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From what we can see, subject-wise he left no stone unturned (including cruising with kids, even though he and Alena don't have any yet), and maybe found a few new stones to look under. This is one of the most complete treatises on what it takes to go cruising that we've ever seen — all written from the welcome perspective of a 'real' couple on a realistically tight budget. One note: Our copy was marked "black and white version" – and all the illustrations were just that. We believe these were done for review pur-

area newspeople and business owners in general were invited to the fandango — complete with speeches from the governor's office. All of a sudden, too many knew the value of the industrial waterfront and marinas, and heard that the character of the place was in trouble. It suddenly became hard for those who would destroy the local maritime industry to be so blatant. For now. There was a bit of luck involved here. It turned out Washington's governor Jay Inslee happened to have a task force looking at and endorsing the state's maritime endeavors as a major part of the region's economy and brand, but taking advantage of that timely emphasis would likely not have happened without the extremely hard work of two women in Port Townsend's marine trades: Gwendolyn Tracey, a stellar yacht interior and cushion seamstress, and Pam LaNua, who's

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The many beautiful lines of Port Townsend. Advocates for a working PT waterfront made a successful case that the maritime industry is an economic powerhouse. These same maritime advocates also became more of a presence in the community, and let their community know that there was a valuable, vital resource down on the docks. Gentrification has been staved off, for now.

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Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.