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The bracing history of the hard right and how they transformed Australian politics

An urgent blueprint for Australia’s defence by the nation’s most respected military scholar

The true forgotten story of Victoria’s goldfields catastrophe


*Q. What’s a ‘real’ university press book? A. A book by the best brain in a field, giving the rest of us the pleasure of being in the know



acknowledgement of country 0 The Rabelais team acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples, the traditional owners of the lands in which La Trobe University and its student union are located. We acknowledge the Wurundjeri, Latjie Latjie, Barkindji and Yorta Yorta peoples, whose sovereignty was never ceded. Rabelais is committed to honoring Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas. We pay our respects to Elders both past and present. Rabelais | Edition One

We have chosen the everinstagrammable LIMS building (La Trobe Insititure of Molecular Science) as our front cover. This building, designed by Lyons Architects, is plastered across stories on a sunny day and home to some of the world’s leading researchers. If you would like to be a part of future cover designs, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch!

Photo from @t.ynique


Like all great student publications, we are dependent on student contributions. If you have anything you’d like shared, you can find our socials on the contents page and hit us up. We will try our very best to accommodate any submissions.

If you would like to submit to Rabelais, not only will you be paid in high-fives and be the envy of your whole block, you have the chance for your work to be seen by up to 36,000 students across the Victorian La Trobe campuses. We also have a new and improved online presence which will allow you to share you and your fellow La Trobians content online. Thanks for reading. Enjoy Rabelais 2019!


In this edition, we have the one-stop-shop for all your orientation needs, a clubs and societies guide, an introduction from our office bearers, a coffee guide around campus (heavily debated), student budgeting tips and much more.

Our goal as a student publication is to provide all students with an outlet for their creative content. We, in a way, are an ice cold glass ready to be filled with your creative juices and consumed by the avid readers of the ever-flourishing Rabelais magazine.

Submissions we are looking for are articles, news, fiction, opinions, comedy, artwork or anything else your heart desires. We are very excited to see what La Trobians have been creating in their spare time. If there is anything you think would look great in Rabelais, we want to see it. Something different we are working on this year is including a consistent film review section, so, if you fancy yourself quite the critic and want to tell the world what you really think, contact us! It should be noted we would like to avoid essays titled or some form of, ‘Thanos did nothing wrong’ (leaving Captain America alive is never the right choice



Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Rabelais student magazine for 2019, the Orientation Week edition! We here at the LTSU are tremendously excited for the year ahead and hope students new and old will have a blast at the clubs and societies festival across campus.



RABELAIS Edition One




John Dewar



Abood Shehada

EVENTS CALENDAR What’s going on around here?


THE DAILY GRIND The decisive brekkie guide for university students


Sean Carroll

ANXIETY Sip the tea, kill your shyness, become confident.


Amanda Leigh

A FEW DRINKS, A BIKE RACK & A METAL PLATE An injury created a new, smarter saver.


Paige Wiles

A RESPONSIBLE GUIDE TO RESPONSIBLE DRINKING Be a friend, but still enjoy your night.






LTSU OFFICE BEARERS Who’s doing what?





Jess Grant Mariam Mgoter






BE A BETTER HUMAN A look into the newest campaign of 2019.






Eknath Prabhu



Andrew Drake



Chris Graham

THE ARCADE A couple of things to keep you busy.


CONTRIBUTORS See who helped make this edition great.



Rabelais | Edition One

Annabelle Romano

LETTER FROM THE VICE CHANCELLOR 0 Wominjeka - Welcome to La Trobe University

access our Career Ready program, which will help you build a portfolio of skills and attributes sought by employers while you study.

RABE On behalf of everyone here at the University, welcome to La Trobe. You’ve made the right choice to study at a university that is committed to giving you every opportunity to learn and succeed so that you can have the best possible start to your career.

La Trobe is Victoria’s third oldest University, and since opening our doors in 1967 we’ve provided a pathway to success to people from all walks of life. With a dual emphasis on excellence and inclusivity, we put our students at the centre of everything we do, and we’re delighted that you are following in the footsteps of 200,000 La Trobe alumni who have gone on to make a difference in so many different ways.

This first edition of Rabelais for 2019 includes an O-Week Guide and will help you get started for the year. I’d also like to offer a few suggestions on how you can make the most of your time with us. Firstly, please take advantage of the advice and support services we have in place, which are here to help you succeed and focus on your studies. La Trobe is a friendly and inclusive university, so take the time to attend orientation sessions and find out how we can help you during your student journey. Make the most of the activities on offer during O-Week. The Clubs and Societies Fair on Simpson Lawn is always a highlight for me, and I urge you to check it out. You’ll get a real sense of how lively student life can be on campus – and how lucky we are to have inherited such a strong tradition of student-led social activity on campus. I also recommend you download the MyLaTrobe app from the Apple store or Google Play. The app gives you personalised information to help make the most of your time with us. You can access your timetable, navigate the campus, access a range of services, and find out about the many clubs and societies you can join. You can also


Finally – get involved, in everything you can. La Trobe is a place to challenge your thinking, make new friends and broaden your horizons, and I’m sure you will have a memorable time with us. Professor John Dewar Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University

L E T T E R F R O M T H E LT S U P R E S I D E N T 0 Welcome to 2019, La Trobe University! If you’re a new student, get ready for the most amazing few years of your life and if you’re a returning student, welcome back!

In 2019, the LTSU will be throwing parties, organising clubs and societies events and feeding the good folk of La Trobe University, but that’s not all. Did you know that we also provide essential services to your university life - such as advocacy, financial counselling and legal aid services? These are free to all students! You can find all of these services in the LTSU offices on Level 2 of the Agora. We understand that your journey through your studies can be a complicated and (sometimes) bumpy journey, that’s why we’re here to help as much as we can!

ELAIS My name is Abood Shehada and I am honored to be your La Trobe University Student Union President for 2019. First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands that the La Trobe University Student Union operates within: to the Wurundjeri, Latjie Latjie, Barkindji and Yorta Yorta peoples. I would also like to acknowledge that the lands on which each campus is built is on are Aboriginal lands, whose people’s sovereignty was never ceded; and pay my respects to their elders past and present.

I’m super excited for the year we have ahead and by the time you’re reading this, it has already begun with Orientation Week! Orientation week is a week where you can join some of our 90+ clubs and societies, sign up to volunteer in the LTSU and get involved in the incredible and diverse community we have at La Trobe. The clubs and societies provide an opportunity to meet likeminded people and make valuable connections on campus. It is important to acknowledge the incredible work put in by the staff, volunteers, OB’s and clubs and societies for this week. Something we’re embracing this year is the #BeABetterHuman campaign, started by Flinders University, which focuses on precisely that: being a better human. We believe that everybody should feel safe at university no matter what and that these years of your life should be remembered positively. My friend and your General Secretary Annabelle has written extensively on this topic later in this edition. As per usual, the LTSU has started providing our weekly services to students, including; a Chill Out Trolley every Monday in the library, a BBQ every Tuesday and breakfast every Wednesday in the Agora - ALL FOR FREE! So, make sure to come along and grab some free food!

Rabelais | Edition One

If you have any questions, queries or want to get involved with the LTSU, you can speak to any one of us - we’re the people in the bright purple t-shirts around campus; or feel free to get in touch with me at anytime! I’m always up for a coffee (I can never have enough of those)!

Best of luck for the coming year and just remember the LTSU is here for you should you ever need anything so do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Abood Shehada 2019 LTSU President

FEBURARY & MARCH EVENTS 0 Get social this semester. Here’s a few events happening on campus . International Student Drinks 5PM @ Eagle Bar

Sports Carnival 12PM @ Simpson Lawn

Clubs Festival 11AM @ Simpson Lawn

Moat Festival Launch 6PM @ Menzies

Freshies Party 8PM @ Eagle Bar

Queer Dept Welcome Back Drinks @ 3PM Eagle Bar Semester One Stars

LTSU Free BBQ @ 12PM Be A Better Human Launch

LTSU Free Breakfast @ 9AM

International Women’s Day

Queer Dept Indoor Picnic 2.30PM @ MASO

LTSU Chill Out Trolley Library @ 6PM


LTSU Free Breakfast @ 9AM

Chisholm College Event

LTSU Chill Out Trolley Library @ 6PM


LTSU Free Breakfast @ 9AM

Menzies College Event

Moonlight Cinema Infinity War

LTSU Chill Out Trolley Library @ 6PM


LTSU Free Breakfast @ 9AM Pride Festival 2019


Glenn College Event

Close The Gap Day

Artwork by Phoebe Moloney

Rabelais | Edition One





Looking for a decent cup of coffee and not sure where to start? La Trobe has a variety of options and perhaps this guide can help guide you along the way?


You’ve just got off the bus to uni. It’s 8am, and you’ve got your first lecture in 15 minutes. Looking around the Agora, you try and make the hardest decision of your day“Where the hell am I gonna get my coffee?” To solve this incredible problem that you face on a daily basis, the Rabelais team has tried every brekkie spot on campus, and has a decisive guide for you coffee lovers. BAKE ‘N’ BEAN Next to convenience store Looking to spend as little money as possible, but still have a great start to your day? At this little shop, you can grab two donuts and a regular coffee for the small price of $3.50, which can be a great start to any students day. Grab a pie, sausage roll, bagel or any other baked good, and when combined with a coffee, you’re getting great bang for your buck. GRAFALI’S Between Therapy and Fuel If you’re looking for a place where your friendly server will remember both your regular order and your name, head to this small and casual coffee joint below the Agora stairs. You can pick up a variety of brekkie or lunch combos that are some of the cheapest and most delicious on campus, including some great artisanal sandwiches, delicious brekkie rolls, and of course, a great cuppa. If you grab a loyalty card, you can get your ninth coffee for free!

Rabelais | Edition One

CAFFEINE Next to the Agora Food Court Looking for a sizeable feed? Caffeine is your best bet. At this small store, cozy mood lighting creates a soft and welcoming atmosphere where you can grab a small coffee and arguably one of the best brekkie wraps on campus for $6.50, and the best thing, it’s got a hash brown in it. BACHELOR OF COFFEE Next to Charlie’s Kebabs Located in the far corner of the Agora, some students regard Bachelor of Coffee as having the best tasting coffee on campus. At this bright and welcoming location, you can grab your speciality iced coffee and a pretty decently sized donut, which always hits the spot. For lunch, make sure you try the crispy chicken burger, which for $5, is damn great. (This hasn’t been confirmed, but we are almost positive that the chicken is crumbed with doritos!) CAFE VELOCI Above the Co-op Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Ag? Head upstairs to Velocis and take a look at one of the biggest varieties of drinks, snacks, hot food and coffee available on campus. With a diner aesthetic, Velocis can take you away from the loudness of the Ag’ a give you a lot more privacy in

this large and open area.

Ag and asked some students their daily brekkie choices.


