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oiling found its way into this month's Caption Contest(!), which was unexpectedly fitting and fortuitous given the forthcoming Foiling Feature in the following pages. In fact, this month's winning caption by Steven Hartman was echoed by Jeff Cook. Mr. Hartman will take the highly coveted caption below, but we're giving a T-shirt to both of these gentlemen for their nearidentical quips. Other popular entries this month included all things submarine, such as: "Dive, Dive, Dive! and "Up periscope." Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd the winner is:

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"Doug mistakenly installs his new El Toro foils in an inverted position." — Steven Hartman


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Latitude 38

"The cockpit of my Optimist is full, so now I must be a pessimist." — Brooks Magruder "Sometimes you need to pee in the ocean." — John Draeger "These new carbon masts are highly buoyant . . . right?" — Robert Johnston "When U-boats have to rig for sail." — Matthew Gallwas "Going big on the 'wetted surface.'" — Rick Leach "That roll tack did not go as planned." — Brad Kerstetter "I guess there's no wiggle room with the stated weight capacity, eh?" — Mike Dutra "Is that Captain Jack Sparrow?" — David Henry "This new antifouling is amazing. Nothing can find the hull to latch on." — John Howard And nearly identical to the winner: " . . . Are you sure? I think we put the foils on upside down!" — Jeff Cook

• January, 2018

hen nature calls, relieving oneself doesn't necessarily have to be an act relegated to the dark, poorly ventilated confines of where lavatories typically reside. Indeed, the call of nature can be a scenic experience — sometime offering the greatest views in all the Bay — or can include amenities to make relief entirely more pleasant and manageable. Consider the facilities at Tiburon's Corinthian Yacht Club, which, like many of its brethren, is buried somewhere deep in the main building's bowels (forgive the unintentional pun). But don't be fooled: this particular restroom is tucked away in the far corner of the premises, hanging over the water, and giving the occupant a sublime opportunity to gaze upon Belvedere, its charming cove, and the comings and goings of various sailboats catching the last of the evening breeze. We often find ourselves having an extra beverage (an enticement not at all far-fetched in our particular circle), just for a chance to enjoy the view.

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Latitude 38 Jan 2018  

The January 2018 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Jan 2018  

The January 2018 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.