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Opening Prayer

LOVE Father, thank you for stability and peace. You are my refuge and strength. Open doors for me to share my testimony with others. Use me to impact lives for your Kingdom and Fill me with Your Spirit for I commit my life to be Your witness. I surrender all to You. In Jesus Name. Amen. Evangelist Echol Chapman

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I first saw Echol in the market. He push ahead of me cleared the way. I stepped aside to let him pass but Echol stopped a short distance from me and looked in my direction. He was a beautiful man with a wide neck and thick muscle arms. I could easily imagine him holding. His hair, wavy and black, framed his handsome face. When he smiled, my heart raced wildly and I quickly moved my hat so she could see me face. He boldly strolled through the crowded square and stop directly in front of me. Our eyes met, and he consumed me with his passion. Is there a name for such beauty like yours. I lean toward her and talked softly, I am Jerry, I said that name mean that you are poor. I am call Echol, I answer. It mean he who shine down apron the poor. You are so big, you block more then you allow to shine down. She responded back. I laugh, a great roar of a laugh that feel the space around me. I could feel it with my whole body. The people around backed away. She took my hand and hers, I wonder if she would ever return it. To what lucky man have you been promise? I ask. There are dreams in my life, she answer. But no promises. Then I must offer you something I said, looking deeply into your eyes. I always keep my promises. I ask her where do you live, and she told, I do not think you would know our poor section of Greenviille. By the way she looked away, I knew he did not. I smiled again and told I had many houses through out that area, and I would make many of them more beautiful. Then I took my my fingers and gently brush them against her lips. Perhaps one day. I will send for you, I said. Will you come?, Said a friend and you will see if I come or not, I answer, hardly able to breath in my excitement. It was the very evening as I sit dreaming before a dry fire, thinking still of her, two soldiers came to my father house they here not sold as my father but smooth shave as was the custom of our warriors.They cutter our house with to much happiness, to much to ignore and then look about with a contempt that anger me. My father ask them what they wanted. One of them took a dark leather pouch from under his jacket and placed it on the table. With one stub of a finger he pushed it over, and a gold coin fell from the opening. I am Bill Captain, in the Royal Guard, He said. I come here to make your sister rich. Betty is barely fifteen, a child, my father said, glancing in my direction, and then quickly. What do you have in mind? Betty is a child, the soldier was looking at me. You know his reputation in the balance with us, he has killed many enemy soldiers. They say that he is invisible. It certainly seem that way nothing could defeat him in his hand. (Continued on page 10)

What can we do to help you. My father ask. Bill answer and said we will come back and see you and we will have an answer for you at a later time. I could not tell her what was in my mind, if I did not succeed in finding the source of strength nor could I tell her what was in my heart, that I had grown to love her. Yes, I think I am afraid to tell her. You do not even trust me, I said forcing the words out. I do love you. I just hope that one day, in the day of love we could confide in each others. How that would really be in love. I do love you, I whisper. Your eyes love me, but your heart turned away. You do not trust, I want to ask you the secret of why your heart does not love me. But I want to ask you one favor, I will be great period. P.S. I have two beautiful kids by Jerry and they all are doing well. Evangelist Chapman If you have any questions feel free to call or email me at (630)-739-9660 or (708)-770-3690 and you can email me at Remember, I love you!

STOP THE HATE! God feels every single human being is apart of himself. Every single one of us has a special talent or a gift to give to the world. Why is it that when we see our brothers an sister successful, we get jealous and envy instead of being happy? What happen to us. Want for your brother what you want for yourself? This remind me of your brother, never envy ones talent, go to the real source do not be jealous of him just ask to reveal yours. There is no human being on earth who does not have God inside of them. Even the white man has God inside himself, sure, if nature is devilish to the white man, just like we go against our nature of righteousness, he can go against his nature devilishness and produce something from the earth for the good humanity. Everything in the world was created from the God inside of self. I Evangelist Chapman said. Study the white man. He is successfully. He makes no excuse about his future. He works together in a collective manner. We should do the same. The ultimate reason were not successful is because were to jealous, envies, and detrustful of one another to work together in a collective manner. There's to many of our people that are looking at everyone else's talent, not realizing that they have a talent of there own that need cultivating.