“On a morning when I have just woken up and rolled out of bed, feeling very groggy and barely able to process words, it always keeps me wondering how I can manage to drive to Uni without running red lights or destroying my car. The first thing I do after spending far too long looking for a parking spot is head down to Grafali’s in the Ag, and order myself a large cappuccino with one sugar, and a breakfast wrap with extra relish. The best part of the wrap is the delicious tomato chutney so I highly recommend getting it with extra sweet tomatoey goodness, otherwise you’re not getting the best flavour experience from your meal.” Alex, 20, Archaeology

You’ve been studying in the library for 5 hours and need to refill your body with sweet sweet caffeine. Downstairs, Writer’s Block provides a warm and comfy atmosphere and a delicious cup of coffee to make your early morning study sesh a little bit more tolerable. If you ever have a meeting with a study group or a tutor, or maybe just want to try some smashed avo on toast, head to Writer’s Block to satisfy your boujee cravings. HOUSE OF CARDS Thomas Cherry Building Looking to buy a nice coffee, but also save the world? House of Cards distinguishes itself from the crowd by giving a random card to every person who purchases an item at their shop. As you recieve your coffee order, chuck your card into the slot of one of four charities beside the store and a percentage of the companies profits will donated to the most popular of these causes.

“Mornings suck. The only things that make them better are coffee, and even better, a coffee from my favourite joint, Bake n Bean. For $5, I can get a ham, cheese and tomato croissant, and a regular flat white, which in my opinion will be the best brekkie order one can buy. Not only coz I’m broke and can barely afford to drive to uni, but also because the quality is just as good as the price!” Jarrod, 24, Law

But let’s listen to the public. What are their typical orders? When they have to get to a 9am Law lecture, how do they energise themselves for the day to come? Rabelais hit the

“Alright guys. When I’m trying to get a decent brekky at La Trobe, I’m gonna hit up my boy Hemal at Caffeine, and picking up a small cappuccino and a large brekky wrap for


$6.50, coz hands down, this wrap is the best one you can get on campus (contro opinion, yes). Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown, Bacon, Egg and Chutney are just such a sweet combo, and I can’t start my day without them.” Jack, 20, Education “As I’m getting off the bus and walking into Uni, House of Cards stands out as my go to place for a decent feed before you start your daily classes. I know this won’t be your typical brekkie order, but a chicken parma jaffle and a small coffee always hits the spot and it’s always pretty good. So, if you’re down for a nice feed to start yourself off, head over here.” Anthony, 30, Health Sciences

Artwork by Xion Kelly

ANXIETy w Come out of your shell. BY AMANDA LEIGH University is probably one of the scariest experiences that I have ever faced. I came from a very sheltered upbringing with the same group of friends all throughout primary and high school, so coming to university was a very strange and new experience. With hardly anyone from my high school joining me at La Trobe, my being nervous was a huge understatement. The simplest thing that made everything so much better for me (and I know this is going to sound cliche), was honestly going to the Freshies party and joining clubs and societies. My best friend, Maxi, also came to this uni and met someone through the Aspire program, and at the Freshies party we found ourselves with a solid friendship group of seven people! And all from only knowing one person, who knew another person, it transformed into knowing six other amazing people and my social life soon became far easier. I understand, not everyone is the type to go to parties, trust me I get it, and going to the Clubs Day Festival in O-Week can be so daunting, but it’s something I’d truly recommend. I signed up for so many great clubs that I had a few interests in, even if they were things I had only heard a little about but wanted to learn more of. I joined

Rabelais | Edition One

up to Student Theatre and Film even though I’m not your typical theatre type and was immersed in the backstage operations; running lighting and tech which is something I’ve always had a passion for. I also signed up for other Clubs and Societies and went to as many events as possible, trying to make the most of my uni experience. Through certain clubs, I have had the opportunity to travel to places like South Australia and Canberra, which is something I could never have done if I hadn’t pushed myself to crawl out of my shell and break my comfort zone. Everything about university is nerve wracking; from deciding your own timetable, to no longer having to wear a school uniform, and now needing to find an outfit to wear every day. You begin feeling new pressures in a way that you’ve never truly felt before. But if you really try and strive, university can also be life changing. You can start a new page, or be a new person; someone you have always wanted to be, all without worry of the usual judgement that you most likely experienced in high school. It’s the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. And trust me when I say, University will almost certainly be difficult, but once you put yourself out there, strive to do more than just your classes, you’ll develop so many relationships with people from all different walks from life. And if you do this? Your uni years will be be the best of your life. 8

A FEW DRINKS, A BIKE RACK AND A METAL PLATE y All it took was a drunken night partying and a resulting injury to spur on some money saving initiative in this student. BY PAIGE WILES


o it began with a few drinks, a bike rack and a metal plate with 8 screws in my ankle. On top of studying IR during the semester, I work casual retail on the weekends. And look, if I’m completely honest, my weekend shifts were dwindling dangerously close to oblivion before I did a number on my ankle. First thing I did when the docs confirmed my ankle was fractured was message my manager a picture of my swollen ankles (yes plural, I badly sprained the other one) and explained I’d have to give up that sweet sweet Boxing Day Pay which meant roughly $300-500 less to me.


Now, an unfortunate sequence of events also meant my car rego and insurance were due, I had a library fine, medication costs coming out of my ears, wheelchair rent to pay, I needed to buy my parking permit for the year (thanks La Trobe) and I wouldn’t be back working retail for nearly three months. All of these bills to pay and my account was overdrawn by $84, yay! With 6 weeks of no walking up my sleeve, I began the process of simplifying my financial situation and paying my dues.

1. Cancelled Apple Music coz frankly, it’s trash But FIRST I used an amazing app called SongShift to transfer my music from Apple Music to Spotify! 2. Joined my friends’ family Spotify account at $3 per month Before getting spotify, I was paying $11 for my own account. The family account allows you to have six users on one account for the price of $17.99 per month, you just need to say you live at the same address. $11 - $3 = $8 per month saving. 3. Cancelled my damn gym membership I had a membership for almost 1 year to the day and had used it a grand total of twice. There was also the fact I couldn’t walk so, you know... no brainer. I also told them my sob story and explained my account was overdrawn and they waived the two week cancellation period (thanks Genesis) = $60 per month saving. 4. Made the leeches pay up, no more freeloading on my Netflix account No siree, I bumped off the guy on my Netflix that I haven’t spoken to in a year by changing my password and asking anyone else who wants to stay on it, to set up an auto transfer every month for $3.60 in exchange for the new password. Then, I put the question out to my wider group of friends to find out who would like Netflix for $3.60pm and got someone on it right away! $17.99 - $3.60 = $14.39 per month saving 5. Downloaded and joined Beem It To summarise, Beem It is a new easy money transferring app that

Rabelais | Edition One

you link to your bank account (it’s backed by Commonwealth and NAB so you know it’s legit). When you sign up, you also verify your identity and then if you have a referral code, you can enter it and you will receive $5 instantly. The person who referred you also receives $5, so it’s a no brainer! More fun things about this app are: you can instantly pay anyone with a Beem It account, request payments (so no one can ‘forget’ to pay you) and split bills with friends after dinner (or when buying a group b-day present). Oh, and you can also refer up to 10 friends, and earn yourself a hefty $50 for free! Yes, economics students, I know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but just let me dream! Gain $50 + always getting what I’m owed from friends quickly and effortlessly! 6. Downloaded the Spaceship app- using someone’s referral code I found online Spaceship is an app similar to Raiz (formerly known as Acorns), basically it’s a micro-investing app which you can easily put money into and pull it out off. For example, I transfer $5 per week into it and the app has 100 companies it invests in for me. Two main reasons I prefer Spaceship over Raiz: Raiz isn’t free, usually you pay more in fees than you gain in investments. Spaceship is free up to $5000 invested and has a $20 referral bonus, yes you read that right, $ 20! Now this works the same as the Beem It referral bonus

except better as it’s not capped. You can refer as many friends as you want. +$40 gained (so far)


7. Started reading The Barefoot Investor and joined the orange card cult a.k.a switched from Commbank to ING Lesson numero uno in the Barefoot Investor is that your bank is probably ripping you off and you don’t need to pay fees (on average most people pay like $400 per year). I was outraged and immediately convinced to follow Lord Barefoot’s advice and open up an ING account FOR FREE. a. There are no fees. b. ATM fees are refunded to you, no matter what kind of ATM you use, as long as you deposit $1000 per month into your account (luckily I just scrape through). c. Instant transfers to other ING accounts. d. Pretty aesthetic orange card. e. Easy online banking and smooth, simple app. Now, this is not the only thing that the Barefoot Investor goes through, it also tells you how to best set yourself up so you’ll never be financially reliant on anyone else ever again (except your mortgage). I’m really not kidding, there’s a whole facebook community called “Shared experiences reading The Barefoot Investor book� and it’s packed full of people who have paid off their debts, cut up their credit cards and

purchased their forever homes. Not to mention it’s just really wholesome, supportive and pure content.

enough in savings to pay for any cracked phone screen (or just fork out $10 for a tempered glass screen protector on EBay).

8. “Read” Audiobooks When you sign up to Audible, you’ll get one free book, use that for The Barefoot Investor or whatever you fancy. Then when you’ve listened to this, go to cancel your subscription and enter that you’re cancelling coz you can’t afford it. They’ll offer you another free book to stay! You’re welcome.

13. See if you’re eligible for Centrelink, seriously If you have any hook ups about receiving “the dole” just remember that Clive Palmer also received taxpayer money and I really can’t justify that. However if you qualify, you should apply. You’ll more than repay your debt to society over your lifetime and with the state of this economy, you should take all the help you can get. +$300 gained per fortnight for Youth Allowance

9. Sold 1 month of my parking permit to a friendI wasn’t using it Now don’t judge me but, in a normal week, I’m at uni every, single, day due to volunteering, classes, meetings, clubs, societies and commitments to friends. I also highly value my sleep and am not a morning person, so it goes without saying that I spent the last two years in a love-hate relationship with my white parking permit. I had friends who parked in the red bays, we made jokes about them having “daddy’s money” and “robbing a bank” and asked them how it was to be hanging out with us white permit peasants. However the time had come, I was buying a Red Permit because the trade-off of driving around carpark 1 and 2 for 30mins every morning and an almost guaranteed parking spot no matter what time of the day I deigned to rock up, was easy. +$50 gained 10. Go on your parents Private Health Insurance, if you can 11. Go on a family data pool plan for your phone with Optus to reduce monthly data costs If you’re with Telstra, I’m not sure why you’re reading this article and your gold plated toilet seat must be digging into your butt by now but a really good, reliable and affordable company to consider is Amaysim. If you don’t use much data and own your phone as they have some good data only plans e.g 10GB with unlimited calls and texts for $30 per month 12. DO NOT ADD INSURANCE TO YOUR PHONE PLAN This is an absolute waste of money and unless you constantly lose your phone, you will have


