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CALL FOR RESERVATIONS • We are uniquely positioned to haul your boat • We carefully haul you on our Brownell Hydraulic trailer. NO STRAPS! • We safely store your boat on Brownell boat stands supplied by us! • We have some of the best weather for drying out your boat. • We have seasoned professionals that can field your calls or work on your boat. • We have a safe environment for your boat. • We have very reasonable rates

Come visit us – let's talk! We think all boats belong in the water, but sometimes life gets in the way. Reasons beyond your control sometimes dictate a change.

NAPA VALLEY MARINA 1200 Milton Road • Napa, CA 94559

(707) 252-8011 • Fax (707) 252-0851 Marina • Boatyard • Chandlery • Brokerage Dealers for

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• March, 2019

Brownell Boat Stands

Richard! Ancient equipment back then — every article had to be typed three times — once by the author and two times by the typesetter in order to justify. Ellen Thomas



20' to 35': $150 per mo. 36' & Up: $4.25 per ft.

'Latitude' founder Richard Spindler in 1976 aboard his Bounty II 'Flying Scud'. The year was 1976, and he announced, "I'm going to start a sailing magazine."

⇑⇓ ARE OLD-SCHOOL ISSUES AVAILABLE? Any hope of all those old issues ever being made available digitally? There was some neat stuff in them! Robert Schulke Robert — The short answer is that we'd love to digitize them, but haven't yet. It's a massive, labor-intensive and expensive undertaking, but it is something we have our eye on. ⇑⇓ A WORD ON THIS YEAR'S THREE BRIDGE, ONE WHALE FIASCO I was delivering my Catalina 30 from Coyote Point to Alameda on the Saturday [January 26] of the Three Bridge Fiasco. When I was about halfway up the South Bay around noon, I saw what appeared to be a small whale rolling in the smooth, windless water of the deep central channel, perhaps 300 yards directly ahead of me. I was motoring against the tidal flow. The whale rolled again and submerged, moving in the direction of the Oakland Bay Bridge. I watched carefully for some time in case the beast was still nearby, but it was gone and I was not able to get a photo. I didn't know that whales would turn down into the shallow South Bay, and I began to doubt what I'd seen. I realize now that it must have followed the incoming tide from the Slot, which by that time was running about 1.4 knots in my area. My sighting must have occurred before the collision with Jam Session. It was probably the sound of my engine that warned the whale away. Lewis Keizer X-Tasea, Catalina 30 Coyote Point ⇑⇓ A FIRST Wow — a whale is a first. Nice that the damage was less. Several years ago, we had a baby gray surface right next to the boat between Angel and Alcatraz. We could've stepped off the boat onto the whale. It was nice to see so many boats really moving this year

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Latitude 38 March 2019  

The March 2019 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 March 2019  

The March 2019 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.