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Riga city centre

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Old Riga

12 Tel: +371 67229945, fax: +371 67358128 Brivibas iela 55, LV-1519, Riga


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Have you managed to see Riga? Wish to go somewhere close outside the capital on one day excursions? This map includes the main tourist attractions in Riga and 20 of the most interesting tourism destinations within 70 km radius around Riga, which in most cases can be reached with public transportation – bus or train. You can go to Jurmala also with a bike along an especially created biking trail.

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Latvian Tourism Development Agency Information about the transportation options and the contact information of tourism information centres will help you plan your excursion outside Riga more successfully and get to know Latvia better.


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Riga and its surroundings




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 Main tourist attractions in Riga  Top 20 regional sites  Tourist Information Centres  Transportation


1. Dome Square

4. The House of Blackheads



In the heart of Old Riga is the largest square, Dome Square (Doma Laukums), around which are situated the city’s best outdoor cafes and bars. The square’s current appearance goes back to the 1930s when only a portion of its medieval buildings were torn down. On the edge of the square one can see the Dome Cathedral (Doma laukums 1). It was built as Bishop Albert’s Cathedral in 1211 and rebuilt several times since, so today exhibits a mixture of late Romanesque, early Gothic and Baroque architectural styles. The cathedral is famous for its organ which is used in many concerts and recitals.

The House of Blackheads (Rātslaukums 7) built in 14th century belonged to the Guild of Unmarried Merchants. At the time it was the richest and most prestigious venue in the whole city. It was severely damaged and pillaged during WWII, but was sympathetically rebuilt again in 1999 as an exact copy of the original with a magnificent Dutch Renaissance facade and amazing ceiling paintings inside.


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Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre. The interior is finely decorated.

5. St Peter’s Church

a section of the fortification wall and the original Swedish Gate – the only remaining gate from Riga’s old defence system.


2. Līvu Square ( Livu Square (Līvu laukums) is relatively new, built in the middle of the 20th century after World War II. An interesting complex of 18th century residential buildings have been preserved here, as well as, the 18th century built Large Guild (merchant association) and Small Guild (craftsmen’s association) buildings in which one can see rich, decorated interiors. In the summer a number of outdoor cafes operate in Livu Square, and in the evenings there are live outdoor concerts, restaurants, clubs, and never a shortage of people.

3. Rātslaukums Square


8. The Freedom Monument




The Central Market is one of the largest and oldest markets in Europe with five food pavilions located inside vast converted Zeppellin hangars. Around and between them, stalls sell everything from clothes to flowers. It’s always bustling and a great place to observe local people, try local produce and buy some bargains.

Three Brothers (Mazā Pils iela 19) is a charming group of residential houses each from a different century, the oldest dating back to the 15th century.


The Powder Tower (Pulvertornis) is one of Riga’s fortification towers and was originally called the Sand Tower. It dates back to 1330. Rebuilt numerous times, it gained its current name in the 17th century when they began to store gunpowder in the tower. In 1919 the War Museum was created here.

( One third of Riga’s city centre is built in this attractive style, making it the premier Art Nouveau destination in Europe. Many of the best examples are located on Elizabetes and Alberta streets, some designed by well-known architect Mikhail Eisenstein, father of the famous Russian filmmaker, Sergey Eisenstein.




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10. Jacob’s Barracks Next to the Powder Tower are three long yellow buildings with red tiled roofs called Jacob’s Barracks (Jēkaba kazarmas). They were built in the 18th century at the foot of the city’s fortification wall. Across from the barracks one can see a replica of


12. Art Nouveau





The symbol of Latvian independence and Riga’s major landmark is the Freedom Monument. Standing on the main street – Brīvības iela it can be seen from far away. Its three stars rise above the trees of the central parks. To the north of the freedom monument near the city canal is one of Riga’s sand hills – Bastejkalns, which is a part of the park green belt around the Old Town.