14. See if you’re eligible for a Health Care Card Upon discharge from hospital I had to pay $70 for all of my medication for the next few weeks. If I weren’t on a health care card I was told by the pharmacist it would have cost $350-$400. One hundred percent worth it. 15. Shop at Chemist Warehouse Seriously though, most of my prescriptions are cheaper there no matter what and they frequently have sales on everything else they stock. I haven’t set foot in a Priceline for years. 16. For God’s sake, why are you wasting your money, go to a Bulk Billing doctor. You should see your GP regularly, for routine check ups, when you get a cold, pull a sickie, have a weird shaped freckle, unexplained pain, immunisations, weight loss, mental health, you name it! Great thing is, the doctors at La Trobe Medical Centre are decent and they Bulk Bill, which means all you need is your beautiful little medicare card. I can also highly recommend the docs down at Bundoora Family Clinic down at the end of the 86 tram line at Uni Hill, they’re fab. So do yourself a favour and save the $70 plus it might cost for a ~private~ doctor. 17. Review your car insurance You should up your excess payment because once you follow the Barefoot Investors advice, you can pay $800 excess no problem if it comes to it. Feel free to use comparison sites like I-Select and Compare the Market but do not buy through them. It’s almost always cheaper to go direct! Otherwise see if you’re eligible for this

insurance company which covers people on low incomes, offering significantly cheaper insurance plans, ‘essentialsbyaai’ you only need to fulfil ONE of the following criteria; a. Have a healthcare card b. Receive Centrelink payments c. Have an annual household income of approximately $48,000 or less (excluding superannuation). 18. Consolidate your super You might have one super account or you might have ten, but if you have multiple, any money in those accounts will be getting eaten up by sneaky little fees, so do this right now. Get on google and go to your MyGov account then log in or create a myGovExternal Link account. Link your MyGov account to the ATO and select ‘super’. You can then find and choose to transfer your super. 19. Maybe you’ve lost some money Why not check if the Gov owes you? Money Smart can help find any funds you might be owed! 20. ConMaree your life Sell anything you don’t need or want on Gumtree. Meet people at Uni during the day (when there’s people around) to sell them the items, and don’t invite them to your home, please! i

Rabelais | Edition One

21. Make use of the services at uni Whether it’s FREE financial counselling, legal services or advocacy from the student union or UNLIMITED and FREE counselling for your mental health. Trust me, this will save you from stress cutting bangs, failing subjects and hefty fees seeing professionals outside of uni.

27. You’re a student, flaunt it Treat your student ID card like your phone and TAKE. IT. EVERYWHERE! Flaunt it, flash it everywhere and ask if you can get a student discount. This especially applies if you’re on campus as an LTSU member or over at Kingsbury Mc Donald’s.

22. Apply for financial aid This is a once per year emergency sum in cash of up to $200 from the University when you’re in need. You just need to print the form off online and then go see them for a drop-in sesh at Ask La Trobe.

28. You have TWO guanteed FREE MEALS PER WEEK One great thing about uni every week is that there’s tonnes of free stuff for you to cop. Provided by the Student Union during semester in the agora is a free BBQ Lunch on Tuesdays at 12pm. Halal Chicken sausages, Halal Beef sausages, veggie patties, vegan patties, sliced bread and onions are offered free of charge to all students! Then, every Wednesday morning at 9am there is a free Breakfast, with toast, cereal, coffee, tea, milk and of course, the occasional donut or pancake. Come say hi to us on these services if you have a chance!

23. Put a money jar next to your bed Don’t spend any coins, just empty them into the jar each day. Last year, I cashed in my jar and had $286 saved up in gold and silver $$$$ 24. Download the browser plug-in Honey This is a great app for online shopping, it works mostly on US sites but still works on some Aussie ones too, and what’s the harm in trying right? Basically, it automatically detects whether there are any vouchers or coupons which might apply to your purchase and finds the ones which will save you the most money, delivery and shipping included. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not. 25. Follow some Market Research companies On Facebook, set your “following” settings to “see first” on communities focused around finance and money saving. This way when people post about opportunities, you’ll see them first. E.g “Melbourne CBD, Males 18-25 who play sport. 1 hr face to face interview $80 between 20th and 23rd March. Fill out eligibility survey below”. Again, sometimes you could be selected and get lucky. I wouldn’t mind getting paid anywhere between $50-$200 for an hours work, wouldn’t you? 26. Set and reminder in your phone and actually bring your keep cup to uni You probably own one, maybe even an LTSU one from 2018 like me, or one of those sick Life Apparel keep-cups which feature First Nations artwork and are Australian made. Most of the cool coffee places at uni now offer discounts if you bring your keep-cup, so take advantage of it!


29. Download Groupon Even if you browse every now and then, only buy what you need. For example, my car is well overdue for a service and there was $29 car service offer on Groupon for a mechanic in Essendon. I’m willing to make the trip over to that side of town for such a huge saving personally!

30. Take advantage of your union No matter where you work, no matter what you do, you should be a part of your union. Apart from the fact union members out-earn non-union members, most good unions also provide discounts and incentives for their members. For example, I received a discount book in the mail and I immediately flipped through it and marked down all the two for the price of one deals I was interested in and restaurants I liked that I could get discounts at. Might as well use your perks! And make sure you’re not being ripped off. Call your union and check that your pay and work conditions are up to scratch. You might be having trouble saving because you’ve got a dodgy boss who’s underpaying you. This is what your union is for. 31. Make sure your Medicare details are up to date There are thousands of dollars currently being held by Medicare due to the amount of peoplewith incorrect bank details on their account. Make sure your details are up to date online. It’ll take you 2mins max! The average amount being held per customer is $150.

“So, a bike rack was all it took for me to get behind my savings and become a smart saver.” Although I wouldn’t recommend breaking your foot and being in a wheelchair for two months to start becoming smart with your money, these are some tips I found helpful in taking the first ‘steps’, ha ha, towards financial independence. I hope you enjoyed these money saving tips and tricks, please make sure you write to Rab and let us know yours! 8

Rabelais | Edition One

• • •

Buy your 2019 membership: online at

from the LTSU Offices – level 2, Agora West Building from any pop-up LTSU marquee at major events

MEMBERSHIP • A high quality, branded hooded sweater


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A RESPONSIBLE GUIDE TO RESPONSIBLE drinking v You love alcohol and enjoy a night out every second day- but how can you embrace your love for liquor and still be a decent and respectable mate to your drinking buddies and always keep safe?


s most people know, drinking is a big part of the University culture. We as students really want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but also we don’t want to make fools of ourselves. So, as someone who cares about his mates, and wants to create a positive atmosphere within the university, here are a few tips on how to have fun, but also stay safe on your nights out. 1. Mixing is an art One big mistake I have made with drinking countless times is mixing. Every time I think to myself that “this time will be different” and that “I am a MASTER of alcohol”, or that “I can totally handle my drinks”, I always end up dying in a McDonald’s toilet somewhere. It doesn’t matter how good or experienced you are, just be careful


when mixing your drinks. My advice would be to pick a drink that you would be happy to have for the entire night and just stick to it. 2. Get a group together My favourite thing about drinking is the social aspect, so it’s always important that you find the right people for your drinking group. You want people who have similar tastes to you so you can save money on slabs and not on 10-packs, but you also want people who you feel safe drinking with, because it can be really scary getting drunk with randoms you don’t know. It’s crucial that you find some nice and respectful uni drinking pals, because there will be lots of chances to make new friends, and to create some awesome memories that you’ll cherish down the line.

3. H20 is your best mate Water is absolutely necessary to a good night out. You don’t need to be drinking it constantly throughout the night, but at least try and have one or two cups every hour or so, just to make sure you’re staying hydrated and settled. There is no reason why if you’re feeling a tad too far gone that you shouldn’t go grab a nice cool glass of ice water to just let yourself sober up a little. The golden rule, which I always stand by, is to just chuck a big bottle of water in the fridge before you go out, and when you get home, you’ll always have a nice refreshing drink to cool down after a fun night out. 4. Keep track of your keys, phone and mates I’m gonna admit, I’m an avid loser of things. Every time I go clubbing, I always find myself losing my phone, wallet or keys, and it’s something I’ve trained myself to fix. Before I leave anywhere, I’ll always run through my checklist: phone, wallet, keys, and anything else I brought out, ‘cause you don’t wanna be the bloke who misplaces his stuff, and ruins a what could’ve been a fun night out.

Rabelais | Edition One

And of course, this extends to your mates. Make sure you’ve always got one eye on your group, and ensure that they’re all having a fun time. If one of your mates is getting a tad too drunk? Get him a soft drink or a glass of water. See one of your mates feeling done for the night? Offer to leave the club with him or even better take him to Maccas, buy yourselves a feast, and then head home. If you stick together and always stay aware, then you’ll all be safe and still be having a fun time. That’s all there is to it folks. Uni is a lot of fun, and even if you don’t want to drink, you can still have fun. As long as you’re out with your mates and enjoying yourselves, that’s all that really matters. Good luck guys, and stay safe. 8


Artwork by Phoebe Moloney



Howdy folks, I’m Annabelle and I’m your General Secretary for 2019. This year’s gonna be jam packed with a whole bunch of stuff Starting with the Be a Better Human campaign. You’ll see a lot of promo around it in the first couple weeks of uni and a big showcase in Week Five!

Hiya there!! This is Eknath Prabhu here, your Post Graduate Officer for 2019. It brings me great pleasure and joy in welcoming you all to La Trobe University for this academic year. As we all know that LTU is home to a large number of Postgraduate students, where a majority of them belong to the international diaspora, pursuing If you’re looking to make some varied interests, it becomes a great friends at uni and I suggest you responsibility for me to act in the do because you don’t want to be all best interests of their requirements. alone and missing out on making some mates, you should definitely A difference in academic cultures, join an LTSU club or society. They’re modes of teaching, language, hands down the best way to make assessment styles & approaches some mates and funnily enough I on the academic front while a organise them. So, if you’re looking contrasting style of writing CVs to have a good time come down to or resumes, cover letters, skill The Clubs and Societies Festival requirements, job applications on in O-Week and join a club or you’ll the professional front may seem definitely regret it! When I say there challenging to a lot of them. I is something for everyone I really do intend to conduct several sessions mean that something for everyone. on referencing, academic integrity, studying tools and help and invite If you see me around uni and you experienced professionals from usually can I’m always in bright the industry, who shall enlighten coloured clothing, come say hey! I’m us with useful career tips, skill annoyingly talkative and bubbly so development and job approaching I’m always down for a chat! There’s techniques. It not always going to so much the LTSU are planning on be this serious. doing this year so watch this space! Have a big smile on your face and stay excited for the year ahead.