Our purpose in life is not to look at others. We utilize our God-given gifts. Our people have to know that they have a special gift inside of themselves waiting to be utilize. Each life is available, and they have to know that they are depriving the world of what they could give each time they pull the trigger. They need to discover God within self! Once we start discovering out Godgiven gifts, we can start using it to help in the liberation of our people. God gave us our gifts and made us who we are, so its fitting that we help in this cause of raising my people from death to life. That's where the bible process comes in. Once we start reading the Bible with each other, and getting rid of the envy and jealousy, we can work together in a harmonize collective manner. Everyone has a role to play to helping with the liberation of our people, and we need hands on deck. There's no need to be envies and jealous of our brothers and sisters. When you see a black business, you should support it. How else will our business stay open? When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you see Chinese people. Go to any business, and you will see a variety of nations supporting there own. We are the only ones who are. Stop letting envy and jealousy get in the way of our progress as people and a nation. We all have something to contribute to the world, so if it not lock already, start unlocking your Godgiven gifts.

Evangelist Echol Chapman If you have any questions feel free to call or email me at (630)-7399660 or (708)-770-3690 and email me at

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Stress Related Follow this simple advice on how to allow stress to interfere with your relationships doing the holidays. You are a loving kind person. Very rarely do people ever catch you not smiling, and it does not take much to make you laugh. People can come to you for anything, from kind words to a hug. Yet, somewhere around November, you turn into a raging, ball of anger, getting tick off at the little things, any situation possible bring the catalyze to pushing you over the edge. Huh holidays stress. It is so familiar to many of us that we can not imagine you without it, but it is definitely not something that we want to live with. Your holiday attitude not only drive you crazy but it is hard for us to deal with. According to my studies as a psychologist and a marriage counselor and a family therapist. Our winter manufactures are usually the of cause stress, and the stress can be cause by a number of things. Expectation, and alot of times we want to make the holidays perfect. So that puts on alot of stress trying to make it perfect. When that is not realistic. I say. There may also be underlining family issues and come out and conflict and these problems can come out doing the holidays because we all are together, and there overseeing. This can be exhaustion, and with exhaustion comes irritability . Evening though it may be our parents that are getting on out nerves, often take our stress out on our partner. I think it is because our lovers are the ones close. If there are already problems in relationships, even though they might be minor, they can get exaggerated doing this time because of stress. These are the people we are usually close to and spend the bulk of our time with

Family has to come over for the we, have, really, high, holidays. The line will be long at the mall when buying your present, and we will most likely over spend. However according to how I feel, taking out the drama that may unfold doing the holidays can help us not to go mad. Once our parents come down to visit and do not just talk the potential family stuff, but all of the stuff and do not forget to make room to attach. Talk about what you are going to do over the holidays. What are you going to do about the spending? How much you going to spend? Set a budget? Try to spend some quality time, try to step back and really think about what the holidays really mean to you. I. advise you to do this doing holidays, doing this period, communication is very important and it becomes stressful if we are not communicating. Talking about these things ahead of time that's what important. Do not wait until the holidays come. Evangelist Echol Chapman If you have any question feel to call or email at (630)739-9660 or (708)-770-3690 and email at Remember. I love you

I have never seen the face of God, but because I am a writer, because I am above seeing, I imagine details. Two bright eyes, one the red sun of the morning, the other quiet moon hanging over the Chicago skyline. A warm, gently smile, the wide horizon of the Atlantic Ocean where it press against the open sky. Still, these pictures in my head like something, some sparkle that would be God.

