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Beverages and  finger  food   Opening  remarks:  Welcome  by  La  Trobe   Law  Students’  Association  


College of  Law  introduction  and  the   importance  of  career  options  




Conclusion of  event  





The A SRC  H uman  Rights   L aw  Program  p rovides  legal  a ssistance  t o   asylum  seekers  a t  a ll  s tages  o f  t he  refugee  determination  p rocess,   including   at  t he   Department  of  Immigration,  Refugee   Review   Tribunal,   Federal  M agistrates  C ourt  and  t he  M inisterial   Humanitarian  I ntervention  s tage.   The   service  i s  i ndependent  a nd   free.  O ur  program   is  s taffed  b y  five  f ull  t ime  s olicitors  ( including  t he   Program   Manager)  a nd   approximately  1 00  v olunteers,   including   solicitors,  b arristers,  a cademics  a nd  l aw  students.  The  L egal   Program   also  e ngages  i n  p olicy  a nd   law   reform,   and  campaigns   for   social  justice   for  a sylum  s eekers.     Employment  o pportunities:  N one  at  p resent.  Please  watch   t he   ASRC  w ebsite  f or  advertised  p ositions   in   t he  f uture.     Volunteering  o pportunities:   In  l ine  w ith  general  volunteering   process   at  A SRC.  Please  watch  t he  A SRC  w ebsite  f or  a dvertised   volunteer   positions  in  t he  f uture.     Internships  /   PLT  p lacements:  only  f or  current  volunteers  

Broadmeadows C ommunity  L egal  Service   (BCLS)  i s  a   generalist   centre   t hat   provides  l egal  a dvice  a nd  referrals  t o  people  w ho   live,   work  o r   study   in  t he  H ume   area.  BCLS  runs  a   community  l egal   education  p rogram  t o  t he  community,  with  a  f ocus  o n  f amily   violence  a nd  newly  a rrived  m igrants.  B CLS  has  identified  family   violence  a s   a  p riority  a rea  of  w ork.  BCLS  has  b een  r epresented  i n  a   number  o f  l ocal,  r egional  a nd  s tate  committees  t o  r educe  violence   against  w omen  a nd  children.  I n  1 992,   BCLS  e stablished   one  o f  t he   first  I ntervention  Order  C ourt  Support   Services  i n  V ictoria  and  t he   Service   continues  t o  p rovide  l egal  s upport   for  a pplicants  a ttending   the  B roadmeadows   Magistrates'  C ourt  t wice  a  w eek.  Students   have  t he   opportunity   to  b e  i nvolved  w ith  BCLS   as  paralegal   volunteers.  P riority  i s  given  t o  s tudents   who  l ive  i n  t he   Hume  a rea.   BCLS  volunteers  attend  t he   Wednesday  N ight  Service.  

ACADEMIA (LA  TROBE)   MARC  TRABSKY     Marc  Trabsky  i s   a  l ecturer  a t  L a  Trobe  U niversity.  M arc  t eaches  i n   Intellectual  Property   law,  Foundations   of  Property  L aw  and   Legal   Institutions   and  M ethod.    

COLLEGE OF  LAW     GEOFF  NICHOLSON  (EXECUTIVE  DIRECTOR)  &  FABIAN   HORTON  (LECTURER)   The  C ollege  of  L aw  i s  recognised   as  t he  national   s tandard  f or  P ractical   Legal  Training  ( PLT)   i n   A ustralia.  O ur  b lended   program  of   online   coursework  and  f ace-­‐to-­‐face  i ntensives  i s   d esigned   t o  give   y ou  t he   knowledge  and  practical  s kills  required  f or  a  career   i n   practice;  rather   than  just  a   ‘tick  t he  b ox’  e xercise  t o  q ualify  f or  admission.   We  have   full-­‐time   and  part-­‐time  courses  commencing  t hroughout  t he  y ear.   Our   PLT  program   i s  f ully  accredited  b y   t he  C ouncil  of   L egal  Education  s o   you  can   b e  confident  of  d irect  admission  i n  V ictoria.     More  Information   Read  more  about  Practical  Legal  Training  with  The  College  of  Law     You  can  also  speak  with  our  Student  Services  team  on  1300  856  111  or  email        