Rabelais | Edition One

REMMY HOOPER QUEER OFFICER Hi folks! I’m Remmy Hooper, the Queer Officer for 2019. This year for the Queer Department I want to focus on intersectionality, inclusion and support. I want to ensure that international students, especially, feel welcome in the Queer Department at La Trobe, as these groups are often overlooked within Queer communities. I also want to increase La Trobe’s presence at major Queer events such as the Midsumma Pride March. I want to appropriately acknowledge and celebrate important days for Queer folks like IDAHOBIT, TDoV and others. I also want to increase accessibility for disabled and neurodiverse students. Finally, I want to hold many fun events throughout the year to help students find supportive pals.

KATELYN INDIGENOUS OFFICER I am Katelyn and I am the Indigenous Officer for 2019. I am a proud Gubbi Gubbi woman and am grateful to be currently residing on Wurundjeri soil. My passion for social justice and activism has always been strong, leading me to study a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) in order to work for my community. I believe education is the greatest weapon used to create social change and I am looking forward to supporting current and future Indigenous students throughout their studies, as well as teaching non-Indigenous students about our magnificent cultures.

ASTRIL ANDRADES & SARAH SAEED GEORGIE AIDONOPOULOS & YANKEE LYU ACTIVITIES OFFICERS WOMEN’S OFFICERS Every Woman at La Trobe is a Super Woman! We are 2019 Women’s Officers; it’s such a privilege to represent the women studying at La Trobe University, Bundoora. We both are passionate about issues like sexual assault, violence, and discrimination. We strongly believe that every girl has a right to be treated fairly, to be educated, to earn a fair and equal wage and a voice to make decisions. For 2019, we have a set few major goals in making La Trobe a safe and prospering environment or everyone living on and off campus. Do you all know, there is a Women’s Lounge on campus? Checkout the Union building! Creating awareness by running campaigns, providing knowledge about facilities like SpeakUp, Counselling services and Women’s Officers on campus are our primary goals. Also, some of our other goals would be more lighting on campus, especially in car parks and paths to university accommodation, providing after hours security and self-defense classes. Thank you all who said ‘yes’ to both of us. We’ll do our best to make 2019 a memorable one for everyone.

Hey guys, our names are Georgie and Yankee, and we’re the 2019 Activities Officers! We’ve absolutely loved our time at La Trobe, and have tonnes of plans for you this year. We’re spent our time getting immersed with everything La Trobe and the LTSU has to offer. Our aim for this year with activites is to share our wonderful experiences that we’ve had with others and truly help foster an amazing environment for students both new and old. 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for the Activites Department, and we cannot wait for you to see what we have in store for y’all this year!




EDUCATION & public affairs OFFICERS

Hey guys, we’re Liam and Paige, and we’re your 2019 Education & Public Affairs Officers. If you recognize our faces, you’ve probably seen us on one of the several services offered by the LTSU like the free BBQ or Breakfast. This year, it’s our goal to ensure that every student at La Trobe is supported and aware of their rights here on campus, and we’ve got a bunch of great initiatives this year that we can’t wait for you to see.

Hello, we are Nishant and Nisar and Hello, we are Abdul and Navneet and we are your 2019 Ethnocultural we are your 2019 City Campus Officers in the LTSU. Officers in the LTSU. We are here to help all students come together and provide a chance to develop their skills in order to prepare them for the future. This year, we’re bringing activities ranging from academia to parties, and to make the City Campus as exciting as the Bundoora Campus. So get geared up for networking events, club events, themed food days, chillout trolleys, bar crawls, and many more. Stay tuned, we’re going to make the City Campus one of the best places to be.

To list these initiatives off: We offer a revamped Chill Out Trolley, are working on a campaign around Hurdle Tasks, free student tutoring in your subjects, popup Doggo Days, a winter soup kitchen, and a wellbeing survey into the colleges. The space here is way too small to describe what services we are keen to offer, so later on in this edition you can check out a larger summary of what we’ll be offering in 2019. Can’t wait to see you all!

We have noticed and personally experienced (being international students) that people who come from different ethnic backgrounds tend to stick to their own community, when they should be exploring different cultures. La Trobe University is so diverse, we want to break the barriers by organising ice breaking activities and events. This year, we will be focusing on bridging that gap and help people make new friends by learning about and celebrating diverse cultures present at La Trobe. We plan to work with different ethnic student societies to achieve this goal.


Rabelais | Edition One

ALEX LEIGHTON AND MIKE ZHAO DISABILITIES OFFICERS Hi everyone! We’re Alex and Mike and we are your 2019 Disabilities officers with the LTSU! We are both so happy to be in such an amazing role with so many great things in stall! We have so much planned for the year ahead of things we want to do, beginning with making the disabilities department more visible for students and to bring awareness to so many disabilities that get overlooked. We are striving to set the foundations and to make sure that the university is the most accessible it can be and to help any and all students who need help with their disabilities, physical, mental, impairment or otherwise! We are looking so forward to this year and are always a phone call or an email away. We can’t wait to get this year started!



Hello, my name is Andrew, Hey dudes, my name’s and I am the Education Jack. Some people may know me as Sack or Jonah Vice President for 2019. Hill- I’m cool with either. As the 2019 Vice President, I’m running the Welfare I will help in ensuring you Department this year with one clear goal- Eats, Beats succeed while you study and Treats, which has here at La Trobe. I will become the motto of my aim for all students to have department. a great and memorable experience I’ll be doing a free BBQ every Tuesday, so come Hope 2019 is a great year along and grab a snag, I for everyone and enjoy once worked a Bunnings BBQ so you know it’s your time at La Trobe. going to be just slightly above average. I’ll also ltsu_educationvp@ be doing a free Breakfast service on the Wednesday after, where you can grab a warm cup of coffee and a piece of toast, and maybe even the occasional donut or pancake.


ENVIRONMENT OFFICERS Hey guys, we’re Simon and Silje and we are your 2019 Environment Officers. As Environment Officers we will continue the awesome Clean Up La Trobe initiative that has been underway since last year, and will strive to do our best to protect our beautiful campus and preserve its nature. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store for you this year! ltsu_environment

I’m going to run a few sick events this year so be on the look out for those. Overall it’s gonna be a grouse year and I hope you guys are keen to see what kind of things we have in store for you guys this year!

OFFICE BEARERS ltsu_disability

24 au

Take a look into life at the La Trobe Shepparton Campus. BY JESS GRANT


elcome, and congratulations on starting your University journey. I know starting university can be a daunting experience, but don’t fret, I’m here to give you some tips and tricks which will help your survive our wonderful campus here at Shepparton. O-Week is probably the most valuable event that is specifically catered for new students- it not only provides you with all the information you need about our campus and your course, it is also a great way for you to meet your peers and lecturers in a fun and stress free environment. The most important thing to remember is that all the information you recieve will be useful to you at some point, and we in the SSA will guide you through your day and make sure get the most out of your uni experience. If you do miss anything, or if you get an information overload (it happens to all of us), don’t worry- the Shepparton Campus has a team of students and staff members with various experiences and disciplines to help you with anything you need. One example is the Connect Team, with Connect leaders and volunteers who exist solely to help you transistion into uni. You will meet them during Orientation and you can always easily find one. Just look out for people wearing the ‘Connect’ shirts. They will coordinate peer-to-peer activities, support student needs, help your navigate your way around campus, and much, much more. We share the library with Go TAFE, and the friendly staff there will help you find any book you need for your studies or personal interests. The Peer Learning Advisors- or PLA’s- are also a great team made up of students in their second, third, or forth years. There is a PLA for all the respective courses, ready to help with your study and assessment needs, and having already survived first year, they are a great resource for you to use.

Rabelais | Edition One




We also have the Accomodation Services, the Career Ready Advantage Program, fiancial assistance, Indigenous student support, International Student Support, IT Support, Student Wellbeing, and new Student Support Services, that are always available to help all students with anything you might need to help you succeed in University.

If you’re still feeling a little lost or confused about anything and you just feel like having a chat, you’re always welcome to come find an SSA member (we wear purple lanyards); we’re always happy to have a chat about anything! You want to be a part of our committee or suggest ideas for activities or events? Come right through! There’s also always a comfortable place to chill out and collect your thoughts if you feel like being alone for a minute. Grab a coffee or a bit to eat at our beautfiul cafe, ‘Food to the Max’, come along to our student BBQs, or browse through our brand new book exchange bookshelf in our student nook. There’s always something for everyone. Even though Shepparton is one of the smallest La Trobe campuses, it still offers the great advantage of close student and staff relations and a real communal environment. We want you to feel that you are part of the University family. If you ever need anything, there is always a friendly face to talk to!

To finish I’ll leave you with this - keep calm, and like the SSA page on Facebook to stay in the loop with all the fun and important stuff! 8

that, we have the opportunity to network through social events with community members and potential employers which prepares us for the real world after graduating. Further to my role as a Vice president, I am also a Peer Learning Advisor and a Student Facilitator.


’day everyone! My name is Mariam Mgoter and im the 2019 Vice President of the Shepparton Students’ Association, also known as the SSA. I’m also a third year social work student that has a great passion for human rights and social justice, which explains why I chose social work as a career. After completing my course I hope I can get a job in child protection to help vulnerable children and disadvantaged families. Studying at La Trobe University Shepparton campus has given me the opportunity to connect more with my peers and staff members, adding to the unique one on one learning that you wouldn’t normally get on a bigger campus. In addition to

In Shepparton, the SSA provides a wide variety of activities and events that makes university life more exciting, enjoyable and slightly easier. Among them is Orientation Day that prepares first year students transition into university; career networking dinner; information sessions, Grad Ball and subsidised costs for first aid courses. SSA also hosts regular BBQs and gives away free food, movie nights, Harmony Day, R U OK Day, Stress Less Week and much, much more. We are also excited to announce that we have upgraded our BBQ area that will accommodate more students and a new stage for future entertainers. This year we are working on getting our student voice more involved and we accept new suggestions on how we can make this campus more inclusive of people from all walks of life. We look forward to welcoming our new students and help create a friendly environment to enhance educational prospects. 8 Mariam Mgoter 2019 Vice President Shepparton Student Association

MSA CORNER J The Mildura Students Association is study body which aims to create a positive and friendly learning environment and social network for all students. We’ve been busy planning the year ahead and we are so excited for 2019. Yasmeen Khurshid President Yas is incredibly scared of spiders.

Sarah Taha Vice President Sarah is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and a proud member of Hufflepuff House!


O’Week Afternoon Tea: MSA Area 26th Feb O’Week Lunch: MSA Area 27th Feb 12pm-1pm O’Week Picnic: Bobby and Me 27th Feb 5:30pm-7:30pm First UNI NIGHT of the Year: The Setts 8pm ‘til late March Events: International Women’s Day Harmony Day/Market Day Pride Week Graduate Ball: Willow and Ivie 10th May


Sarah Hobson Secretary Sarah is a passionate runner. Last year she run the Gold Coast Marathon!

Jamuna Jackson Women’s Officer Jamuna loves to cook and try new recipes in her spare time.

Bavani Palakrishnan Ethno-Cultural Officer Bavani loves a challenge, unless it has anything to do withreptiles!

Tayla Muir Indigenous Officer Tayla loves to laugh and she is effortlessly funny!

