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• Advanced 9 Axis Gyro System

his month's World Famous Latitude 38 Caption Contest(!) was a dirty little tale. Popular riffs included: "We're going to need a bigger power washer," "Nice old Columbia needs just a little love and TLC," "It'll buff right out," an ode to Chia Pets, and more than a few comments about organic anti-skid, camouflage and "green" sailors. Aaaannnnd the winner is:

• Steers to wind or compass heading • Reliability of a standalone system • NMEA Interface • Optional Wireless Remote Control • Upgrade your existing tiller or below decks autopilot system

Scanmar International, Inc.



PASSIONATE ABOUT BOATS You don't cut corners. Neither do we.

Beautifully crafted dodgers and exterior canvas

COVER CRAFT 560 W. Cutting Blvd., #2 Richmond, CA 94804 Inside the KKMI boatyard

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Latitude 38

• February, 2019

When they built our boat, they broke the mold. — Mike Turner

"We'll plant the Cabernet vines in a month or two." — Stephen Lewis "That is called the Poop Deck." — Kevin Hively "On long passages we make our own kombucha!" — David Hume "Here's a toothbrush, get started." — Tony Lavalsiti "But, I've only been gone a month!" — George Hughes "The 99-Cents Store paint Bob purchased wasn't exactly the color he had in mind." — Gary Green "PSA for 30-second miracle. Don't forget the before and after shots!" — Alex Anglin "You should see the bottom." — Michelle Sevilla Kringen "Oldie but moldie." — Jim Tullman "The S/V Habitat." — Steve Hodges The most popular caption in terms of likes on Facebook (19!) was, ahem, ours: "I've taken a look at your boat, and I lichen it a lot!" (Others had similar variations.) PS: In the nearly 200 comments we received for this month's CC(!), someone said "Boat shaming at its finest." And, indeed, a few people did express their mortification at the state of this vessel. That is not our position. While most of us certainly believe in a degree of cleanli- and shipshape-ness and enjoy a shiny vessel, we ardently believe in that most sacred of idioms: "Whatever floats your boat." If you're safe to yourself and those around you, and are a good dock neighbor, then just do you. "I'm insured and my rent is paid. There's no law saying I have "This is actually from a similar boat 'parked' to be washed, too," in Richmond that I noticed at last year's boat wrote Tony Benado from Berkeley. show," wrote Tony Benado.


• Connection kits available for Monitor and other popular windvanes.


• Add autopilot redundancy for low cost

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Latitude 38 Feb 2019  

The February 2019 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Feb 2019  

The February 2019 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.