ERNST &  YOUNG  (EY)   AMANDA  KARAFILIS  &  BEN  WHITE     Start  y our  career   w ith  t he  m ost  globally  i ntegrated  of  t he   Big  4   professional   s ervices  organisations.  We   provide  our  clients  w ith   fresh  i nsight  and   analysis,  helping   organisations  t o  m anage   risk,   address  i ssues  and  capitalise  on  opportunities.  That   m eans  y ou’ll  b e   exposed  t o  i nteresting  projects  w ith  l ocal  and   global  clients  across   Assurance,  Tax,   Transaction  A dvisory  Services   or   A dvisory.       Graduate  P rogram     Put  y our  knowledge  t o  t he  t est.  Build  y our  t echnical  s kills.  Expand   your  network.  A s  a  graduate,  y ou’ll  connect  and   s hare   w ith   y our   talented  global  peers   and  l earn  f rom   s enior  l eaders.  G et  e arly   responsibility,  s upport  and   t raining.  G ain  confidence  and  t echnical   skills  t hrough  new  e xperiences   w ith   l eading   clients  i n  d ifferent   industries.   A pplications   are   now  open  and  w ill   close   on  M onday,  24   March  2014.       Vacationer   P rogram     You’re  curious  and   m otivated.  What  are   y our   options?  The  d ecisions   you’ll  m ake,  t he  w ay  y ou  t ackle  l ife  all  point  t o   m ore.   To  d oing  real   client   w ork  and  gaining   new  s kills;  t o  b eing  e xposed  t o   a  variety  of   professional   e xperiences;   t o  f inding  out  m ore  about  u s  and  w here   your  f uture  could  l ie.  Impress  u s   d uring  y our  program   and  y ou  m ay   secure  a  graduate   role.  A pplications  are  now  open  and  w ill  close  on   Monday,  1 4  A pril  2014.       Apply  a nd   d iscover  m ore   a t:   w     Email:     Become   a  fan   on  F acebook:  w  


The  D epartment  o f  Justice  i ncludes  police,   courts,  p risons,  

emergency services,   regulation  o f  g aming,  racing,  l iquor   licensing,   and   trade  m easurement;  a nd  victims'  s ervices.  T he  d epartment's   activities  a lso  cover  t he   drafting  o f  l egislation  a nd  t he   administration   of  various   t ribunals  a nd  programs  t o   protect   citizens'   rights.  

FEDERAL COURT  JUDGES’  ASSOCIATION     ROSHAN  CHAILE     Worked  a s   A ssociate  t o  t he  Honourable   Justice  Jessup   in   t he   Federal  C ourt  f rom  A ugust   2012  t o   January  2 014  and  c urrently   working  a s   t he  i nterim  A ssociate  t o  t he  H onourable  Justice  G ordon   in  t he   same   C ourt   until  June  2 014,  w hen  h e  w ill  commence   as  t he   Associate  t o  t he  H onourable  Justice  G ageler  i n  t he  H igh  C ourt   of   Australia.   NATALIE  BURGESS   Worked  a s   A ssociate  t o  t he  H onourable  Justice  M ortimer.  While   the  C hambers  o f  e ach   Justice  differs,   the  general  role   of  an   Associate  i n  t he   Federal  C ourt  i s  t o  conduct   legal  research,  a ssist   the  J udge  i n   various  court  d uties,  assist  i n  preparing  a nd  proofing   judgments,  and  a ssist  i n  m anaging  t he  Judge's   case  docket.   These   positions  a re  not  generally  advertised.  A pplications  a nd  interviews   are  conducted  directly  b y  e ach  i ndividual  Judge.    