Camille France Ethno-Cultural Officer Camille loves to read and watch movies!

Brody Tanner Member Brody is a great chess player. He has played in four inter-school chess finals!


Jemma Jo Johnson Rainbow Offcier Jemma has an oddity collection which includes cruelty-free taxidermy, human bellybuttons and an 11-million-year old dinosaur tooth!

Rosina Byrne Support Officer Rosina is an advocate, an artist and a nurturer. She loves her family and her pets. Rosina supports ALL students on campus. You can find her office at the end of the portable building, up the ramp with an MSA flag outside her door. Rosina’s workdays are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Rabelais | Edition One

student services 0



Financial Counselling

The LTSU Advocacy Team offers support to students that may be experiencing difficulties or struggles during their studies at university. These problems could be related to anything, be them academic or welfare issues. The team listens to your issues and gives you advice on how to best work through what you’re facing- assisiting you in reaching a formal outcome to the issue at hand. Whether you’ve got an Unsatisfactory Progress Committee meeting or need a Remission of Debt, the La Trobe Student Union Advocacy service is always there, free of charge and with complete confidentiality, to help you through the case. Advocacy services are available to students from Mondays to Fridays.

Is it your first time away from home and you’re struggling with your finances? Or maybe a new International Student going through financial difficulties? Perhaps you just need some general advice around how to plan your money whilst studying full time? The Student Union offers free, non-judgemental and fully qualified financial counselling services and advice to all students at La Trobe University. The service is happy to listen to your issues, and give you any advice you may need; whether that be in setting up a budgeting plan or assisting with applying for an emergency loan. Our counsellors are available for both face-to-face consultations and phone calls on Mondays and Fridays.

For more information contact our Advocacy offices at

For more information, please contact our financial counsellors at ltsu.financialcounsellor@latrobe.

In times of strife, there is always somebody willing and able to help. Take down these key contacts for when you’re in need.

Legal Service

Emergency Housing

The La Trobe Student Union also offers a high quality, free and confidential legal service through its partnership with Banyule Community Health. Whether you have a dispute with your landlord, are concerned about your treatment in your workplace, or even something as small as a parking fine, qualified lawyers can address your concerns and help with coming to a formal outcome with your case. Currently, the legal service is open at the La Trobe Student Union on Mondays and Tuesdays, with ‘drop-in’ sessions being offered on Wednesday mornings from 9.30 - 12.30pm at the LTSU Offices.

The Student Union and La Trobe University also provide an Emergency Housing Service, which can provide students with an one stop shop package of clothing, food, emergency contacts and housing for students in need. If you are in need of emergency housing and are suffering through financial hardships, the Student Union can refer your case to Accomodation Services and assist you in gaining emergency accomodation for a period of time. If you think that you may require this service, please contact the Advocacy Service.

For more information, please contact our legal officers at (03)94792613

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Thirdly, show empathy for your fellow students and their lived experience and be an active bystander to ensure they are okay.

Consent is important. The LTSU General Secretary gives a look into 2019’s newest student-led campaign. BY ANNABELLE ROMANO

It’s important to acknowledge and be critical of the ways our society perpetuates stereotypes and sexist behaviours and what we can do to educate ourselves in doing something about it. The campaign asks us to think about how can you help women on campus to feel safe and empowered? How can you encourage men to express their emotions in a healthy way? How can you be an ally of the ‘Be A Better Human’ campaign and be the change we all want to see in our community?



hat does it mean to, ‘be a better human’? Is it about improvement in our behaviour, knowing right from wrong or being more understanding and empathetic with others? Well, it’s all of the above and much more. In 2017, a group of students from Flinders University Student Association in South Australia asked these questions with the answers and discussion resulted in the Be A Better Human campaign. They took a stand and decided that it’s time to ask those difficult questions and have these discussions. We shouldn’t shy away from topics like consent, sexual assault and harassment, bystander intervention and rape culture. Talking about stuff like this isn’t easy as everyone knows but the, “Be A Better Human,” campaign makes it easy to follow and non-confrontational for students. Its aim is to spread awareness and encourage discourse amongst peers in a relaxed way. One of the most important parts of the campaign is its discussion around the culture and attitudes that shape the way we all think about sex and consent, especially at a tertiary education level. It’s about how we can create a culture, not only at university but in our everyday lives, which prevents it happening in the first place. At the heart of the campaign are three simple words: consent, respect and empathy. These three words form the action points they suggest to start at, these being:

Here at La Trobe, Abood the LTSU President and I will be spearheading the campaign and these questions for La Trobe Bundoora students with the university’s support. There will be a rollout of merchandise and information booklets throughout Semester 1 available across La Trobe’s Metropolitan and Regional campuses, starting in O-Week! I hope you can join us on this journey of reflection, critical thinking and personal growth to make La Trobe University an even more inclusive space for its students. One by one, conversation by conversation, group by group, let’s make the community an even better place. 8

Security and Safety Operations Centre (General enquiries) T: (03) 9479 2012 F: (03) 9479 2341 E:

First, talk about and engage in ideas surrounding affirmative consent; that it’s voluntary, enthusiastic and continuous.

Security Western Entry Gatehouse T: (03) 9479 3216 F: (03) 9479 1557 E:

Second, Respect each other; women, men and gender diverse people – their rights, their identity and autonomy.

For emergencies call: (03) 9479 2222


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2019 clubs and societies ,m guide 34

Rabelais | Edition One

A Look Into African Society (ALIAS)

Indonesia, Poland, Bahrain and Argentina, allowing students to challenge themselves, make a A Look into African Society (ALIAS), difference, and learn more about other is a society that aims to bring together cultures. African students and celebrate the We also give students the opportunity to diversity and vibrancy of Africa. Our work as part of our committee, gaining mission is to create a community of experience working in the local chapter respect that provides a welcoming of an international organisation. and supportive environment for all members. Through events and community engagement, we hope to Amnesty International build pride and an appreciation for the African continent. The society aims at raising awareness “All human beings are born free and for African causes and allowing equal in dignity and rights” – The United members to interact in events like Nations, Article 1 of the Universal dinners, discussions, day trips, special Declaration of Human Rights. We are events for Africa day and respected a group of La Trobe students who are passionate about social justice, equality independence days. Africa is a beautiful and rich continent, and human rights! We intend to raise being home to the Masai Mara (Kenya), awareness through our campaigns the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe and and create a space for students to Zambia), the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt), discuss some of the most pressing Omo River Region (Ethiopia), Elmina issues surrounding human rights. Castle (Ghana), Virunga Mountains Throughout the year we hold a variety of (Uganda, Rwanda, DRC) and Mount social and educational events including Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) just to name a fundraisers, dinners, movie nights and discussion panels. We take human few breathtaking attractions. Come Along and Take a Closer Look rights seriously, but not ourselves; we love to have fun, hang out, and celebrate Into Africa today! our many freedoms and rights. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or if you are interested in AIESEC becoming involved with the club!

clubs & s AIESEC is the world’s largest studentrun organisation and aims to develop leadership in young people through international exchange opportunities. We provide international volunteering and internship opportunities to countries such as China, India,


Animal Rights Society

We promote students’ learning by facilitating volunteer opportunities, workshops and citizen science projects with guidance and collaboration with academic staff and land care groups. The society also aims to increase knowledge of the biodiversity of native flora and promote appreciation of its beauty. We hope to achieve this by organising talks, science projects, camps, bush walks and more. Everyone with an interest in plants is welcome to join our Facebook group with the same name.

Animal Rights La Trobe is the oncampus voice for animals. We are open to all students, vegan, vegetarian or vegcurious! We make an impact through vegan outreach, lobbying, fund-raising, awareness, volunteer opportunities and promoting compassion towards animals in all their forms. Visit our vegan bake sales and BBQs, dinners at Melbourne vegetarian/vegan restaurants, documentary/film screenings, and excursions to places such as Edgar’s Mission. If you are interested in getting involved join our Facebook group, Card Gamers Club where we discuss all upcoming events! Asian Pop Culture Appreciation Society (APCAS)

Asian Pop Culture Appreciation Society is a space for those who have a common interest in all things associated with Asian pop culture. Whether your interest is towards K-Pop, J-Pop, V-Pop or even K-dramas/variety shows, we hope to unite members and establish a family where we can experience Asian pop culture without having to step into our TV screens!

The La Trobe Card Gamers Club (CGC) is a club dedicated to providing a venue for people to get together to play, trade and generally enjoy playing collectable card and other non-traditional card games. Members enjoy playing a variety of different card games from collectable card gaming to specialty hobby games. All are welcome to attend sessions, get to know new players and talk to our executive members who can help you arrange games outside of the club meeting times and fill you in on upcoming club events. In addition to providing a venue to play in, the CGC also periodically holds ‘Draft’ and ‘Sealed Deck’ style competitions with prizes and giveaways aplenty. So if you’re an old hand at card gaming or just interested to see what this exciting hobby is all about, feel free to rock on down to a meeting and join in the fun!

societies Botany and Plant Ecology Society

The Botany and Plant Ecology Society of LTU brings together students interested in botany and any aspects of plant ecology, be it agriculture or conservation.

Rabelais | Edition One

Chinese Students Club

Chinese Students Club (CSC) is a group that helps students to get a better understanding about Chinese traditional culture and allows them to be involved in many festivals, activities and events that help to celebrate Chinese culture. By participating in these activities, students at La Trobe will have more knowledge about Chinese culture itself and most importantly they will be able to experience lots of fun in the activities which are beyond their expectations. Also, they would meet and easily make a lot of Chinese friends that come different parts of the country such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and also Singapore.

in the Melbourne Opera Chorus! We also do social stuff and welcome any suggestions to make being in the choir even more fun. We are also a member of AICSA ( - an association of 10 university choirs from around the country - and every year the choirs come together in a capital city for a 10-day intervarsity choral festival: basically intense rehearsing, intense socialising, etc, finishing up with an amazing combined concert at the end of each festival. It is definitely a major highlight of our year. Last year LaTUCS co-hosted the 2018 festival with choirs from Monash & RMIT universities. We’ve just returned from this year’s festival in Adelaide, and next year is in Brisbane in July 2020. So come along and have a sing! Any questions, please ask!

