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Visit Tulum By B Sandwes

Tulum, Mexico is a great place to visit located near CancĂşn, Mexico is a great get away, especially if you're looking for a more intimate getaway. Cancun has a massive resort life style where Tulum is more intimate life style. Number one there are some wonderful things to do and, use here are five things that we think you would enjoy the best. When you can check out the local cuisine, you will find that there are all kinds of different foods from native Mayan foods to vegan food. You will find that the foods are lighter and very delicious. Number two check out the ruins, the ruins are located on the beach and it's a wonderful experience it's very spiritual. If you get up early enough in the morning you can go to the ruins and climb the pyramid and see gorgeous views of Tulum. Number three, try visiting the beaches and other locations which are very beautiful. You will find that you won't find as many people on the beaches in Tulum as you would in CancĂşn. It is a heavy populated are, so try the ecosystem reserves. There you are able to get that jungle experience and really get into seeing more of the native population and it's just a fun experience. In doing that particular experience try going to the lighthouse and climbing it and take a look at the beautiful views of Tulum. Number five places to visit is the Lagoons they are beautiful pockets of water that are craved of out of limestone. It's like being in a real live aquarium. You get to see all of the beautiful life in the water in a lagoon type of setting. It's a great place to take tours related to the church. They have some companies down there that do LDS tours and the guide believes that Jesus came to Tulum. If you take some of those tours elicited and gain information in regards to that being the place in which Jesus came. You will find it very informational. I've been to Tulum and it has a very spiritual feel to it. It's a great place to go and take a tour.

A Love of Book By B Sanders

Is joined the church in 2002, when I was 18, in California. I am the only member on both sides of my family. Through genealogy I recently found that I had saints in my ancestral line. I served a mission in Costa Rica, 2004-2006.I was sealed to my husband in the Manti temple in 2007. We had two children, one of which passed back through the veil in 2013. We’ve lived in Utah, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. 2. How did you develop your love for books? I was an only child of an only child. All of the women in our family have always loved books. It’s just in my blood. I would spend my school breaks reading all day. I currently try to make a point to read daily. 3. What are your favorite books?

I could not really say I love one type of book over another, although I tend to favor Black History, afrofuturism, any books or stories that depict the black experience.

4. Now we know that you have a book club online on Facebook, why did you decide to create a book club for Latter Day Saints Women? For about 10 years I only had a couple of black LDS women friends. Then I met a couple more the last few years. We all complained about the lack of Black Women in the church, and how alone we felt in our experiences. I decided to create a space for us to meet and get to know each other and other Black LDS women. As the group grew, people would post a quote, from a book, and several women would say, “Oh I’ve been wanting to read that!” So I though let’s just form a book group (within this group) and read them together. So we did. It’s still in it’s infancy, but I’m very excited about it.

5. What kind of response have you gotten from those who come to your Facebook book club? Are they happy to have such a service there for them to communicate with one another and to read books ogether? The women have been excited about it. This year (at least) we are focusing primarily on black women authors. So it’s been great for us to read “our” stories and discuss them with each other. As we’re all LDS we often find ways to frame these stories in the context of the gospel and how they apply to us now. 6. Hopefully the reader will know how great your service is to your community.

