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LETTERS ⇑⇓ THE LOSS OF SIMON SPEIRS OVERBOARD I wonder if Mr. Speirs was drowned being dragged through the water by his tether then somehow slipped out of his harness. I hope there is a thorough inquiry. There could be much to be learned from this tragedy. Mark Wheeles Dorothy, Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 La Paz, BCS, Mexico

Neither has Svendsen’s Chandlery.

⇑⇓ 20 YEARS OF GREAT PUMPKINS October's race was the 20th and final Great Pumpkin Regatta that I have run. I have run them as regattas were often run years ago, with sailors signing up on the morning of the first day when they came to the yacht club. Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions were short and simple. Regattas were fun, but bureaucracy has sapped some of the old spirit and this year actually contradicted part of the Notice of Race. This message to you is not a request to write an article or to mention me. But if you do, I'd like to leave the idea in this message. The end of the message will mean something to the people who tried to enter the regatta but were told they could not because Eric Arens at the helm of Cinde Lou of an arbitrary and unDelmas's Alerion 38 'Another Girl' in his authorized cutoff in regfirst Wednesday night race. He's been istration days before the running the series since 1998 and had regatta. I spent many never sailed in it. hours emailing and on the phone trying to correct the situation but only succeeded in some cases. I followed the principle of a good hostess who accommodates the needs, both usual and unusual, of her guests as much as possible. The ladies who put on the Saturday night parties were hostesses with the mostess and were great inspirations to me. The picture of the Latitude 38 staff and the recent articles on the history of Latitude 38 have made the magazine even more of a friend than it has always been. Eric Arens Richmond YC


Still located in the Alameda Marina.


The flag on the moon hasn’t moved since 1969.

Readers — Mark is referring to the death of a crewmember on the Clipper Race boat GREAT Britain sailing through the Souther n Ocean, a few days from landfall in Fremantle, Australia, as reported in British sailor Simon Speirs, 60, fell the November 20 'Lectronic Latitude. The statement overboard in the Southern Ocean. from the Clipper Race organization afterward included the following: "A full investigation will now be carried out, as is standard practice, into the full details of the incident, including the reasons his safety tether did not keep him on board, in cooperation with the appropriate authorities." But an autopsy will not be possible, as Simon was buried at sea. He was wearing his PFD and was supposedly clipped in at the time that he was swept overboard. — cw OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! Chandlery & Rig Shop / 510.521.8454 / 1851 Clement Avenue, in the Alameda Marina Page 18 •

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Latitude 38 Jan 2018  

The January 2018 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Jan 2018  

The January 2018 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.