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Vengeance I am Damocles and my sword hovers above your unconscious form A blink and it will slip down through your heart and releasethe chained lives within I am the Maiden of Justice come to measure your worth A breath more and you will tilt into the abyss and fuel their renewal I am the vestal virgin come to dance around your darkened soul An offering of penitence before my altar and the sacrificial lambs will be saved The silence sends a telegram of denial The fault is not mine; it is the diseasethat should stand trial The friends have given their final instructions The response is my salvation but your destruction I am all powerful and my rage soars through this cage My lungs spew its presence and its rhythm vibrates the fetid air I am all terrible and vengeance has placed her red veil acrossmy eyes My hands are weapons of massdestruction and they are guided by the heat of your denial I am the spouse of the unspoken king and have ignored your outstretched soul My ears have spurned your rally call and heard only the fanfare of your death I am The Magdalene and I seek atonement at your feet My heart screams “ Father forgive me for I have sinned� and seeks hail Marys to soothe my tormented heart I am alone I am alone


Expresses the anger that living with someone with mental illness can bring about.

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