FMC MEDIATION  AND  COUNSELLING  VICTORIA   ASTRID  HORTER  (TEAM  LEADER)  CHARLENE  PEREIRA   (DEVELOPMENT  MANAGER,  TRAINING  SERVICES)   FMC  p rovides  m ediation   and  d ispute  r esolution  s ervices  t o   help   individuals,  c ouples   and  f amilies  facing   challenges,  s uch  a s:     -­‐relationship  i ssues   -­‐parenting  issues   -­‐separation   and  d ivorce   -­‐  conflict  a nd   financial  d ifficulties.   FMC  o ffers  t he  V ocational  G raduate  D iploma  i n  Family  D ispute   Resolution  ( FDR).  FDR  i s  a   specialised  f ield  of  m ediation  f or  b uilding   positive,  practical   and  s ustainable  o utcomes   for  f amilies,  e specially   where  c hildren   are   involved.       The  next  course  commences  1  August  2014.    Applications  close  27  June.         Further  i nformation   can   be  s ourced  f rom  our  w ebsite            

JUSTICE CONNECT     SARI  BAIRD,  JIM  HORSELY  &  ALAN  YANG   Justice  C onnect  a ssists  d isadvantaged  i ndividuals  w ho  a re  i neligible   for   legal  aid  and  c annot  a fford   a  l awyer,   and  community   groups   with  public  i nterest  o bjectives,  t o  o btain  f ree  l egal  a ssistance.    We   also  u ndertake  l egal  e ducation  and  l aw  a nd  policy  r eform  a imed  a t   improving   access   t o  justice.   We   work   closely  w ith  l awyers  t o  build   and   strengthen   a  commitment  t o  t he  pro  b ono  e thos  and  t o  s upport   them  t o  u ndertake  pro  b ono  w ork.       There  a re  t wo  core  e lements   t o  o ur  w ork.     Justice  C onnect  r eceives  a nd  assesses  requests  f or  pro  b ono  l egal   assistance  a nd  refers  t hem  t o  pro  b ono  s olicitors  a nd   barristers   through  o ur  Referral   Program,  w hich  in  V ictoria  includes  l awyers   who  are  part  o f  t he  pro  b ono  p rograms   of  t he  L aw   Institute  o f   Victoria  and  t he  V ictorian  Bar.       We   also  offer  i nnovative  a nd  sustainable  p rograms   t hat   t arget  t he   unmet  l egal  needs   of  particular  c lient  g roups:   •                          N ot-­‐for-­‐profit   L aw  -­‐  a   specialist  l egal  s ervice  f or  not-­‐for-­‐ profit   community  o rganisations,  providing  i nformation,  t raining,   advice  a nd   pro  b ono  r eferrals,   operating   i n  N SW  a nd   Victoria.   •                          M OSAIC  ( Migrant  O utreach  Services  -­‐  A dvice,  Information   and   C ommunity  Education)   -­‐  f or   recently  s ettled   m igrants,   asylum   seekers   and  r efugees   in  inner  w estern  Sydney   •                          H omeless  L aw  -­‐  f or   clients  e xperiencing   homelessness  o r   at   risk  o f   homelessness,   operating   at  nine  o utreach  s ites  i n  M elbourne   •                          Seniors  L aw  -­‐   f or   older  clients  w ith  a  l egal  i ssue  associated   with  ageing,  i ncluding  e lder  a buse,  operating  at   four  o utreach  sites   in  M elbourne     Sometimes  our  w ork  r eveals  laws  o r  p olicies  t hat  cause  o r   perpetuate  d isadvantage,  or  w hich   are  u nduly  complex.    We   engage   with  l aw  and   policy  m akers  t o   help  i mprove  t hese  l aws.    O ur  l aw  and   policy   reform   work   is  b ased  o n  e vidence  drawn  f rom  o ur  casework   and   uses  t he  s tories   of  our  clients  g ive  t hem  a   voice  a nd  highlight   the  n eed  f or  change.  