Are there any other additional services that you look forward to providing to the community to help and strive to develop more Literacy in the world? We also have a book group for the children of the men of our group. In that space we focus on finding books and literacy tools that are written by and about people of color. Those books are not restricted to only black authors, as many of the children are of mixed race. But the goal is to focus on finding books, stories, and authors that reflect our own children. In my personal life I am an artist and I am currently working on some artwork that depicts the influence and importance of seeing books that reflect your experience as a child. Recently I enlisted the aid of the people I know, both in the group and out, to help purchase books for a family member who is currently incarcerated. It was a HUGE success, and I would like to develop a way to do the same for more inmates in the future. Other than that, we haven’t planned beyond what we are doing, as everything is still new. Once things get going and are stable, we’ll be able to move forward with bigger projects, outreach, etc. 7. And if a person would like to join your group on Facebook where would they find your group? What's the listing? The book group is only available to those who belong to our main group. The name of that group is Kindred Magic. Once a member of Kindred, they can join the book group at any point. Kindred Magic is a space for black LDS women who are from and/ or live in the US. (If they were born/ raised in another country, but live in the US, or if they were born/ raised in the US, and are currently living elsewhere, they would qualify for admission to our group.) We are working together to address the feelings of isolation we feel in the church, as many of us are the sole black, female, member in our wards, and stakes. It’s a space where we are allowed to be our whole selves without fear of judgment or misunderstanding. Also, the group is for all ages. Here is the link for Kindred: 8. Do you have a website? If not will you be starting a website anytime soon? We don’t have a website yet. The group is less than a year old, and the book group is younger than that. But as we grow, a website is a definite possibility should the need arise.

Dancing to an LDS beat By B Sanders

There are so many wonderful inspiring LDS women out there who make a difference every day. Toni Dobransky. is one of those examples. She lives in West Mifflin Pennsylvania with her husband Jason and their 8 years old daughter Danica. She began dancing at age 2 and continued through High School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts with a concentration in Jazz Dance from Point Park University in May of 2004. At the age of 18 she began teaching dance under the guidance of her Dance Teacher Ms. Peggy Price. In September of 2005 she opened her dance studio. The studio is now in its 13th year. Toni is very happy to be doing what She loves!!! Her dedication and love for the art of dance comes through to her students and she incorporates that with her love for the Gospels.

When Toni was 4 years parents joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She does not consider herself a convert. She grew up in the Gospel. Being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been a major influence on what she teachers. She always tries to come from a place of love, while looking out for her Dancers wellbeing. According to Toni "I pray often for guidance in how to approach the different groups of dancers that I teach." Toni is very open about her Faith and feels that influences her students in the way they behave. They know that she does not allow swearing in the studio and they respect that. Toni says "I feel that this carries over into their personal lives. I try very hard to keep a positive atmosphere which also helps to build self-esteem. I want these kids to know how special they are and I feel that comes from my knowledge of being a child of God."

Toni is always very mindful of her students she Is very particular about the music that is played within the studio. Always making sure to remind her staff frequently to avoid songs with swearing and to also pay attention to the content of the music. " I am very adamant about letting our students be innocent for as long as possible. They are bombarded by so much every day.", said Toni. She wants them to be able to come to class and avoid all the chaos and evil that is out there.

When asked what advise she would share with other LDS dance teachers she said, "To other LDS Teachers and Artists I would say, "Let the gospel lead you in all of your choices about your classes. Pray for guidance and follow the promptings that you receive. Stay true to your Faith. Don’t let the world in. Let your students have a safe haven in your classes and at your studio. We can be the light in the darkness of this crazy world we live in!"

Families are Forever By B Sanders

In today's world it is more important than ever to make families the top priority of our lives. It's important for parents to love their children, it's important for children to love their parents and it's important to have one another. In the family proclamation to the world it is said that "parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness." It's important for us to teach our children to love one another and to be good citizens and to live righteous lives. It's important for us to teach them to obey laws to help one another and to serve others. As parents we will be held accountable for God for rearing our families. It is your duty as a parent to make sure that our families are being raised in a good and righteous and loving manner. The church has many resources in place to help families increase the love that they have formed. To teach people how to love one another. The gospels are a good place to find examples of people who have love for their families in a good and righteous manner, also to help develop righteous, law-abiding children. What you decide to do with the knowledge that you learn from the Gospel of the church through experiences with your family is your free agency or decision as to how you want to move though life. How you move down that path knowing celestial kingdom families are forever. We have the tools knowing about eternal families and the importance for us to live in a harmonious way with others, to love one another in order to make our way back to our loving heavenly father.

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