9. The Powder Tower

7. National Opera The pride of Latvian musical and cultural life is the National Opera, which is located next to the city canal. The building was constructed in 1863 as the German Theatre. In 1995 a full restoration was completed. The opera has excellent acoustics and houses world class opera, ballet, and pop music performances. The building’s exterior resembles

11. Three Brothers


6. The Central Market

( Opposite the stone bridge there is still another important square in Old Riga – the town square or Rātslaukums. In the Middle Ages it also served as an open air market. During World War II the square was completely destroyed. However, today the town hall has been completely restored as have the Black Heads (Melngalvju Nams) and Schwabe’s House, and the statue of Roland. Here one can also see the 1970s Soviet Era building that houses the Occupation Museum. The Riga tourism information centre is located in the Schwabe’s House.

St Peter’s Church (Skārņu iela 19) is another imposing red brick church, first built from timber in 1209, then rebuilt in stone. A lift inside the spire takes visitors to two viewing platforms providing a fantastic panoramic view over the red roofs of the Old Town and across the river Daugava.

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Riga Tourism Coordination and Information Centre

Tourism Information Centres:

Riga Central Railway Station Stacijas laukums 2, Rīga, LV-1050 Tel: +371 67233815

Rātslaukums 6, Rīga, LV-1050 Tel: +371 67181534, fax: +371 67037910,

Riga International Airport Schengen zone – arrivals Tel: +371 67292611

Riga International Bus Station Prāgas iela 1, Rīga, LV-1050 Tel: +371 67220555

19. Rundāle Palace Museum. Baroque, architect FB Rastrelli, exhibition, French formal garden. Pilsrundāle, +371 63962197,,

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TOP 20



2. Beach of Jūrmala. Beach, sea, relaxation, sport, water sport. Jūrmala, +371 67147900,,

Bauska Tourism information centre Rātslaukums 1, Bauska, LV-3901, tel: +371 63923797, fax: +371 63923797,,


Jūrmala Tourism Information Centre Lienes iela 5, Majori, Jūrmala, LV-2015, tel: +371 67147900, +371 67147902, +371 67147905, fax: +371 67147901,,, Skype: jurmala_tic

4. Jomas Street. Souvenirs, restaurants, architecture, Jomas Street festival. Jūrmala, +371 67147900,,


Stockholm Luebeck

10 13

5. Jūrmala city museum. Resort, history, art, exhibitions. Jūrmala, +371 67764746,,

Saulkrasti Tourism information centre Ainažu iela 13 A, Saulkrasti, LV-2160, tel: +371 67952641,,


Tukums Tourism information centre Talsu iela 5, Tukums LV-3101, tel: +371 63124451, +371 28311557, fax: +371 63124451,,

8. Cinevilla Studio cinema town. Cinema sets, museum of cinema and weapons, Lāči bakery. Slampes pagasts, +371 28606677,,

Transportation 8


9. Jaunmoku Castle. Forest museum, castle interior, overnight stay, rides in horse drawn carriage. Tumes pagasts, +371 63107125, +371 26187442,,

10. The Turaida Museum Reserve. Medieval castle, church, Turaida Rose, Dainas Hill, manor, exhibition. Sigulda, +371 67971402,,



11. Rocky Beach of Vidzeme. Sea, stones, Red Cliffs, sandstone outcrops. Salacgrīvas lauku teritorija, 12. Līgatne Underground bunkers. Bunker, Soviet heritage, top secret site. Līgatnes pagasts, +371 64161915, +371 26467747,,

14. The Minhauzen’s Museum. Museum, nature trails, tales of Munchausen. Liepupes pagasts, +371 64065633,,




15. Tērvete Nature Park. Walking trails, wooden sculptures, fairy tale characters. Tērvetes novads, +371 63726212,, 16. P.Upītis’s lilac garden. The largest in Europe, museum, excursions, concerts. Dobele, +371 63722294, +371 26408655,,



Riga Central Railway Station: Stacijas laukums 2, Rīga Information about local trains and timetables: Information line: +371 1181 Opening hours of ticket desks for local trains: 4:30–23:40

Useful information


Where to call in an emergency (toll free): 01, 112 – Fire-fighters, 02, 112 – Police, 03, 112, 113 – Ambulance, 04 – Gas leakage, 1888 – Road accidents Tourist Hotline: 1188 – a hotline that provides information, guidance, support & follow-up to handle any situation that tourists visiting Latvia require, operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easy access is available through cell or conventional phones within Latvia.

