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LETTERS 'Gold Route' record from New York to San Francisco in 2013 — a record that had been held by the clipper ship Flying Cloud for 135 years (until 1989) — Soldini praised Cloud navigator Eleanor Creesy, breathing life into a character not well known and not often spoken of. And we just think that's cool. — th

• Full service harbor master's office • Waterfront dining • Free WiFi access • Guest facilities with restrooms, showers and dressing rooms

• Water sport rentals • Surveillance and electronic controlled gates • Individual water hook ups • Garbage and recycling disposal

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Latitude 38

• January, 2018



⇑⇓ NOT A FAN OF THE VOR No, not the Volvo, not the other 'pro' races. Not the America's Cup. Clipper Cup, no. Not interested in some guy sailing at 40 mph. The high-powered PR types that pump out their hype don't help. I'm not interested in anything that 'foils'. I'm just interested in local racing, where I can identify with the boats and crews that sail them. Boats I might have sailed on in my younger days, with 'human' folks more my level of racing. I love it that the Cal 20s have staged a comeback, for instance. As a side note, I'm not interested, never been interested, in the Baja Ha-Ha — Bawhatevers, either. My cruising in Mexico Pat Broderick races the Wyliecat 30 'Nancy'. and beyond was before things were organized like a tour group. Ditto for the Delta. Come to think of it, I'm not too hot on tour groups, either. There's nothing like a good tourbook, a folding map and a good pair of shoes for finding interesting places to visit and get to know about. An umbrella frequently comes in handy, too. So, I don't read 60% or more of the stories in the modern Latitude 38 or most canned PR pieces in Scuttlebutt (it was a lot more interesting with its founder and real 'curmudgeonly' tone). I look for the local stories, Max Ebb's sometimes knotty tales, and I even read the Classifieds (though I'm not in the boat-buying market). During the past several years I've attempted to write stories about local racing — club/OYRA/YRA — with local voices for Latitude. Those are the kinds of things I read. Pat Broderick Nancy, Wyliecat 30 Sausalito Pat — A million thanks for the stories you've contributed, and for reading our Bay Area racing coverage. Readers — Pat has written many fine race reports for Latitude 38 over the past few years, with often entertaining and sometimes illuminating input from sailors on the course. The reports appear in various editions of Racing Sheet. Back in the 'old' days, when our original racing editor, the late great Rob Moore, helmed the Racing Desk here, Pat was one of Rob's valued sources. — cw ⇑⇓ BUT, ARE YOU A FAN OF THE AC75, THE NEXT AMERICA'S CUP MONOHULLS? (NO. NO YOU'RE NOT) This is evolving into sailing's version of drag racing with a computer controlled clutch and throttle. I want to see tactics called by humans (not by computers), tacking and covering,

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Latitude 38 Jan 2018  

The January 2018 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Jan 2018  

The January 2018 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.