Choral Society @LaTUCS2019

We are the La Trobe University Choral Society (or LaTUCS for short), your on-campus choir! There are no auditions, we are open to anyone who wants to “have a go” at singing in a university-based choir. We rehearse every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm til 8:30pm, in the Davidson Room in Glenn College, and we usually meet for dinner beforehand somewhere in the Agora. Lorraine is our conductor and her energy is infectious. We usually do 2-3 concert each year - some on our own, sometimes combined with other choirs, and sometimes we’ll participate in a major local music event like being

Christian Union

clubs & s 38

The Christian Union is a nondenominational student Christian group at La Trobe. We meet together regularly to support and encourage each other and to learn about God through the Bible. We want to tell people about God and the fantastic message of Jesus and do so through Bible studies, weekly

“For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake,” 2 Corinthians 4:5. We have a weekly dinner together then have a talk, question time and discussion. It’s a great chance to get to know others and learn more whatever your view of Christianity. The CU seeks to Evangelize: proclaiming the risen Christ on campus in faithful, creative and engaging ways, Encourage: bringing students to maturity in Christ through Bible teaching, prayer and fellowship, Equip: inspiring, resourcing and releasing students to serve Christ on campus and in their lives and Export: preparing students for a life of continued service of Christ, wherever God leads them, including full time work, in their local church, local and missionary service and family life. College of St. Cecilia

The College of St. Cecilia is a part of the The Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre17th-century Europe. The SCA study and take part in a variety of activities, including combat, archery, equestrian activities, costuming, cooking, metalwork, woodworking, music, dance, calligraphy, and more! If it was done in the Middle Ages or Renaissance, you’ll find someone in the SCA interested in recreating it! What makes the SCA different from Humanities 101 is the active participation in the

learning process. To learn about the clothing of the period, you research it, sew and wear it yourself. To learn about combat, you put on armor (which you may have built yourself ) and learn how to defeat your opponent and so many other parts of pre-17th century life! This describes itself as recreating the Middle Ages “as they ought to have been.” This is somewhat true – we use indoor plumbing and heated halls. In winter we have more to eat than King’s venison and dried tubers. However, a better description is that we selectively recreate the culture, choosing elements of the culture that interest and attract us. Competitive Online Games Society (COGS)

LTU COGS seeks to create and grow a community for competitive online gaming, with a focus on League of Legends, CS:GO, HotS, and DOTA2. This fosters interaction between LTU students and the wider eSports player base in Victoria. It’s a place to get together and discuss recent eSports events, play a casual game or two, watch competitive tournaments, and participate in tournaments with both new and experienced players.

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Craft Beer and Home Brewinfg Society

Equality Sustainability and Peace (ESP)

The La Trobe Craft Beer & Home Brewing Society is one of the newest and coolest clubs here at Uni! Our Club is all about great vibes and good times. We do all things Craft Beer related, what might that be you ask? Well, we do Bar Crawls, Brewery Tours, Pub Nights and Bar Fights. Okay, maybe not the last one but you get the point. We love beer, and we want you to join us if you love beer too! Or even if you just want to make a few friends over a few cheeky bevs! Dumbledore’s Army

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Whether you have only read the books or seen the movies to fantasising about getting your own wand; or if you just have an uncontrollable urge to talk about Harry Potter all the time (or all of the above).... You have come to the right place! Dumbledore’s Army: La Trobe Division is the Harry Potter fan club on campus for all past and present LTU students/ alumni and faculty members. Running events both off and on campus, there will be multiple chances for you to meet new people; discuss Harry Potter to your heart’s content; and join our magical community in celebrating all things HP. Our events season for 2019 includes: Monthly magical Monday movie nights; Start of Year Feast; Trivia Night; Yule Ball; Games night; Magic camp; and the End of year celebration.

ESP is a space for discussing, organising, acting on and spreading awareness of issues surrounding equality, sustainability and peace. Get involved through weekly meetings, stalls, movie screenings, campaigns, fundraising events, workshops, skillshares and more! ESP has been running since 2008 when it evolved from the La Trobe University International Development Students Club. It now encompasses students and others from all disciplines and backgrounds to come together and engage on issues of equality, sustainability and peace. We welcome the involvement of all people who wish to positively and productively engage in various issues surrounding equality, sustainability and peace. We aim to build networks, develop educational activities and engender change by providing information, resources and tools for action, both here and globally. ESP hopes that by spreading awareness and by providing means by which people can become involved in these issues, we can all actively contribute to making the world we live in a better place for us all.

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Exchange Club

The Exchange Club aims to foster bonds and friendships between members of different nationalities through dialogue and events. We want to welcome exchange students, help them with any problems or concerns that they have and make sure that they enjoy their stay

at La Trobe University. This will be done in a variety of fun and exciting ways, in which both exchange and La Trobe students will be able to easily mingle and be entertained. We also want to provide a medium for returning or budding La Trobe exchange students to share experiences or discuss what they would like to do.

organise other activities such as outings to other cinemas, and screenings of local/ independent/student made films. Come along if you would like to get involved, have a your say, share your thoughts and ideas, help out, and meet other film lovers. La Trobe University Greek Society

Fellowship of Overseas Christian ‘Extra, Extra read all about it, LUGS is University Students (FOCUS) the Greek club and we want to join it’. The La Trobe University Greek Society (LUGS) is a passionate and vibrant FOCUS stands for Fellowship of club that is known for celebrating their Overseas Christian University Students. Greek culture and traditions throughout We are a La Trobe University student various on and off campus events. club. FOCUS aims to help international There are currently sixteen members, all students make new friends and find out of whom are studying different degrees, about Jesus and why he is worth having but their love and passion for the Greek a friendship with. Each week we have an culture is what unites them. All that is international meal together, sing some missing from this committee is you. songs, study the bible and pray together. Commonly known and recognised You don’t have to be a Christian to as LUGS, this university club has come along. We welcome anyone who accomplished some outstanding is interested. So, if you are interested achievements: La Trobe University is in Christian fellowship, learning about one of the only Universities in Victoria God and Jesus, going to social events to offer Greek to students from beginner and making new friends, then FOCUS up to the advanced level. It is our duty as is for you. the Greek youth of today, to support the Greek Department of La Trobe but most importantly, encourage the Greek youth Film Appreciation Society to continue with their Greek studies. Additionally LUGS has held some amazing on and off campus events. The LTU Film Appreciation Society is a LUGS hosts their annual traditional new society for film and cinema lovers. Greek tavern night with other Greek The main idea behind the club is to be university clubs which unites all students organising and running regular free together to enjoy Greek traditional 4 film nights in the Agora Cinema. Aside from regular film nights we could also

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food, music and dance. LUGS hosts several on-campus to treat your taste buds. This includes souvlaki days and frappe days. Furthermore, by working closely with the Greek Department, LUGS successfully hosted an educational seminar which focused on Linear B Tablets in the Mycenaean period and how the Greek language has evolved over time. This was a very successful event and we will continue to promote the Greek language with the Greek Department in the future. In the meantime, we encourage first-year La Trobe students and re-occurring students to become a 2019 LUGS member. By becoming a member, you will have an amazing opportunity to meet new and diverse people, have the chance to change and influence the Greek community but most importantly you do not have to be Greek to join, all we ask from you is your inner Greek spirit and energy.

La Trobe students. The only way things can change for the better is if you get involved, so come and get involved!


Humanitarian Society

If you support progressive causes like equal rights for the LGBTQ community, social justice and the fight against climate change, then the La Trobe Greens are for you! We discuss, debate and promote the values of the Australian Greens - the third largest political party in Australia and the only one that truly stands by its values. Join our club and come to one of our meetings, where you can share with us what you think are the most pressing issues in Australia, and at the same time be inspired by other passionate and politically active

Hakama Nakama (Japanese Club)

Hakama Nakama is the official Japanese Club of La Trobe University (Bundoora Campus). The goal of the Japanese Culture Club is to inform more people about the Japanese language, society and culture. We actively encourage our members to participate in a range of social and cultural events, as well as events that take place outside of the club. By doing so, we wish to make a friendly environment in which our members can experience and learn more about the different aspects of Japanese culture, as well as enjoying themselves in the company of people with a passion for all things Japanese.

The Humanitarian Society’s main purpose is to aid countries and places that are in need of immediate humanitarian aid. We aim to help through raising funds, gathering clothes for donations, supplying sanitary needs and food. Anything that can help!

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Indian Students Club

barbecues, bake-sales and lectures and is open to everyone, Muslim and nonMuslim alike. Furthermore, during the month of Ramadan we provide food for the Muslims on campus who are fasting. We also have our annual Grand Iftar where university alumni, community leaders, students and their families join us to break fast in a joyful setting. For more information and to keep up to date with our future events find us on Facebook @ https://www.

The Indian Students’ Club aims to create a ‘home away from home’ for new and existing students. Though the name says ‘Indian Students’ Club’ and we primarily intend to promote Indian culture and traditions, we embrace diversity and are open to people from all cultural backgrounds as one of our club’s beliefs is ‘Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day’. Our goal is to help students make a positive transition from India to La Trobe in all respects by providing Italian Club them with useful information and organising events all throughout the year. Ciao a tutti! We are the La Trobe Italian Social Club and we are glad to be in this year’s 2019 O-Week Edition of the Islamic Society LTSU Rabelais! We are a club for Italian students, students studying Italian or Our objectives are to serve and facilitate just general lovers of anything Italian! the religious, social and academic Together with our parent organisation needs of Muslim students, both local, VITA and other Italian student groups international, students and staff as well at other Victorian Universities, as to teach and present Islam to both we hold social and cultural events Muslims and non Muslims on campus. creating a strong sense of community! We are in charge of the female and male We highlight the beauty of Italian Muslim prayer rooms on campus which culture, food and language. Sound like are located in the HU-ED building, something you’d like to be a part of? where Muslim students and staff can Find us on Facebook /latrobeitalianclub perform their daily prayers, study and and Instagram @latrobeitaliani! We socialise. We hold various enjoyable look forward to you joining the famiglia! events throughout the semester which Ci vediamo. include welcome back barbecues, a sisters high tea, dawah campaigns and we also organise an annual Islamic Awareness week with the purpose of helping people in the wider community to understand Islam better. The week consists of different events such as

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Artwork by Phoebe Moloney


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Kyudo Club

Welcome to the FIRST KNOWN Australian University Based Kyudo Club! As both a student at LaTrobe, and in Kyudo, I would like to welcome our members to the path leading to their own Kyudo journeys. We are hoping to be able to provide a space for Kyudojin - beginners and more experienced alike - to train and grow; especially for our international exchange students from Japan, Taiwan and other countries where Kyudo has been an established Martial Art. The club is open to faculty members as well as students at the university, because a person can NEVER be too old to begin Kyudo! Kyudo is still considered to be very new in Australia, and as such, there are very limited places to train. We are proud to announce that, not only are we the first known Kyudo Club within an Australian University, but we are formally recognised and affiliated with Australia’s own Kyudo Association! Our long-term goal is to increase the practice and education about Kyudo, and to eventually be able to safely demonstrate this art-form during events like O-Week, Japanese festivals and and other cultural events at La Trobe!

parts of life inside and outside of La Trobe. We offer students with a wide variety of both formal and informal events and training such as parliament tours, trivia nights, student campaigns, debates, seminars with guest speakers and a lot more. The Labor Club is open to anyone interested in politics, social and environmental policy, and the labor movement. We have close relationships with the Australian Labor Party, various student unions, organisations, and trade unions across Australia. The La Trobe Labor Club aims to: Encourage a diversity of ideas and opinions within the labour movement, engage students in ideas, policies, actions, events, and activities relevant to the labour movement, highlight the importance of workplace rights and minimum working conditions and highlight the importance of Trade Unions and unionism within Australia. Latin Dance Club