17. Jelgava Palace - chapels of the Dukes of Kurzeme. Zemgale Duchy of Kurzeme, sarcophags. Jelgava, +371 63962197, 18. Ložmetējkalns (Machinegun hill) and Christmas battles museum. Open air exhibition, excursion. Valgundes novads, +371 67228147, +371 28349259,,

The railway is the most reliable and cheapest mode of transportation in Latvia. The level of comfort on board varies. Trains tend to be full during the morning and evening rush hours on the most popular routes. Tickets can be bought at the railway ticket desks or from the conductor on the train for cash at an additional cost of LVL 0.30 per ticket. An information desk is located in Riga Central Railway station. Train routes: Rīga – Jūrmala – Tukums Rīga – Jelgava Rīga – Daugavpils Rīga – Krustpils – Rēzekne – Zilupe Rīga – Sigulda – Cēsis – Valmiera – Valga Rīga – Saulkrasti – Skulte



Riga International Bus Station: Prāgas iela 1, Rīga Bus schedules: Online booking: Information line: +371 90000009 (0,25 LVL/min) Ticket desk opening hours: 6:00-22:00


13. The Gauja National Park and Līgatne Nature Trails. Park, nature trails, wild animals, environmental education. Sigulda, Līgatnes pagasts, +371 67800388, +371 64153313,,


Buses The Central Bus Station is located next to the Central Market. From here, buses depart for all parts of Latvia. The level of comfort and price varies according to individual routes and operators. Some routes are served by minibuses and express buses. Tickets can be bought at the ticket desk inside the station as well as onboard for cash if space permits. Buses tend to be very full going from Riga on Fridays and Saturdays. For tourists’ convenience there is an information centre located in the bus station.



Sigulda Tourism information centre Raiņa iela 3, Sigulda, LV-2150, tel: +371 67971335,, Tērvete area Tourism information centre “Tērvetes sils”, Tērvetes novads, LV-3730, tel: +371 63726212, fax: +371 63726212,,

Kurzeme 9

Jūrmala Tourism information point Priedaine, Jūrmala, tel: +371 67147900, +371 67147902, +371 67147905, fax: +371 67147901,, Limbaži Tourism information centre Torņa iela 3, Limbaži, LV-4001, tel: +371 64070608, +371 28359057, fax: +371 64070608,,

6. Jūrmala wooden architecture. Resort, history, architecture, walking routes. Jūrmala, +371 67147900,, 7. Jūrmala SPA and resort rehabilitation centres. Health, SPA, resort, beauty care, rehabilitation. Jūrmala, +371 67147900,,

Dobele Tourism information centre Baznīcas iela 6, Dobele, LV-3701, tel: +371 63723074, +371 26136682,,, Jelgava Tourism information centre Akadēmijas iela 1, Jelgava, LV-3001, tel: +371 63022751, fax: +371 63022751,,,

3. Dzintari concert hall. Music, festivals, concerts, New Wave, architecture. Jūrmala, +371 67762117,,



Tourism information centres

1. Līvi Aquapark. Fun activities, relaxation for families with children. Jūrmala, +371 67755636,,


20. Bauska Castle Museum. Livonian Order castle, viewing tower, exhibition. Bauska, +371 63923793, bauska.,

Price per minute: LVL 0,40 from conventional phones, LVL 0,45* (BITE - 0,49) form cell/mobile phones All prices are subject to change without notice. * plus other service charges applied by your phone company.


24 hour information services 1188, 1189 – Inquiry services, information on all of Latvia



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