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great to come here, get so many fantastic competitors, and actually manage to pull this off. I certainly didn't really think we had a chance coming to Annapolis. I've sailed here a bunch and always found it hard. We managed to do it against all of our internal odds." Coming from Santa Cruz, the pair is used to heavier conditions than they encountered in Annapolis. "The first couple of days were light, lumpy, big shifts," said Smit. "We're really proud of how we sailed through that." Racing was canceled on Day 2 due to a total glass-off. "It never felt safe, it was so shifty. It was just brutally hard," commented Holt. "Since '14, we've been competitive across the wind range, and we kept working down the wind range." "We've also spent more time over in Europe in more varying venues," added EASOM FOUNDERS / ETCHELLS PREWORLDS, SFYC, 9/16-17 (5r, 0t) 1) Stella Blue, Steve Benjamin, Seawanhaka Corinthian YC, 23 points; 2) Magpie, Graeme Taylor, Mornington YC, 30; 3) Northern Havoc, Iain Murray, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, 41; 4) Lion Heart, Steve Girling, NYYC, 42; 5) Lisa, Martin Hill, RSYS, 43; 6) Elizabeth, Tom Carruthers, SDYC, 47; 7) The General, James Badenach, Royal Hong Kong YC, 47. (31 boats) Full results at MELGES 24 SANTA CRUZ REGATTA, SCYC, 9/16-17 (6r, 1t) 1) Average White Boat, Kent Pierce, 7 points; 2) Looper, Duane Yoslov, 14; 3) M1, Ian Collignon, 17. (12 boats) Full results at SCYC JACK & JILL REGATTA, 9/23 B FLEET — 1) M1, Melges 24, Tina Verutti; 2) Nobody’s Girl, Moore 24, Sydnie Moore; 3) Wildfire, Moore 24, Tom Conerly. (9 boats) NON-SPINNAKER <182 — 1) Tonopah Low, Moore 24, Mike Evans; 2) Rio, SC27, Karen & Tom Faraola; 3) Worry Knot, SC27, Teresa Wagster. (7 boats) Page 98 •

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• November, 2017

'Motorcycle Irene' won the Express 27 National Championship on October 6-8. Left: The Cliffs Notes to 'Irene's career. Right: 'Cyclers Zach Anderson, David Liebenberg, Angie Liebert, Eileen Welch and Will Paxton celebrated their success at the RYC dock. See Box Scores for top results.

Smit. "There's some very strong light-air sailors over there." Crew weight is extremely important. "We could have been lighter and been a little bit safer, but you take what you get, then you get here and you get on with it," said Holt. Holt won the 2014 Worlds in Kiel, Germany, with Rob Woelfel of Minden, NV, and the 2015 Worlds in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with Smit. "This year was like sailing in a washing machine! Lots of powerboat chop, generally light and unstable breeze, very trying. You could be a hero or zero in very short order," Holt told us. He's originally from the UK. "I came over in 1992 to do the 5O5 Worlds in

THE BOX SCORES NON-SPINNAKER >181 — 1) Schock Therapy, Santana 22, Bridget Binko; 2) Odonata, Santana 22, Chris & Rachel Hofmann; 3) Seabird, Thunderbird, Vernon Wallace. (7 boats) FAMILY (12 & UNDER) — 1) Ngellew Fejj, Moore 24, Kyra Phelan. (2 boats) FAMILY (13 & OVER) — 1) Penguin, Moore 24, Matt Dini; 2) Hamachi, Santana 22, Stefan Berlinski. (3 boats) Full results at MERCURY PCC, LAYC, 9/30-10/1 (7r, 0t) 1) Carbon Offset, Chris Raab/Kenny Dair, 19; 2) Axon, Doug Baird/Chris Messano, 22; 3) Jade, Mike Burch/Dean Winner, 25. (11 boats) Full results at EXPRESS 27 NATIONALS, RYC, 10/6-8 (7r, 0t) 1) Motorcycle Irene, Zach Anderson/Will Paxton, RYC, 12; 2) Shenanigans, Nick Gibbens, SFYC, 19; 3) Thumper, Erik Hauge, HRYC, 39; 4) Get Happy!!, Brendan Busch, TISC, 45; 5) Wile E. Coyote, Dan Pruzan, EYC, 48; 6) Peaches, John Rivlin, StFYC, 50. (24 boats)

Santa Cruz, met my wife Annette at that event, and moved out here in '96." Carl and Mike have been sailing together for 13 years. "We owe much of our success to the West Coast fleet," said Holt. "Right now I would be surprised if there is a tougher, more competitive class to race in. California teams have dominated all the global events for the last four years." Second place was up for grabs in Race 8, and two more West Coast teams were in the hunt. Brits Andy Smith and Roger Gilbert entered the final day in second place, three points ahead of Marin-based Edward Conrads and Brian Haines. But both of those teams posted double-digit results, opening a door that defending RYC SPORT BOAT INVITATIONAL, 10/7-8 (6r, 0t) DIV A — 1) Prime Number, J/70, Mark Thomas, 7; 2) Rampage, J/70, Robert Milligan, 13; 3) Orange You Glad, J/70, Brian Mullen, 24. (6 boats) DIV B — 1) UDecide, Ultimate 20, Phil Kanegsberg, 9; 2) Frisky, Open 5.70, Dale Scoggin, 17; 3) Uagain, Ultimate 20, David Woodside, 21. (5 boats) Full results at LTWYC LATE SUMMER REGATTA, 9/17 (3r, 0t) PHRF A — 1) Dianne, Express 27, Steve Katzman, 5 points; 2) Eagle, Express 27, Ross Groelz, 7; 3) Magoo, Melges 24, Wilson, 9. (5 boats) PHRF B — 1) Turuff Tuski, Catalina 27, Kurt Rasmussen, 4; 2) Meiers Run II, Santana 20, Mort Meiers, 6; 3) April Fools, Catalina 22, 8. (4 boats) Full results at LTWYC FANNETTE ISLAND RACE, 9/24 (3r, 0t) PHRF A — 1) Eagle, Express 27, Ross Groelz; 2) Expressway, Express 27, Mike Robinson; 3) Dianne, Express 27, Steve Katzman. (7 boats)

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Latitude 38 Nov 2017  

The November 2017 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.