JUSTICE CONNECT    (CONT)       Employment  opportunities  a vailable   to  s tudents       We   do  not   have  formal  e mployment  o pportunities  a vailable   t o   students   after  completing  a  volunteer  o r   P LT  p lacement.   Employment  o pportunities  come  about  a s   the  need   arises.   Please   keep   an   eye  o n  o ur  job   board  v ia  our  w ebsite  -­‐       Application   deadlines       Any   application  d eadlines  w ill  be   detailed  o n  o ur  jobs  b oard  page   via   our  w ebsite  -­‐       Any   links   for   students   to  find  m ore   information   Video   about  Justice   C onnect   From  C learing  t o   Connecting           MAGISTRATES’  COURT  OF  VICTORIA   BENJAMIN  LUKER  (LEARNING  AND  DEVELOPMENT  CONSULTANT)     The  M agistrates'  C ourt  o f  V ictoria  has  a   l ong   and  proud  history   of   providing  justice  f or  t he   people  of   V ictoria   i n   l ocal  and  regional   Courts  across  t he  State.    The  C ourt's  objective  i s  t o   provide  an   efficient,  m odern   and  responsive   C ourt  of  s ummary  jurisdiction   designed  t o   m eet  t he  needs  of  t he  community.   The   M agistrates’   Court  i s  t he  b usiest  court  i n  V ictoria,  w ith  5 3  d ifferent  l ocations   around  V ictoria  and   handling  approximately  9 0%  of  all  cases,   which   come  b efore  V ictorian  courts  e ach  y ear.      

The C ourt  d eals  w ith  about   250,000  criminal  and  civil  cases   every   y ear.   The   M agistrates'  C ourt  of  V ictoria  covers  t he   main   areas   of:   -­‐Criminal   M atters  and  Traffic  O ffences   -­‐Money  C laims  and  C ivil  D isputes   -­‐Family   L aw   -­‐Family   V iolence  and  Intervention  O rders   -­‐Fines  and  P enalties,  i ncluding  t he  Infringements   C ourt   -­‐Specialist  C ourt  Jurisdictions,  i ncluding  t he  D rug  C ourt   and   Koori  C ourt   Employment  opportunities     Court  R egistrars   A  growing  percentage  of  court   s taff  have  completed  or   a   completing  l aw  d egree  as  part  of  career  progression.     Court  R egistrars   provide  administrative  s upport  t o  t he   Victorian  C ourt  s ystem,  w hich  has   s ites  t hroughout   V ictoria.   Becoming  a  C ourt  R egistrar  requires   an  e xtensive  t raining   period,   w hich  i ncludes  f ormal  s tudy  t ogether  w ith  on-­‐the-­‐ job  l earning.     Application   deadlines  a nd  l inks:     The  M CV  recruits  statewide   all   interested  applicants  s hould  look  at   all  relevant  m aterial  on  t he  M CV  w ebsite   and  contact   us  a t  t he  L DU.     Contacts  L earning  and  D evelopment  U nit   Tel:  9 032  0 907   GPO   Box  8 82   Melbourne  V IC  3 001   Email:

OFFICE OF  PUBLIC  PROSECUTIONS  (OPP)   RACHEL  LENDERS  &  CHRIS  COX   About  t he  O PP   The  prosecution  o f  s erious  crime  i n  V ictoria  i s   jointly  u ndertaken  by   the  D irector  of  Public   Prosecutions  ( DPP),  t he   OPP   and  t he   C rown   Prosecutors  C hambers.   Each   is  i ndependent   of  government   and  t hey   work  t ogether  t o   prosecute   serious  crime  o n  b ehalf  o f  t he  people   of  V ictoria  i n  t he   County   and  S upreme  C ourts.   The  O PP  s taff   assist   t he  D PP  prosecuting  s erious   offences  s uch  a s:   murder,  m ajor   sex  o ffences,  drug  t rafficking,  m ajor   commercial   crime,  occupational  h ealth  a nd   safety  m atters  involving   death  o r   serious   injury  and  corruption  i nvolving  police  o r  l awyers   Our  G oals  are  t o   d eliver  q uality  p rosecution  s ervices,   achieve  just   outcomes  e fficiently,  e nhance  r esponsiveness  o f  t he  prosecution   service  t o   victims  of  crime,  Influence   policy  a nd   law   reform   and   deliver  s trong   governance  a nd   professional  capability.     Working   at  t he  O PP   Employment  w ith  t he  O PP   provides  b enefits  a ssociated  w ith   working  i n  a  l arge,  criminal  legal  practice,  a longside   the  f lexibility   provided  b y  t he   V ictorian  Public  Service.  OPP  Solicitors  w ork   from   the  h ead  o ffice   in   Melbourne’s  court  precinct  and  r egional  office  i n   Geelong.   The  O PP’s  legal  practice  o ffers  t he  o pportunity  t o  w ork  i n  a  range  o f   criminal  p rosecution   areas.   OPP  s olicitors  w ork  i n  s pecialist  d irectorates  t hat  d eal  with   homicide,  culpable  d riving,  d rugs,  o rganised  crime,   commercial   crime,  s ex  offences,   m ental  i mpairment,  a dvocacy,  e arly  resolution,   corruption,  p roceeds   of  crime,  a ppeals  a nd  policy  a nd  advice.  

Junior s olicitors  are   m entored  t o  t aken  on  a   broad  r ange  of   responsibilities  ranging  f rom   preparing  l egal  a dvice  t o  i nstructing   crown  prosecutors  a nd  e xternal  counsel.   Further  i nformation:     Email:     For  i nformation   on   job  opportunities  go  t o:    

PROGRESSIVE LAW  NETWORK  (PLN)   SOPHIE  BROWN  (CITY  BRANCH  CO-­‐CONVENOR),  OLIVIA   MCMILLAN  &  DANIELLE  TRABSKI   The  Progressive  L aw  N etwork  i s  a  not-­‐for-­‐profit   network  of   students,  lawyers   and  community   leaders.  O ur  o bjective  i s  t o   promote  social  and   environmental  justice  t hrough  t he   law.  We  d o   this  t hrough  an  annual  conference,  m ember  e vents  and  p ublic   seminars.  We   support   social  justice  careers  t hrough  t he   creation  of   internships  a nd   public  i nterest  careers   advice.  A s  a   volunteer  r un   organisation,  m embers  contribute  t hrough  l eadership  a nd   committee  p ositions.  S ee  our   Facebook  page  o r  c ontact  u s   via   email  f or   further  i nformation   about  h ow  y ou  c an  g et  i nvolved.     Careers  Guide   in   conjunction  w ith  t he   C astan   C entre  f or  Human   Rights:­‐ guide/          E:  W:     Facebook:  f­‐Law-­‐ Network/134189213316190   Twitter:  t  


SARAH  SHALLIES  (ACCOUNTANT  ASSURANCE),  MEL  ALTUNTAS   (CONSULTANT  -­‐  CORPORATE  TAX)  &  DANIEL  REDMOND  (SENOIR   CONSULTANT  -­‐  CORPORATE  TAX).     At  P wC  y ou  w ill  have  e xciting  opportunities  t o   work  with   a  d iverse   range   of  h ighly  m otivated  people  from   across  our   national  a nd   international  network,  a nd  with   clients  f rom  a   broad  r ange  of   industries.   The   e nvironment  i s  fast  paced   and  d ynamic,   with   a   strong  f ocus  on  our  clients  and   the  m arket.  O ur  p eople  a re   proactive,  hands  o n,  a nd  agile  i n  t he   way  t hey  a pproach  business   issues  a nd  deliver  t ailored  s olutions  t o  our   clients.    

