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Healthier You By B Sanders What does health and wellness mean . I read and watched a few videos recently on healthy living. What are you doing to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself on a daily basis?

Many people think you have to be extremely skinny in order to be healthy, that is not accurate. Being healthy means having a healthy life style which incorporates exercise and diet. Being healthy also means that your spiritual growth is healthy. Are you studying your gospels everyday? Are you taking the time out to talk with heavenly father? These are some questions you should ask yourself if not just about how thin I can be. How much body fat .I have or don't have. It, about the overall approach to wellness in your life. If you exercise 20 minutes a day eat properly and incorporate heavenly father into your daily activities, you're gonna start creating a healthier life for yourself. It is in the Bible, it's in the doctrine covenants, in the book Mormon that we need to be healthy. So be healthy, be smart, exercise your brain, exercise your body, exercise your knowledge in the Gospels. And make yourself a better, more rounded healthier p


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Healthier You


2of 10 Latter Day Woman Visitor Center By B Sanders Traveling to the visitor center. Have you checked out the churches visitor center lately. Often times we think going to the Temple visitor center is for those who are not members. Yes, however the visitor center is more than just a place for those who are not members to attend. It's a living history of the church.

I would recommend anyone to go and visit the visiting centers. Take the time out to listen to the missionaries who are at the visiting center and their love and passion for what they're doing while on their missions at the visiting centers.

I have visited few visiting centers. Each center is different. Of course they're located at the temples. And temples are an important place as we all know from the Gospels. If you're trying to introduce your children to the temple, going to the temple's visiting center may be an ideal thing to do. At the visiting center you can introduce the importance of the church in the temple to your children. There are also many fun artifacts that can be found at the visiting centers. For example, the Salt Lake City visitors center has a temple with a huge model of temple in the middle of the visiting center, children can enjoy this with their families taking the opportunity to take a sneak peek into the temple. It's also a great way to introduce nonmembers to the temple or to the church. As some of the visiting centers have movies , where you can view stories of the start of the church and other important aspects of the Gospels. Another wonderful thing about the visiting center is if you have a question you have a missionary right there to be able to answer the questions that you may have.

If you have a temple in your area which has a visiting center and you have a free day it might be a fun excursion for your family to go visit the center and bring a friend. Enjoy the Temple.


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Relaxation and the Supermom EDI

Relaxation and the Supermom EDI

Relaxation and the Supermom By B Sanders that's a big experience in our lives. As mothers with you children that have experiences you as a mother regardless of their age need or want to be a part of and help them through. However it's okay to realize and know that they must scroll on their own and flourish so sometimes you have to step back and let those children be the best they possibly can. Stepping back to let them be the best they possibly can allows, you to also relax. Our children will love us even if we fail at some of our task of trying to be a supermom they will still love us. Another concern is really an important aspect of the family dynamic, your husband. What can I say but the fact that your husband is your partner, he is an important aspect of your relationship and the growth and development of your children. And it's important to make sure that in the relationship with your husband you're able to take time out together and apart to relax if you have children that are still in the home it's important for that date night. It's important for that cuddle session with just your husband and yourself you. It's important to allow happiness to be part of your home. Have a singing home, a home that's full of love, a home that's cheerful and bright. Those aspects help to create relaxation also. Also remember that in creating a happy home you creating a happy relationship with your husband and your children and most importantly with you with


How to make a

difference in your relaxation, just relax you don't have to be a supermom today or tomorrow but the most important


2of 10 Latter Day Woman thing is to be the best mom or wife that you can possibly be without realizing or thinking that you have to be this perfect person. Because you're not going ever be a perfect person but knowing is half the battle.


2of 10 Latter Day Woman Service By B Sanders What is service to others? Service to others consist of helping and giving to others. Do you think of helping one another or do you think of giving something of value to someone else what is service to one another?

Service is giving your time, your energy, your talents helping another person or another group of people. There's so many people out there in the world that are doing just that. I listened to a podcast on about a wonderful service project in Detroit Michigan. In this particular service project they were doing a clothing drive. This clothing drive has been going on in Detroit Michigan for over eight years and it was started by a really great Bishop in that area. They were trying hard to get a Desiree industries to be located in that particular area in Detroit to help the less fortunate. Instead of having a Desiree industries placed in that area they partnered with the local thrift store to try to get the program going. Desiree industries begin to help out by sending donations from Utah to Detroit just for the purpose of helping people be able to receive donations of clothing.That really helped a lot to be able to receive donations or service from others. Can you imagine how many wonderful people that the service of that particular area is helped. You have so many people who are without winter clothing and through this service they now have those items provided to them. And there's so many other wonderful experiences in service that you hear about everyday There's always someone willing to help, there's always someone out there serving others. I've experience service from those in my ward when moving from one location to another I once had a ton of people come out and help me load up the truck and upon arriving at my new home I had a ton of people come out and unload the truck. Just the littlest things help when you're serving one another. After all the Lord wants us to love and love is part of giving service to ones fellow man.

How can you serve those in your community? How can you serve those in your home? Those are some really great questions to ask yourself on a daily basis How can I make a difference in someone else's life. Think about it, jot down ideas, you'll find the answer. Pray on it, the Lord will lead your way. And go forth and serve.

Service with Love By B Sanders What does it mean to be of service to others? That is the question that can be easy to answer but also can be very difficult. Many people in our society today don't take the time out to be of service to one another. In giving our service to each other you do it with love, How can you be of service to your fellow human being and how can you do it with love? Several easy tips that you can follow in order to be of service to one another. First find the person that may need your service it can be the littlest thing from helping a person across the street to simply asking someone if they need help carrying some groceries. It doesn't have to be a huge start service project but just a little bit of TLC goes a long way. We are in such a selfish climate in this day and age. People just are focused on themselves and what is important to them. You have so many people who are just rushing, rushing every day all day long and never take a moment to stop and smell the roses and look at the beauty of the world around them. However if you take a moment and you just stop and you are nice to another person, you extend love to another person, you will find that so much joy and laughter and peace will come


2of 10 Latter Day Woman into your life. You might think to yourself how can giving service to another person create joy and peace in my heart or in my life. It does if you ever recall helping someone and how joyful you felt when you had the opportunity to see someone be able to accomplish something, remember those moments and remember how that help ed you to help someone else. After all the scripture states for us to love one another. Heavenly Father wants us to be good to our neighbors and follow the Golden rule of doing upon others as you would have them do upon you.

Take some time out of your daily activity, out of your daily life and just help someone who needs your help, your friend, your relatives just help a stranger and see how much gladness that brings you in your heart. As you touch someone else's heart as you give service to them, you'll see that it'll become contagious and they will do the same for others. So let's make that a chain of service when you help one person you'll find someone else to help someone else . We can all love one each other.


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Latter Day Woman Magaazine April-May 2018  

A celebration of latter day women.

Latter Day Woman Magaazine April-May 2018  

A celebration of latter day women.