This club is for all students and staff to learn to dance Salsa and Bachata dancing. We have absolutely FREE beginner dance lessons. Our vision is to help students to enjoy their time on campus, de-stress from workload pressure, meet new people and make friends and contacts, exercise and have FUN!

clubs & s Labor Club Facebook: Labor Club La Trobe

The La Trobe Labor Club is one of the biggest and most vibrant clubs on campus, and is a great way to meet new people and make friends from different



a society, we aim to spread awareness about Marathi culture in Australia and create cross cultural engagement and LitterBusters was started in April 2016 dialogue. We do not consider anyone and look forward to holding litter clean- or any culture inferior or superior to up days every month to maintain a another. Our club members are proud positive and caring culture on campus. to be good human beings first, proud We meet up on the second Friday of Indians, proud Australian residents, each month and separate into groups and proud Marathi people. that tackle litter in different areas of the campus for only 15 minutes. Litter is too easily ignored and too difficult for any one individual to battle on their own. That is why we provide an outlet for anyone’s frustration about litter and allow for real positive change on our beautiful campus. Help keep La Trobe beautiful and clean! Join the La Trobe Litter Busters! Marathi Club

This club is our humble attempt to preserve our Marathi culture and heritage. Maharashtra is a state in the western region of India and is India’s third-largest state by area and is also the world’s second-most populous sub-national entity. Marathi culture is the culture of this state. The capital of Maharashtra is Mumbai. Maharashtra is known as the land of saints, educationists and revolutionists. Maharashtra has huge influence all over the world of 17th century King Shivaji of Maratha Empire and his concept of Hindavi Swarajya which translates to self-rule of people. The state of Maharashtra spans multiple cultures which includes cultures related to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians etc. As

Nepalese Student Association (NEPSA)

La Trobe Nepalese Student Association (NEPSA) is established with a vision of providing a homely environment to Nepalese students coming to Melbourne. The primary goal of the organization is to provide assistance to Nepalese student with their requirements. We act as a cultural bridge between Nepalese students and students from other countries. We aim to promote and assist Nepalese students in their social and educational activities at the University.

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Nintendo Society

The La Trobe Nintendo Society is about everything Nintendo, from Pokemon to Super Smash Bros, and from Mario to the Legend of Zelda. We have meetings at least once a week, either being a Pokemon tournament or some friendly games of Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart. All are more than welcome to come along, have a great time in our relaxed atmosphere and make some new friends.

a group of fabulous people wanting to get other fabulous people interested in the art of debating. We have big plans to have lots of debates happening around campus and even off campus. So we really do urge you to come along and see what we are all about and meet some new people. Get involved in social events, debating workshops, competitions and much, much more!

Noble Anime Society (LUNASY)

Ever wonder which end is the head of a chocolate cornet, or how forming an idol group can save your school? Perhaps Lunasy is the group for you. Proudly celebrating our sweet 16th, The La Trobe University Noble Anime Society is a club dedicated to the love and appreciation of Anime and Manga. Whether you’re a protagonist or a side character, this club will be perfect for you. Attend our weekly screening and events and find us on Facebook or the Lunasy website.


Oxfam La Trobe was established in 2013 and has grown to become an embraced NGO presence on the Bundoora campus. The club links to Oxfam groups at other universities as well as Oxfam Australia. Oxfam La Trobe is an open and inclusive student group which Organised University Debating (LOUD) welcomes students from all walks of life. Being a culturally diverse group with a large international student Want to achieve killer self confidence membership gives us a greater range and communication? Become an of ideas and contextual understandings awesome general knowledge badass? which we hope will make our social Super charge your employability? Be a justice events interesting, engaging and master in the art of persuasion? Then meaningful for the La Trobe student we’ve got just the club for you! We are community.

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Pakistan Students Association

The Pakistan Students’ Association at La Trobe University is a non-political organization, representing the Pakistani culture through social interactions. The society aimis to promote cross cultural integrity, social ethic, welfare, educational and cultural activities. The association serves as a platform for both newly admitted and existing students to interact with each other, promote goodwill and understanding amongst Australians and Pakistani students. PSALTU is a place for all Pakistanis to meet and get to know each other. We provide assistance for Pakistani Students and organize many activities for students at La Trobe and sometimes collaborate with other Pakistani societies in other universities.

is the perfect place for you to unwind from the pressures of university life! Pipe Band

The aims of ‘The Band’ are to adopt Highland Pipe Band music for enjoyment and social interaction, continuing the Scottish/Irish tradition. The club plays and promotes traditional Highland Bagpipe music, performs Celtic music including vocal renditions as an Ensemble group, performs Highland dancing and provides a forum for teaching and development of music skills with students, La Trobe staff, past students and assisting playing members. The Band meets once per week to be taught on and rehearse on various instruments. New members, playing and non-playing are always most welcome to join in the various activities. \‘The Band’ when up to sufficient strength The Patch and playing standard, will be capable of holding concerts, entering competitions and playing for paid functions both The Patch (formerly known as the within the University and publicly. Community Garden!) is a vibrant community gardening group, located behind the Borchardt Library. Students and staff are always welcome to join and participate in the regular events we hold. But, what do we do exactly? We organise weekly gardening and working bee sessions throughout the semester, planetUNI including a range of regular workshops for students to learn new skills, social events and excursions and trips to At planetUNI we believe that university gardens/gardening related events in life is much more than just libraries, Melbourne. The Patch garden is open exams, and tutes. We are a student club 24/7, so feel free to water or do some associated with Planetshakers Church weeding if it takes your fancy. The Patch and we would love to meet YOU! g

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We run drug-and-alcohol free social events, and we love to give out free stuff (Did we say free? Yes we did!). Come along and say hi at our O-week booth to grab our free magazine and other great goodies! A few things we do on (and off ) campus include: planetUNI Central our bi-annual Orientation party! Social Hang-outs - Dinner, heading out to the movies, ultimate frisbee, board games night, pizza night, you name it! Prayer Meetings - planetUNI is committed to believing the best for our campus. We like to come together to share life and vision with one another. We hold our events all year around! If you aren’t a member, you can sign up at any of our events (and it’s free!). We can’t wait to meet you!

Public Health Students Association

What does the Public Health Students Association do you ask? We basically want to improve the lives of La Trobe students through a health lens. Think safer campuses, health and wellbeing, lifestyle balance (too much uni is never a good thing) affirmative consent etcetera etcetera. Public Health relates to anyone and everyone no matter what you’re studying. We are interested in campus, local and international health issues. If you are passionate about health and wellbeing, love coordinating events, enjoy expanding your networks and want to have fun on the way, our group is for you.

Psychology Society The Psychology Society aims to unite the love students share for deepening the understanding of the mind, the self and human behaviour. Throughout the year the events endeavour to provide a space for discussion, investigation and hands-on involvement, to shed light onto what makes humans human. Being part of the Psych community will be an enlightening opportunity for like-minded students to come together to share ideas and further embed and expand our understanding of the human psyche! Join us in 2019 for another action-packed year of interesting and compelling events, which help us to apply what we learn in the classroom to the real world!

Red Cross Club

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Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation. Red Cross is there for people in need, regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. We are impartial, neutral and independent. In all activities we are guided by the 7 Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence,

Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. The La Trobe University Australian Red Cross Club is made up of a group of people who wish to engage in direct humanitarian action, have fun, and create an inclusive community on campus. All are welcome! Role Playing Group

The Role Playing Group is a group of individuals who all share a passion for role playing. It is a social activity where people get together to collectively tell a story. It combines elements of problem solving, emotional exploration and acting into an enjoyable and stimulating pastime. There are many different types of role playing games that cover all manner of subjects and settings, from fantasy and science fiction to realistic portrayals of the contemporary world. LURG meet once a week to provide a place for groups to play their games as well as giving individuals the opportunity to meet others so they can join in on a game or start a new one.

for the original women who inspired the organisation. Once struggling to survive in a small tin shed, the women now run the skills centre in Kathmandu where other women learn handicraft and literacy skills. The organisation has helped empower over 500 women since 2009, and the La Trobe stall is an important part of their success. We sell the handicrafts made by the women, as well as other products from Nepalese women’s cooperatives. Everything we sell is fair trade. You can get involved with Seven Women by joining our lovely, welcoming volunteer group or by visiting our stall and supporting fair trade. If you have a couple of hours to spare on Wednesdays and you would like to volunteer please contact us! You can reach us through the Facebook page, email, or by approaching us at the stall. She’s The First

She’s the First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders. Throughout the year Seven Women we fundraise on campus to raise funds for our scholars in Nepal. We also aim to bring awareness about the power of Seven Women La Trobe is a volunteer girls’ education, gender equality and group that runs a fair trade stall every other global issues through our Global Wednesday in the Agora. We are one Awareness Program and other events. component of the Seven Women She’s the First - La Trobe is also the first not-for-profit organisation, a grass- STF campus chapter in Australia. roots project empowering women in Nepal through education and income generation. Seven Women is named

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Socialist Alternative

Socialist Alternative is a left-wing, anticapitalist organization. Our La Trobe club is active in promoting and building activities in support of students and workers rights, against war and racism and progressive causes more broadly. We hold regular meetings both on and off-campus to discuss Marxist ideas and their continuing relevance today. Society of Music

Writing a song? Beginning a band? Mozart in the making? LUSoM connects musically-minded individuals to play, perform and appreciate all styles of music in a supportive environment. Meetings are held twice a week where we socialize, unwind and play our instruments in a group setting. We promote performance opportunities throughout the year to anyone looking to expand their performance skills. Finally, our aim is to connect students with the networks and support they need to keep doing what they love. We welcome all instruments, ages and abilities so if you want to come and have a jam with some fellow students then this is the place for you!