Leveraging   local  a nd   international  e xpertise,  w e   provide  b usiness   solutions   which  i nclude  t ax  a nd   legal  compliance  a nd   risk   management,  t hrough  t o   advice  on  planning,   structuring  and   transactional  s upport.     Understanding  o ur  clients  a nd  t heir  b usiness  i ssues   is  crucial  i n   being  able  t o  d evelop   and  d eliver   customised  s olutions  t o  m eet   their   immediate  needs  a nd  longer  t erm  s trategic  goals.  Our  L awyers   speak  t he  l anguage  o f  b usiness,  w orking   with  c lients  t o  d evelop   an   understanding  o f  t heir  commercial  o bjectives   and  e xpress  advise   in   commercial  t erms.  W e  bring  t ogether  t eams   of  specialist  t o  w ork   alongside  clients  a s   t rusted  b usiness  a dvisors.     Employment  O pportunities   available  t o   students:    -­‐Vacation   P rogram    -­‐Graduate  C areers    -­‐Preview  Program     Application   dates:        Vacation  P rogram:  O PEN  ( Our  campus  r ecruiters   start  r eviewing    applications  a s   soon   as  t hey  o pen  a nd  t here   are   no  o fficial  closing    d ates   for  o ur  V acation  Program   (unless  s pecified  below).  O nce  w e   have  f illed  o ur  r oles,  a pplications  will   close.)     Graduate  C areers:  [For  t he  f ew   remaining   graduate  roles,  P wC  w ill   be   hiring  graduates   t hrough   channels  t ypically   used   in  e xperienced   hire   recruitment  ( such  as  L inkedIn   and  o ther  s ocial   m edia  c hannels,   university   engagement  and  d irect  t argeting   for  n iche  s kills   and   university   degree   backgrounds).]       Preview  P rogram:  TBD  ( Applications  o pen   in   July)     Student  C areers  website:    

RED CROSS  (IHL  SECTION)   JESSICA  HAZELWOOD  &  ALEXANDRA  EAVES   The  International  C ommittee  o f  t he  Red  C ross  has  been  t he   'guardian'  o f   the  G eneva  C onventions   governing   t he  l aws   of  armed   conflict.  I nternational  H umanitarian   Law  i s  t he  basis  of  t he   International  R ed  C ross  a nd  R ed   C rescent  Movement.  A s  'guardian'   of  t he  G eneva  C onventions,  national  R ed  C ross  a nd  R ed   C rescent   Societies,  along  w ith  g overnment  s ignatories,   have  had   a  u nique   mandate  t o  d isseminate  t hese  l aws   t o  t he  community.  T he   dissemination  o f  I nternational   Humanitarian  L aw  h as  t herefore   been   a  c ore  f unction  of  t he   national  o ffice   of  t he  A ustralian  R ed  .       Cross,  w hich  responds  t o  changes  i n  t hese  l aws  and  p rotocols.   International  H umanitarian  L aw,   aims   t o  l imit   the  s uffering  o f   victims  o f  armed  conflict  a nd  prevent  atrocities,  i t  p rotects  t hose   who  are  not,  o r  a re  n o  l onger  f ighting  and  r estricts  t he   m eans  a nd   methods  o f  w arfare.     There  a re  voluntary   opportunities   with  A RC  i n  t he   IHL   department   –   research  a nd  administrative.    


THE AUSTRALIAN  GOVERNMENT  SOLICITOR  (AGS)   CATHRYN  MOORE,  ZOE  KENT  &  HUGH  CROSTHWAITE.     The  A ustralian   G overnment   Solicitor   ( AGS)   i s  t he  l eading   provider  of   legal  s ervices  t o  t he  C ommonwealth  G overnment,   s pecialising  i n   public  l aw  ( including  constitutional,  administrative  and  regulatory   practices)   and  e xtensive  commercial  l aw  s ervices.  Starting   y our   l egal   career  w ith  A GS   m eans  w orking  w ith  s ome  of  A ustralia’s  f oremost   legal  m inds   of  m atters  of   national  s ignificance.     Positions  i n  t he   2015  A GS  N ational  G raduate  P rogram  w ill  b e   available  i n  a  number  of   t he  A GS  offices  ( there  i s  an  office  i n  e ach   capital  city,  i ncluding   M elbourne)  and   applications  w ill  b e   open   f rom   4  M arch  t o  1 8  A pril  2014.   A GS  also  runs   w inter   clerkships  f or   students   i n  t heir  penultimate  y ear  of   s tudy.       For  m ore  i nformation   or   t o  apply,   visit  t he­‐employment.html.  



