whose career paths have been shaped by Latymer.

Fran BOORMAN (née SALUSSOLIA, 2000) Entrepreneur Latymerian

Taylor DOWNING (1971) Historian Latymerian

Jan BALON (2001) Headteacher, London Academy of Excellence Latymerian

Amy Sellars Assistant Head, (Lower School, Latymer Upper) Head of RAIS£

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The autumn 2019 edition showcases the latest news across the Latymerian community, including special features on Women in Construction ambas...

Latymerian Alumni Newsletter autumn 2019  

The autumn 2019 edition showcases the latest news across the Latymerian community, including special features on Women in Construction ambas...