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Camden Market actually refers to the several markets that cover the northern end of Camden Town. Each market has a character of its own,from the crafts and curiosities of Camden Lock Village to the Stables Market stalls proclivity for all things boho. And of course theres more to shopping in Camden than the markets. Theres also some awesome vintage shops,like Lost N Found. Use Time Outs guide to Camdens shops and markets to uncover some hidden treasures.

Hidden away behind the railway station is what is believed

You can walk or cycle along the canal through east London all the way to the

to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England.

Thames. The St. Pancras lock is directly north of St Pancras station. Regents Ca-

There has been a church on the site since at least around the

nal was once a lifeline for trade and industry in London with narrowboats and

year three hundred and fourteen. The current church is mostly

barges ferrying goods to and from North London. The canal winds its way from

a nineteenth century structure,but it contains some traces of an older Norman structure.

the Grand Union Canal near Paddington in West London, past Regents Park, Camden, Islington and Mile End to Limehouse, where it meets the Thames.

From Camden Lock you can walk upstream along the canal to The Regents Park and on to London Zoo. It is a great way to approach the Zoo and a good way to avoid the traffic. Downstream of Camden is less pretty but still an interesting walk,taking you through the Islington Tunnel (one of the longest tunnels in the British canal system and out in to East London.

For half a century Camden Town,the centre of Camden,has been the centre of alternative culture in London,be it punk,goth,hippie or emo. The area is home to large markets selling an extremely wide range of products from glowing t-shirts to digeridoos,mostly from independent stalls. With some of the capital's most varied cuisine,great live music and an anything goes attitude,Camden is one of the most vibrant and interesting of all London districts. Inevitably though given its convenient inner London location,considerable gentrification has occurred across the district. Nevertheless,a friendly community atmosphere remains in the area which has in recent years bred such different people as singer Amy Winehouse and Labour party leader Ed Miliband.

Camden Editorial  

This is my editorial on the camden area in london. Designed using photoshop.

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