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Fast forward to our early morning arrival at Equinox Sailing, located on the Hamble River, which is said have the greatest density of boats in the world. There are marinas stacked with maxi racers, and pontoon piers and moorings packed so close that we knew maneuvering would be very challenging. After introductions with our instructor, Roley, and my two oth-

Readers — If you're interested in chartering in the Med, Adriatic and elsewhere, read Rod Witel's detailed explanation of the certification requirements.

Sailboats lie Med-moored in tranquil Puerto de Mogán, on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria Island. Inset: Rompin' offshore.

to test out of their courses called ASA 100 to 104, at a cost of about $1,000. Youch! So it was back to the RYA for my ICC. The RYA is a great organization and they offer classes from beginning sailing to Yachtmaster prep. This is their top rating and you can jump into their training program anywhere depending on your qualifications (time on the water) and knowledge. At the time when I was researching all this, the nearest places possible to do ICC test outs were in Florida for about $450 or Canada for about $800. A test out is just that. If you fail, you must do it again. So you'd better be up on your Rules of the Road. And remember, when testing for an RYA ICC, it's not "red right returning" over there. As luck would have it we were planning a summer vacation across the pond to England and I would be able to do a prep course and test for my ICC there for about 300 pounds. Plus I would get to sail on the Solent, which really sounded great to me. After about 50 emails and a dozen phone calls, we finally located a school offering the prep and test during the time we would be there.

around using the wind, tide and prop wash, all while between two finger piers with million-dollar yachts on either side. Each of us got to perform all of these maneuvers, and Roley was very patient with us, because when the current was running at max ebb some of these tests were a little tricky, and we had to do them two or three times. It was a great day on the water, and we all passed. But if we had to do it all over again we agreed that another day sailing on the Solent wouldn’t have been too bad! Now with my ICC in hand, we'll soon be off to Croatia, but that's another story. To get an RYA ICC application and learn about all the requirements, see www. — jim mcmullen

er classmates, we dove right in. After a quick review of the Rules of the Road, buoyage and navigation, we took a written test complete with a charting problem that figured in the 4-knot currents that we could expect on that day. We then donned lifejackets, and checked or "wobbled" the engine. W — check water O — check oil B — check belts B — check bilge L — check for leaks E — check exhaust D — check diesel level Now we were finally off. Over the next seven hours we had to back up to docks, sail a triangular course, tie up to a mooring, do numerous crash-stop man-overboard drills, demonstrate proper use of spring lines, and my favorite turn-

More on Overseas Chartering Requirements The ICC is a United Nations-created Certificate of Competence for pleasurecraft operators. It was created under Resolution 40 and signed mostly by European countries, although South Africa also signed the resolution. The United States did not sign it, nor did Canada. Thus there are no sailing bodies in the USA or Canada offering the ICC through those governments. ICCs can only be written through signatory countries to No matter where you sail, the arrival of a pod of dolphins is always guaranteed to brighten your day. These call the Canaries home.

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Latitude 38 Nov 2018  

The November 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.