A c oroner's  r ole  is  t o  i nvestigate  all  reportable  d eaths  i n  V ictoria.  I ncluded   CATHY  KNELLER  (GRADUATE  RECRUITMENT  OFFICER)  &  JAMES  MURRIE     are  d eaths  w hich   are   violent,  u nexpected   or  where  t he   death  o ccurs  i n   police  c ustody.  A   coronial  i nvestigation  i s  g uided  b y  l egislation  ( Coroners   Russell  K ennedy  d elivers  e xpert  legal  s olutions.    We   have  a  g enuine   Act  2 008)   and  r equires  a   coroner   t o  d etermine,  i f  p ossible,   t he  i dentity  o f   understanding  o f,   and  s ignificant  e xpertise  w ithin  o ur  a reas  o f  f ocus.  We   the  d eceased,  t he  cause  o f   death  a nd   t he  circumstances  i n  w hich  t he   build   strong,  l ong  t erm  r elationships  with   our   people  a nd  our  clients.  W e   death   occurred  ( in  s ome   cases).     provide  t he  r ight  p eople  and  r esources   t o  h elp  our  clients  a chieve  t heir     objectives.  We   are  a  s ize  w here  e ach  p erson   counts.  Where  e very   The  coroner  a lso   has  a  role   in   assisting,  w here   possible,   with   t he  reduction   employee  i s  valued   and  w here  t heir  contribution  has  a n  i mpact.   of  p reventable  d eaths  i n  V ictoria.  T here  a re  a  number  of  o pportunities  f or     solicitors  at  t he  C ourt.  Each   coroner   has  a  s olicitor  t o  a ssist  t hem   carry  o ut   Our  areas  of  p ractice  i nclude:    C ommercial  &  C orporate   A dvisory,  D ispute   their   work.  In   addition,   there  a re  i n-­‐house  s olicitors  w ho  assist  coroners  i n   Resolution,  P roperty  &  D evelopment,   Government,  P lanning  &   matters  w here  a   conflict   has   been  i dentified  a nd  t he  C ourt  i s  u nable   t o  u se   Environment,  WorkSafe,  W orkplace   Relations,  Employment  &  Safety,   the  P olice   C oronial  s upport  U nit.     Public  L aw,   L itigation  &  A ged  C are.         Positions  are  available  a s   vacancies   arise.  Further  i nformation   can   be   Website:   obtained  f rom  w      

VICTORIAN BAR  MELBOURNE  (VICBAR)   BELINDA  FRANJIC,  SIMON  PITT,  IAN  HORAK,  KYLIE   WESTON-­‐SCHEUBER  &  STEVEN  LOWRY   The  V ictorian  Bar  i s  a   private,  voluntary,  s elf-­‐funded,  non-­‐profit   professional   association   of  b arristers  w ho  practise  i n  V ictoria,  i n   all   areas  of  l aw.       The  w ork  of  t he  b arrister  i s  b uilt  on   t he  proud  t radition   of   providing  s trong  and  i ndependent  l egal  representation  and   advice   without  f ear   or  f avour  t o   all   i n  t he  community.     The  Student  Engagement   C ommittee  of  t he   V ictorian   Bar  w as   formed  i n  2010   w ith   t he  objective  of  “demystifying”   t he  Bar.  The   Committee  w orks  t o  provide  s tudents  w ith  a   b etter  u nderstanding   of  t he  w ork  of  t he   Bar,  and   of  t he  pathways   t o  b ecoming  a   barrister.       The  C ommittee  i nvites  i nterested   s tudents  t o  visit  our  w eb  page,   which   can   b e  f ound  at­‐ us/information-­‐for-­‐students    