My research for this book took me on a journey around the world much of this is located conveniently in the me to polls, Museum of art in Chicago as well as in the New York Museum. I wanted to see how other people had handle some problems of respecting the unrespectable. I travel through gold encrusted laminated manuscripts. Through stainless glass windows that told these stories through the mass of people. Who could not read. I saw both Christian and people of another religion, I looked at the work through this journey, I discover that In making images of this book, a time to love, its was my job to try and find that sparkle. These stories I know all of these important images depict relationships beso well touch something in countless people throughout tween individuals and themselves, between people, and between human and God. This is the lesson of these the world. Who can not feel the pain and anguish. A father stomping up a mountain in order to sacrifice his stories, which my father and I hope to have share some beloved son for his daughter, that father was relieved to light apron God's life and our very human ability to find that his God would not want to cause that kind of love. pain. Whether you call that father Arab-ham or Arabhim there is a human truth to that story as well as in the I found that though I could never depict the actually other in a time to love, a truth that merits, to the heart of face of God, I could show where God is at work in the people outside of the Baptist, for my great grandfather quickness of new love, in the plain acceptance of one to my father, to my brother and sister and me. These are woman for her daughter in law. In the embrace of truth that every writer strive to be depict. My father brothers separated by claim, and culture or betrayal, in have found these truths and new ways to revealing sto- the laughter of another and daughter talking in the ries. kitchen. This is where God live. It is my job to catch them these truth in my own way, through images.

Evangelist Echol Chapman If your have questions feel free to call or email me at (630)-739-9660 or (708)-770-3690 you can email me at Remember, I love you!

What Do You Want Most?

2012     

Is it money, fame, power, containment, personality, piece of mind, happiness?

Gabrielle Douglas had a

Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist Olympic Team Gold Medalist US Olympic Trials All-Around Trials Champion US Olympic Trials Uneven Bars Gold Medalist (tie) Pacific Rim Uneven Bars Gold Medalist

2011 2011 World Championships Team Gold Medalist


burning desire, steps, to riches de scribe in this book offer the shortly dependable philosophy of individu al achievement ever percentage for the benefits of the man or woman. Who is seeking for a definite life.

2010 US Junior National Championship Beam Silver Medalist 2010 Pan American Championships Uneven Bars Gold Medalist 3-time US National Team Member

Before beginning the book, you will profit greatly if you recognize the fact, that the book was not written to entertain. You can't properly digest the content in a week or month.

We thank her for your burning desire, Gabrielle Douglas to show young people, what they can do if they apply themselves. We applaud you.

Evangelist Echol Chapman If you have any questions feel free to call or email After reading the book thoroughly, I Mr. Chapman said you should sit in a quiet place to sit and me at (630)-739-9660 or (708)-770-3690 and you can email me at grow then think. Ms Gabrielle Douglas had a burning desire to become the world greatest gymRemember, nast, with her desire came stability and hard I love you! work, she had to develop a great discipline in work ethic, she had to keep her eye on the goal after learning how to put her work ethic together, she begin to grow and once she begin to grow she was able to think about what she was going after with a burning desire. With having a burning desire, she was able to win a goal medal in a team competition, that shows me she has grown up, and went on to win a gold medal in the single competition. That shows that she is a thinker. If humans had that same burning desire look where would the world be today.

President Leon Smith Closing Prayer Father God I pray in the Name of Jesus that you Have Mercy on your children, Bless your Kings and Queens with your Kingdom grace be upon your Kingdom Citizens, Lord build your Kingdom Citizens faith in you O King! And According to Your Royal Contract and Constitution let your favor rest upon your Kingdom Citizens in the Name of Jesus. AMEN!

One Man Died For Us All

Special Edition  

To learn more about us and our products..Check out our latest Special Edition of the Chapman Times..Enjoy!

Special Edition  

To learn more about us and our products..Check out our latest Special Edition of the Chapman Times..Enjoy!