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CHANGES to repair #50 roller chain are rare in Santa Barbara. They only cost $2.50 from McMaster-Carr, so Talion now has lots of spares! At this writing, Patsy is likely on the way to her 12th-straight Baja Ha-Ha. Except for RC-sanctioned "rolling starts," Talion has sailed all the way on every leg of every one of them. • Speaking of heading La Reina del Mar south, if you're planning even of 'Talion' . to head to Mexico this season and still shopping for the right boat, do not buy one that has a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) — or one that was not properly cleared out of the country the last time the boat was there. So advises the Grand Poobah of the Baja Ha-Ha after finding out several boats entered in the Rally had this issue. The problem is that a boat can't have two TIPs, and you cannot transfer a TIP. The boat must also have proof of properly clearing out of Mexico. Normally, getting a boat TIP canceled after she has left Mexico is a big

and expensive problem. You need to show up in Ensenada with not only the old TIP, but also proof of the boat's legal departure document from Mexico. Oftentimes people buy boats from estates (after the owner has died), so it's impossible to come up with the necessary documents. And — Patsy Verho- sometimes boats have left Mexico without properly checking out. Fortunately, we have a solution. Because this has been such a major problem, from time to time the Mexican government has sent officials to consulates in the United States to fix TIP problems. They did it last month and are doing it again in early November at specific locations. The closest place and date for Bay Area sailors is Sacramento on the weekend of November 2-3. Other places are Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston and Chicago. You will need the vessel's registration or documentaion paperwork, a bill of sale,

a personal ID, and exit documentation if the boat has been to Mexico before. For more information on what you need and/ or future "cancellation sessions," contact your nearest consulate. • "I'm just boarding Ethiopian Airlines for Nosy Be, Madagascar," wrote Joel Sorum when we reached out to him for an update. "I'll join Tom and Kim Christensen on the Wauquiez 41 Exit Strategy for the sail down the East African coast, around the Cape of Good Hope and on to Cape Town, South Africa. They are circumnavigating and I have crewed with them on several legs." Joel's (and Laura Ashton's) "other ride," the Tartan 3800 Companera, is on the hard in La Paz. Joel and Laura will return to the boat early next spring. Companera's participation in the 2017 Baja Ha-Ha completed the last leg of a two-year voyage to the South Pacific for the Vallejo-based couple. The boat logged well over 10,000 miles during this adventure and, Joel says, "There are many tales to share." We hope he does! • "It's been quite an adjustment going from two to three years at anchor, focused

It's Beautiful… It's Private… It's Home

Making boating easier – and more fun! – is what Oyster Cove is all about. That's why we rate number one with many Bay Area boaters. Oyster Cove is an exclusive yet reasonable facility of 219 berths, accommodating pleasurecraft in slips up to 60-ft long. Oyster Cove is the private Peninsula marina closest to bluewater boating. No other private Peninsula marina is better situated or offers nicer, fresher surroundings.


(650) 952 - 5540

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Latitude 38

• November, 2018

• Berths 30 feet to 60 feet • Double Finger Concrete Slips • Five Minutes from SFO • Close to Mass Transit

• Heated Dressing Rooms & Showers • Laundry Room • Nightly Security Patrol • Complimentary Ice

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Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.