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How to imrprove your English?

How to improve you English? This question many persons try to know to answer their problems. For this we have to know that we have many forms to do this, but we have to set a small objective for yourself to learn more and you also have to see in which branch of the language you have problem and see ways for help to practice. It could be: Writing Conversation Vocabulary Listening Reading

Each one has specific steps to improve. For example: For writing you can study all the rules for write and then make essays and say to a teacher if he or she can check it for help. For reading its simple just read and if you don’t know a word just look for it and continue reading. Conversation you can talk with your friends or with people that speak English also so that can help you. For vocabulary you can look for new words and then repeat and write them down for remember. Listening, you can listen new songs and try to understand all what they say and then you loop up for the lyrics and see what words you didn’t understand. So there are many ways that can help you to improve your English the thing is that you have to propose to yourself to do it.

Learn a new language you will think that this is a difficult work but it isn’t the thing is that you have to practice all the time an look forward information or things that will help you to understand more things. Is unnecessarily to do this exercise the same way you can choose what you will do and then work on it.

Talk Secretaries Day  
Talk Secretaries Day  

How to improve english