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Left to right: Matt Woll and his sister Lily raced on 'Luna'; Alec Liguori, George Lythcott and Steven Bayles sailed on the J/24 'Dire Straits'; and Kathy Williamson crewed on 'Faster Faster!'

Clubs Junior Yachtsman of the year twice. He selflessly mentored younger kids and was a credit to the sport of sailboat racing and to the yacht club. Stephen tragically passed away at age 18 from leukemia. Of the 72 boats entered, 52 competed in the Champ, or advanced, class and 20 raced in the Green, younger class. Based on ages, the Champ Class is divided into divisions. The 'Red' kids are the oldest followed by Blue and White; all range in ages from 10 to 13. On Saturday, despite overcast skies, cool temperatures, light air and some postponements, the Champs (sailing outside in Santa Monica Bay) managed to get four races done, and the insidethe-harbor Green fleet did six. On Sunday the sun came out and brought the wind with it; maybe a little too much breeze as one competitor capsized in the channel. The Champs ran four races and the Greens ran another three. After the races the kids were treated to pizza, chicken fingers, mac and cheese and mini hot dogs.

Complete results are available at — andy kopetzky

REGATTAPRO WINTER ONE DESIGN, SYC (8r, 2t) J/120 — 1) Peregrine, David Halliwill, 5 points; 2) Mr. Magoo, Steve Madeira, 11; 3) Kookaburra, Tom Grennan, 18. (5 boats) J/105 — 1) Godot, Phillip Laby, 10 points; 2) Big Buoys, Colin Miller/Peter Baldwin, 14; 3) Roxanne, Charles James, 23; 4) Russian Roulette, Sergey Lubarsky, 32; 5) Akula, Doug Bailey, 43. (23 boats) J/24 — 1) Snowjob, Brian Goepfrich, 7 points; 2) Froglips, Richard Stockdale, 13; 3) Evil Octopus, Jasper Van Vliet, 17. (6 boats) J/70 — 1) 1FA, Scott Sellers, 6 points; 2) Rampage, Tom Thayer, 11; 3) Christine Robin, Christy Usher, 16. (5 boats) MELGES 24 — 1) Personal Puff, Dan House-


Race Notes The high pressure that sat over the Florida Strait in late January caused extremely high winds and seas for the week up to and through the planned start of the Conch Republic Cup race to Havana, Cuba, on January 26. "After a delay and schedule change we reviewed the weather further and officially canceled the race," announced organizers. "The race committee and Commodore Escrich from Hemingway International YC all agree that the existing unstable weather preceding the strong front coming that will close Hemingway Marina and the potential for thunderstorms and squalls will make a crossing hazardous. We do not want to risk anyone's well-being for this event. We wish all participants the best and appreciate your understanding in our decision to keep everyone safe. Hope to see you in future." We've read some criticism of this decision on other sailing news sources.

rman, 10 points; 2) Magoo, Craig Wilson, 15; 3) Looper, Duane Yoslov, 18. (5 boats) MOORE 24 — 1) Mooretician, Peter Schoen, 6 points; 2) Answer, Les Robertson, 15; 3) Firefly, Joel Turmel, 18. (6 boats) Full results at ISLANDS RACE, SAN DIEGO YC, 2/16-17 ORR-1 — 1) Pyewacket, Andrews 70, Roy Disney; 2) OEX, SC70, John Sangmeister; 3) Prospector, Mills 68, Larry Landry. (7 boats) ORR-2 — 1) Horizon, SC50, John Shulze; 2) Lucky Duck, SC52, Dave MacEwen. (2 boats)

Comparison to the Rolex Sydney Hobart was made. We would point out here that CRC is a much smaller event than the often-dangerous Sydney Hobart, and not all of the crews are as experienced as most of those in the Sydney Hobart. Additionally, if the destination marina in Havana was going to be closed, the fleet would have no place to go. See www. A year and a half ago in Rio de Janeiro, Caleb Paine claimed America's only sailing medal at the Olympics, winning a bronze in the Finn. He took a year off, moving from San Diego to San Francisco Bay. Then, at the end of January, he won a silver medal on Biscayne Bay in the World Cup Series Miami. (Brit Giles Scott, the reigning Olympic gold medalist, had simply to finish the medal race to again ensure himself of gold.) Drew Freides' Pacific Palisades-based Pacific Yankee continues its winning ways, taking the overall win at the Melges 20 Miami Winter Series on February 9-11, with Morgan Reeser as tactician and Charlie Smythe. For more, see www. Founded by Long Beach YC in 1965, the Congressional Cup will return to its roots this year, bringing back the 10ORR-3 — 1) Stark Raving Mad VII, Swan 601, Jim Madden; 2) Flaquita, R/P 44, Paul Casanova; 3) Amazing Grace, Farr 57, Jim Puckett. (4 boats) ORR-4 — 1) Picosa, J/111, Doug & Jack Jorgensen; 2) Fractions, 1D35x, Ivan Batanov; 3) Kite35, 1D35, David Nelson. (4 boats) ORR-5 — 1) Sleeper, Jeanneau SO44, Ron Simonson; 2) Onde Amo, Beneteau First 40.7, Stephen Ashley. (4 boats) ORRez-6 — 1) Marisol, J/124, Seth Hall; 2) Sonrisa, Beneteau First 36.7, Herwig Baumgartner. (5 boats) MULTIHULL — 1) Mighty Merloe, ORMA 60, HL Enroe; 2) Chim Chim, Gunboat 62, John Gallagher. (2 boats) Full results at March, 2018 •

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