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LETTERS using satellites to detect marine bioluminescence. If you have a milky seas story, please write to

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Latitude 38

• March, 2019

⇑⇓ IN SUPPORT OF KKMI The following letters were addressed to the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance's executive director William Jennings regarding their lawsuit against KKMI, and were cc'ed to Latitude 38. I commend your concerns regarding the preservation and stewardship of our marine environment here in the Bay Area and surrounding regions. Your actions and involvement show great commitment to your cause. I also wish to take this opportunity to express my concern for the current matter with KKMI. I consider myself an environmentally conscientious boater. Having been raised both in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas, life on (and in) the water has always been a central part of my experience. Today, as a San Francisco Bay Area boater, my concern for our environment and its well-being is, as always, ever present. To this end, myself and many boaters and sailors like me seek the support and services of maritime businesses who hold similar values. To the best of my knowledge, KKMI is one such enterprise. While pending litigation by CSPA against KKMI for alleged environmentally adverse actions begins, many of us in the S.F. Bay Area boating community feel that a greater educational approach by your organization toward us all might help to further illuminate your motivation. Perhaps an open and detailed letter to the local boating community here would help to give greater support and understanding to your efforts? As it stands today, CSPA's suit against KKMI appears as an independent and overtly aggressive attack. Your action, overall, seems to be outside of normal regulatory proceedings, may be factually lacking, and is perceived as blindly hostile to a reputable marine service provider and its environmentally conscious clientele. I recognize you for your efforts at environmental preservation, but have reservations that your process involving KKMI has shown particular disregard for the many thousands of responsible regional boat owners who share your values, but have thus far heard very little from you directly on this matter. I respectfully suggest a specific effort at reaching out to the very community you hope to protect first, before moving into the torturous waters of protracted, costly litigation against one of our community's important service providers. Brent R. Gilliland Sailboat owner and operator Redwood City ⇑⇓ . . . THEN THERE'S NO HOPE FOR ANY YARD Addressed to the CSPA and Mr. Jennings: I am writing in regard to the lawsuit that you have brought against one of the best vessel haulout facilities in the S.F. Bay region. While we do not haul our boats at KKMI, we have observed them and visited their yard on various occasions and have been impressed. They're a committed-to-excellence company going above and beyond the basics of the law. If they are truly in violation of the Clean Water Act then there is no hope for any yard that hauls and paints vessels. Our vessels are engaged in taking the public that visits the S.F. Bay area on sailing excursions, using only the wind to move them over 95% of the trip, so we are into clean and green operations. But we also live in the real world and drive cars just like everyone else, so we are not blameless when it comes to pollution. In my opinion, oil and gas leaking from

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Latitude 38 March 2019  

The March 2019 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 March 2019  

The March 2019 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.