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All the Power You Need • Marine engines using Kubota diesels from 13.5 to 100 HP • Including Atomic 4 replacements and saildrive engines • Serpentine belt drive system for alternator is now standard on every propulsion engine

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Beta 38

Quiet diesels with clean emissions that meet current EPA requirements, without the need for Engineered to be Serviced Easily! computer-controlled common rail complexity.

Engineered to be Serviced Easily! Engineered to be Serviced Easily! Beta Marine West (Distributor)

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Latitude 38

• March, 2018

LETTERS drinks' and a boom box with Buffett all queued up. "Cheers," he said. "Last night sucked big time, but here we go! This is great, just friggin' great!" He proceeded to put the boom box on the cabin top and hit play, and there we were in Buffettland. After the boat drinks hit, the mood was awesome. We put on our straw hats, laughed at that E37 sight and plotted our victory. That is when I noticed the wind had started to change direction. "Holy shit Gary, we just got a giant header. We are pointed at Hawaii and the wind is abeam and the pole is on the headstay. OMG! We are going to hose the fleet now! So more boat drinks and celebration — the mood got better, and we were overbearing in victory! Later that day, when we did a peel and had to remove the boom box, we noticed that the header had gone away. That's when we noticed that the boom box was next to the compass! Oh no! The compass swung back about 90 degrees and there went our glorious header and victory. Yes, Jimmy was there — his boat drinks had taken their toll and his music had headed us south to Mexico for a whole wondrous day! Anonymous Margaritaville ⇑⇓ RANDALL REEVES Thanks for all your Randall Reeves coverage. I am a fan; I've read every one of his blog posts from crewing on the Northwest Passage to finding the 'right' boat for the Figure 8 Voyage. I wish him all the luck in the world and anxiously await each new post. I've got an old world globe with a yellow stickie for Randall's position that I update daily. Go Mo! Jim Sinclair C'est la Vie, (a sailor stuck in a powerboat) Portland, OR ⇑⇓ FOLLOWING THE FIGURE 8 I used to sail out of Santa Cruz but got transferred to Colorado about 18 years ago, so I haven't had much chance to sail since. I now live vicariously through your magazine, in spirit with all the Changes in Latitudes and the races. Please continue reporting about Randall Reeves and the Figure 8, along with all the other sailing stories out there. I've finally gotten my wife to agree to take sailing lessons, after about 20 years of pleading, finagling, bribery etc. Randall Reeves taking care of business someWe plan on going where below (way below) the Cape of Good to San Diego and Hope in a post from early February. getting bareboatcertified this coming spring or summer, then it's off to charter in the Caribbean, the Med and the South Pacific. Anyway, until we can actually do this, we follow your stories. Thank you for your writing and reporting, the Baja Ha-Ha, (which we plan on doing someday) and all the other ways you promote sailing. Rick and Ruth Bernal Falcon, CO


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Latitude 38 March 2018  

The March 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 March 2018  

The March 2018 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.