THE VICTORIAN  GOVERNMENT  SOLICITORS  OFFICE  (VGSO)   ALANA  HILL  (HUMAN  RESOURCE  ADVISOR)  &  MARY  SCALZO   (MANAGING  PRINCIPLE  SOLICITOR  &  LA  TROBE  ALUMNI)   VGSO   is  t he  primary  s ource   of  l egal  s ervices   t o  t he  V ictorian  State   Government  a nd   its  s tatutory  authorities,  V GSO  provides  s trategic   advice  a nd   practical  l egal  s olutions.   VGSO   offers  solicitors   an  e xcellent  opportunity   t o  w ork  a cross  a   diverse  r ange  of  challenging  a dvice   and  l itigation  m atters.     Website:  


Victoria L egal  A id  helps  people  w ith  t heir  l egal   problems.  We   focus  on   helping  and  protecting   t he  rights   of  s ocially  and   economically  d isadvantaged  V ictorians.   We   are  a  l eading  and  responsible  f orce  f or   community  access   to   t he  l egal  s ystem   and  f or  s ocial  justice.   With  over  5 00  s taff  and  1 4  offices,  w e  are  t he  l argest  and   most  accessible  criminal  l aw,   f amily  l aw,   y outh  l aw  and   human  rights  practice  i n  V ictoria.   Our  O ffices:   Melbourne,  Bairnsdale,  Ballarat,  Bendigo,  Broadmeadows,   Dandenong,   Frankston,   G eelong,  H orsham,   M orwell,   Ringwood,  Shepparton,  Sunshine,   Warrnambool  

Additional information  on  vacancies  and   how   to   apply  is   available  from  our  website:­‐us/careers  

VICTORIAN LAW  REFORM  COMMISSION  (VLRC)   MARTIN  WIMPOLE  (POLICY  AND  RESEARCH  OFFICER)  &   MICHAEL  ADAMS   The  V ictorian  L aw  R eform  C ommission  i s   an  i ndependent,   government-­‐funded   organisation  t hat  d evelops,  reviews  and   recommends  reform  of   V ictoria's  s tate  l aws.  The  C ommission  has   a   charter   t o  consult  w ith  t he   community  and   advise  t he   V ictorian   Attorney-­‐General   on   how  t o  i mprove  and   u pdate  V ictorian  l aws.     The  C ommission  d oes   not   have  a  f ormal  graduate  program,  b ut   positions  s uitable  t o   l aw   graduates  d o   s ometimes  arise.     Further  i nformation   i s  available  at:  w  

VICTORIA POLICE   INSPECTOR  MARK  KEEN,  SERGEANT  LIAM  GARDNER  &   SERGEANT  BELINDA  COWLEY   Victoria  Police  is  a  large  organisation  employing  more  than  15,761   people  including  police  members,  public  servants,  protective  services   officers,  forensic  scientists  and  other  specialists.   The  duties  performed  by  a  police  officer  are  diverse,  stimulating  and   challenging.  A  career  with  Victoria  Police  may  include   performing  duties  as  a  Police  Prosecutor.  Police  Prosecutors  conduct   legal  research  and  present  cases  on  behalf  of  Victoria  Police  and   victims  in  the  Magistrates',  Children's  and  Coroners  Courts.       Police  recruits  must  complete  a  33  week  training  phase,  before  being   deployed  as  a  General  Duties  Police  Officer  to  a  police  station  in   Victoria.       After  completing  the  two  year  Probationary  period,  Constables  are   eligible  to  apply  for  a  position  as  a  Police  Prosecutor  with  a  starting   salary  of  $62,562.       Further   information   o n   t he  r ecruitment   p rocess  is   located  o nline  at    

Careers Connect Fair Brochure  
Careers Connect Fair Brochure