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Bonfires on the beach are a rite of passage for many cruisers — everybody fits in.

of the imagination, "a crazy adventure." But until just recently, he says, "I felt like I was floating in this world where I didn't quite fit in, struggling to find a place that felt like home." Until the day he found himself sitting around a bonfire on the beach, drinking a beer with other sailors. "It's one of the rare places where

I've felt somewhat normal, and I wasn't the crazy person who sold everything to go sailing around the world. I was just another sailor in this newly formed family of crazy, amazing human beings calling this tropical place home. What does home really mean, anyway? For me, it's right here, right now, and who knows what it's going to be tomorrow?" Oh, and though he's single again (and singlehanding), he's not alone. His faithful dog is still aboard. "Kona is my companion, alarm system and pre-dishwasher. She also keeps anchor watch once in awhile, and lets me know if someone's getting too close." • It was a moment all mothers know well — everything is on track for the kid's birthday when suddenly you realize you're short of eggs. For most moms, a quick trip to the store solves the problem. For Satin and David Brennan of the Hylas 54 Anila, it meant a quick and easy trip to town from the anchorage in Niafu, Tonga. Or so they thought. ANILA


and 7,500 miles later, the girlfriend is gone, the dog remains and he's been reflecting on what has been, by any stretch

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Party girls Kyra of 'Anila' (left) and Marin from 'Counting Stars'. Happy Birthday, Kyra!

Dave was driving and the dinghy had just gotten onto a plane when — wham! It stopped short and Satin went flying into the water. They had hit a thick rope submerged just under the surface. Except for the soaking, Satin was fine and "half chuckling, half wondering what the heck just happened" as Dave helped her back into the boat. She even managed to keep

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• November, 2018 for more info or to order. Apdo. Postal 290, La Paz, 23000 Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.