Sri Lankan Students Association Situated nearly quarter a globe away from La Trobe, Sri Lanka is a small island nation which is often referred to as the “pearl of the Indian ocean”. Also known by the historic names “Ceylon” and “Taprobane”, this beautiful country is home to about 20 million people from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. With a documented history spanning over 2500 years, Sri Lanka has a rich Buddhist heritage which has been passed down over the generations. This island nation is also well known for its cricket, a sport followed by Sri Lankans with unequalled passion. But an introduction to Sri Lanka isn’t complete if one doesn’t mention about its world heritage sites, golden beaches, pristine natural beauty, colourful festivals, wildlife and warm hospitality which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. Our main scope is to look after well being of the members of the association and to share information about Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan culture. We also aim to extend our membership beyond the members of Sri Lankan community by increasing the diversity of our membership and interacting with other student associations in Australia.

clubs & s Two Birds, One Scone

Two Birds One Scone aims at saving wasted food on La Trobe University grounds. We collect, package and deliver all unsold (and otherwise


wasted) food from all major vendors on campus. The food goes to local churches that hold community lunches and dinners each week. Our team has saved over 2 tonnes of food in the past 2 years and we would love for you to be a volunteer. Volunteering hours are up to you! Whether it be one or two days a week, volunteer hours start after 5pm and this is an opportunity to be a leader and be a part of change. See you in 2019 La Trobians!

events such as Vietnamese Culture Day, or VMISS OF MELBOURNE. In the year of 2019, we will try our best to bring more interesting activities and events for not only Vietnamese students but also ALL Latrobians! We will have a party for newbies of La Trobe as well as a wonder trip for you in this March. Don’ walk, let’s run to LAVISA. LAVISA always welcomes all of you to come and join with us. Quidditch Club


Unicare is the University student ministry of Encompass Church Bundoora. We are a warm, friendly community of people supporting and connecting with students. Throughout the year we hold fun events and group nights and also special sightseeing Day Trips! We run free dinners and ‘connect groups’ to discuss a wide range of different topics! Vietnamese Students Association (LAVISA)

Quidditch is a full-contact, mixed gender sport. ‘La Trolls’ University Quidditch Club is the foremost quidditch team at La Trobe, playing in National Tournaments. With multiple La Trobe alumni on the Australian National Team, who are the international champions, There has never been a better time to get into the world of quidditch. La Trolls is a good way to make friends and meet people as well as getting fit, all while playing the most unique sport on earth. Training times are to be confirmed in 2019. 7

societies La Trobe Vietnamese Students Association (LAVISA) is a Vietnamese students organization. We aim to establish a connection among Vietnamese Students either to share or exchange knowledge, information and their experience of living and studying at La Trobe University. In 2017, we gained a LTSU Clubs & Society Award due to our outstanding activities and

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FROM AN OUTSIDER TO AN INSIDER Deciding to study abroad, is a huge leap forward for any person. It moulds you in ways unanticipated. BY EKNATH PRABHU BRAHMAVAR Amidst all the anxiety and curiosity, fear and excitement, sheer panic and composure, there I was, waiting in the immigration line at the Bangalore International Airport, wondering as to how an international flight experience would be. ‘Education’, I answered the officer, who asked me the reason why I was travelling to Australia. Little did I realise that once I crossed the borders there was a world that ate and lived differently waiting for me. My first pit stop was my accommodation in Chisholm, where I became friends with two lovely people. We didn’t realise that evening that we had chatted for a couple of hours about each other’s countries’ and cultures, till I felt hungry. Like a typical Indian child, when I looked around to call for my mom, I realized that there was no one who would do the cooking and washing for me but myself!! The initial check-in and O-Weeks were of really good help to me. It not only gave me an idea about the systems and ways of life in the university, but also an opportunity to make some wonderful, new friends of different nationalities, some whom I am still in touch with. Trying to make my way around Uni was a lot more fun than I had initially thought. I didn’t expect that the rapport between the staff and students would be so casual and friendly. Majority of the staff are really approachable and helpful out here, which makes things more easy and simple to get by. During this period, I made sure that I spent some time in understanding and adapting to the Australian system and culture of education, which I would suggest all the international folks to do so as it’s very important. Getting used to the food took me a while though. I mean the Aussies use cheese in everything! Like, literally everything! I wasn’t used to so much cheese earlier, even though I love and can’t stay


without it now. The good thing about our Agora is that we’ve got a variety of cuisines on offer for students who’ve got different tastes and also dietary requirements. And being in Melbourne, which you can call the heaven of cafés, has got me hooked onto its coffee. We’ve got our Agora and the entire city flooded with some beautiful cafes. Try some of ‘em in Lygon Street when you find time. Well, it’s always a jolly good ride, until you ram into something. I was under a little bit of financial stress for a while, which sent my plans to go to NZ last summer, rolling down the hill. During this time, I made sure that I sought advice from some of my sensible friends who helped me out. Thankfully, I found a casual job that helped me to support my expenses and in due course of time, I was able to tide over the crisis. And then came my encounter with the LTSU. I had just known this as a student representative body, which provides free food on certain days. But when I started volunteering in their activities and chatting with the Office Bearers, I realised that they were present in mainstream services, such as advocacy, emergency accommodation, financial counselling and scholarships as well. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to make friends and get involved in activities. Traveling, is one amazing activity, which I always love to do. So I made it a point to travel whenever I could find time, a set of friends and some money. There are many more experiences in these one and a half years that have changed the way I think and look at things, which I would love to share in this write up. But the patience of the readers has to be respected. I don’t want to give you any advice before I conclude this. But just a request to consider this life in LTU and Melbourne as an opportunity to develop and better yourself. So, to all of them reading this, Wominjeka! Walk in with a big smile on your face.

CULTURE Artwork by Stephanie Muculj

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RABELAIS MOVIE DATABASE: STAN AND OLLIE “It’s good, it’s fine”. - Oliver Hardy Pictured: John C Reilly and Steve Coogan




ortraying the last act of world famous comedy duo from the classic cinema era, ‘Stan and Ollie’ shows the charm of classic cinema comedy but it’s focus on the conflict between the two stars fails to be anything remarkable. The story follows Stan Laurel (Steve Coogan) and Oliver Hardy (John C. Reilly) of the famous comedy duo ‘Laurel and Hardy’. After their prime years in Hollywood in the 1930s, they reconnect for comedy tour in Britain and potential movie deal in 1953. Despite being about a comedy tour, any comedy takes a backseat to the relationship between the two stars and the rift that has formed after a falling out. Coogan and Reilly’s performances as the reconnecting best friends are the highlight and heart of the film. They capture unique and conflicting personalities as well as the chemistry the two have with each other. The interactions and comedy the two have with each other and other characters is a joy to watch. They feel like life long friends but with flaws that expose themselves throughout the film. What is not a highlight however is the drama that comes from this conflict. Despite their drama and feelings from the past coming up being the focus of the film, it fails to have the impact it intends and instead just leaves you feeling bored and uninterested. During the drawn out argumentative scenes it just makes you wish for more of the lighthearted comedy seen earlier. The talk of money,

Rabelais | Edition One

while a prime motivator for the characters, wears thin when it’s discussed ab nauseam. While taking a backseat, the comedy shows the charm the duo had that was able to captivate the world. The various skits that play out from their stage show throughout the film add much needed breaks to the growing conflict between the two stars during the tour. The movie is also not short of jokes and entertaining actions, mainly from the supporting cast. The supporting characters all do a good job of adding different humor and drama to scenes than that of the stars. The wives (Shirley Henderson & Nina Arianda) complement the characters of Laural and Hardy well, showing the care and love they have for their husbands. The dodgy tour manger (Danny Huston) brings much needed levity to the emotionally low points in the story. The set design and wardrobe are all well done and show off the style of the period. The cinematography and soundtrack, while having stand out moments are serviceable for the most part. If going into this film wanting a character driven relationship drama about comedians with some humor then this is something to look out for. The actor’s performances and obvious passion put into the research and production of the film shows off in a lot of ways but it’s hard to recommend for anyone else besides fans of the original Laurel and Hardy. 3 Angry Ducks out of 5 8



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A MOZZA-HELLA GOOD SANDWICH Don’t knock it til you try it.

By chris graham


4 slices of thick sourdough bread 25 grams each grated Parmesan, Gouda, Gruyere, Mozzarella cheese 1 teaspoon onion powder 1 teaspoon smoked paprika 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon mustard powder 1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper cracked pepper to taste 1 tablespoon mayonnaise 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard plenty of butter tomato relish / your favourite hot sauce Recipe Grate all of your cheeses into a bowl, and blend together with onion powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder, mustard powder, and cayenne pepper. Season with cracked pepper to taste. Using a grill and plenty of butter, cook one side of your bread slices. Leave the other side uncooked. After one side of each piece is cooked, remove from heat. On the cooked sides of the bread, spread one piece with the mayonnaise and the other with the mustard. Top the spreaded side of the bread with your cheese/ spice blend, and close the sandwich with the other slice, leaving the condiments facing inwards, and the uncooked side of the bread facing outwards. Butter the grill, andfeature bring to a moderate heat. Once hot, place your sandwich onto the grill, and ensure that the butter covers the slice. Cook for four minutes on each side, flipping to check that both sides are cooked well. Once cooked, remove from heat and slice diagonally. Serve with your favourite chutney, relish or hot sauce.



hen diving into the world of grilled cheese sandwiches, having a slice of swiss between two buttered pieces of white bread is just never enough. In fact, it’s heresy. There are so many options of cheeses, breads and meats available, and with the right choices, simplicity can still be preserved whilst creating a unique and memorable taste for your buds to enjoy.

“But it’s my firm philosophy that when adding some fancy cheeses, cold cuts and spices to the mix, the name of your sandwich should be boujee.” I’ve been called pretentious and wanky for insisting that a grilled cheese should be called by its proper name; a croque monsieur, and I refuse to refer to it otherwise. But it’s my firm philosophy that when adding some fancy cheeses, cold cuts and spices to the mix, the name of your sandwich should be boujee. Whilst on my journey across the web, I came across several different versions of the comfort food, all with different perspectives around what is considered to be the perfect taste. Some call for a mixture of onions, spices, meats and fancy butters, whilst others call for a simple mix of cheeses and sourdough bread. Some even call for the addition of fruits, like Granny Smith apples or pimento to add a new and unique taste to your snack. I’ve got the recipe down to three key focuses; and if all are addressed, you’ve got yourself one hell of a meal ahead. Cheese - You didn’t think this would be important? Here lies the biggest challenge of making a good croque monsieur. For a decent grilled cheese sandwich, the cheese should be the main focus. Across many different recipes, there

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are several different styles of cheese to consider. Culinary figures, such as Matty Matheson, call for a mixture of fancy Ontario Cheddar and the not-so-fancy processed slices you had during primary school lunches, whilst others simply call for a mix of cheddar, swiss and parmesan; the things you’d normally find in your pantry. Overall, just choose two or three cheeses that you like best, and grate them all into a bowl. Boom. Bread - What else is supposed to keep this s**t together? To keep it all together and to give it that signature crunch, a decent style of bread is highly necessary to keep all that gooey liquid gold together. There is constant battle between the two main styles of choice; a signature crunchy sourdough or a soft and floury rustic white bread. It all comes down to the individual opinion, but ultimately, it’s the sourdough that comes out on top. If you’re going to go boujee on the cheese, why not go boujee on the bread? Final note too; diagonal slices always taste better. Condiments - Why not make this thing a bit more interesting? To finalise that wonderful taste, you’re going to need some nice accompaniments to go with your sandwich. Some use onions, pickles, tomatoes and fancy relishes, others call for a simple touch of mayonnaise or a delicious rustic mustard. The common consensus seems to be that mayonnaise is necessary for a good taste, but that’s just something I tend to enjoy. After my rigorous studies of this very important artform, I believe that I’ve come up with the perfect recipe for the most delicious croque monsieur you’ll ever have.

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