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Express 27 Championship Series Peaches, John Rivlin, StFYC "Boats had to race 11 races of the championship series to qualify; if they raced more, their lower scores were thrown out until they were at 11," explained fleet president Lori Tewksbury of Hang 20. Last season was a little unusual for the Express 27 fleet, as eight of them raced the Pacific Cup to Hawaii. "The fleet focus was on distance racing and shorthanded sailing," says John Rivlin. "Our best race of the season was Vallejo, where we managed a strong showing in both directions, something that has eluded us in years past. The conditions were reasonably consistent with less random luck than most trips." The biggest challenge for Peaches was that John's son Michael got a concussion early in the season and missed quite a few races recovering.

"We plan to sail a full season in 2019. We're reorganizing the schedule to make sure that the events people are actually sailing are the focus of the season championship." The 2019 schedule is posted at http:// Encinal YC will host the Nationals on October 11-13. 1) Peaches, 0.86 points; 2) Wile E. Coyote, Dan Pruzan, EYC, 0.72; 3) Current Affair, Seth Clark, RYC, 0.68. (34 boats, 8 qualifiers)

Express 27 Distance Series Abigail Morgan, Ron Kell, CYC "For the distance series, boats had to sail five races, and, again, if they raced more, scores were thrown out," explained Lori. Abigail Morgan topped this series previously in 2016. Like Peaches, Abigail Morgan is a father -son effort. Ron Kell's son Oliver said, "We had a much better season top to bottom in 2016. The schedule had the Round the Ron Kell Rocks race and the Three Bridge Fiasco and Delta Ditch Run races as counters. My dad and I were also able to do all the races together


The 'Peaches' crew, with the class championship trophy, left to right: Michael Rivlin, Jon Goldsmith, Martha Peterson, Michael Deady and John Rivlin. Regulars not pictured: Sam Paterson, Ellen Liebenberg and Taylor Burfield. 'Peaches' also won this award in 2017.



rickle, trickle, splash, splash. It's a line from a 1980 song by the Manhattan Transfer. It's also the sound outside our office window as we pen (er, keyboard) this story. And it's what happened to some of our champs profiles this go-round. We had so many — and we wanted to include as many of them as possible — that they trickled into a fourth issue. Thus you hold in your hands (or view on your screen) the final installment honoring class winners of the 2018 Bay Area sailing season.


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in 2016, whereas in 2018 he was traveling some races and I wasn't around for some of the races, so we were often scrambling the night before to put a boat on the course." Joining Ron and Oliver in 2018 were Matt Everett, Seth Cohen, Kim Nguyen, David Crowe, Rich Korman, Jack Hastings, Walter Kell and others. "I was not on board for this one, but I know my dad really enjoyed having my youngest brother Walter and some of his friends go sailing with him on the Midnight Moonlight," said Oliver. "Walter is a little bit of a wild card and is not really a sailor, so I think it was a pretty interesting trip and they had a lot of fun. "We really enjoy all the races, as they all have their own unique challenges. The Vallejo Race is always fun though, as you have a downwind race and an upwind race, and our fleet gets a great turnout. The differences in depth of the channel vs. the sides of the course, combined with the tide, makes it a very strategic race, and we generally do pretty well in those types of races." Ron is sailing in the Corinthian and Berkeley Midwinters. "We will kick the season off with the Three Bridge Fiasco at the end of January," said Oliver. "We plan to do the majority of the Express 27 schedule per usual." "This series is really all about participation," adds Ron. "It is always very close and not decided until the Great Pumpkin pursuit race, our last scored event. The competition adds a great deal to the enjoyment — whether you are at the top or trying to finish 10th." 1) Abigail Morgan, 58 points; 2) Fired

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Latitude 38 Feb 2019  

The February 2019 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.