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TRY IT! You’ll never experience a faster 'cruising cat'. THE ON


The Seawind 1190 Sport is faster because:



DRAGONFLY 25 Fast on the Bay.

CORSAIR 31 The ultimate cruiser.

“Faster than a speeding bullet” and really fun to sail. For a high-performance test sail, contact Gary Helms. Dealers for: Corsair • Dragonfly • Seawind

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Latitude 38

• November, 2017

Pajo and Ava — We love dreamers and hope your electric drive works out well for long-distance cruising. As you probably know, electric-powered engines in offshore boats have had limited success so far. About five years ago Lagoon equipped a bunch of their catamarans with electric engines, but eventually had to replace them all with diesels because the electrics just weren't up to the job. But that was five years ago, and technology marches on. We hope you can help lead the march. As everyone knows, Hurricane Maria wiped out Puerto Rico's already-hopeless electrical grid. Forward-thinking Elon Musk of Tesla, space exploration, ultra-high-speed transportation and other projects, made the suggestion to the governor of Puerto Rico that they go with renewable energy as much as possible as an alternative to the old grid. Musk got a lot of grief for his suggestion, but we'll counter at least some of that grief with a report from longtime friend and sailor Warren Stryker of St. Thomas, who is originally from Sausalito. Stryker's house on the hill above Magens Bay was hit as hard as all the other houses on St. Thomas by Hurricane Irma. But unlike most other residents, Stryker came out in relatively Warren, with his son and a friend, on his great shape. Ar med Hunter 54 'Botox Barbie'. He won a lot of with plenty of solar panraces with the boat, but lost her to Irma. els, Stryker never lost power for his lights, refrigeration, computers or anything else. And because he drives an electric-powered Nissan Leaf, he didn't have to waste any time standing in line for diesel like most everyone else. It may not be a popular philosophy, and it can be difficult and/or not always feasible, but the Wanderer believes that the more people rely on themselves as opposed to the government, the better off they will be. — rs


• Taller Rig • Daggerboards • Daggerboard rudders • Carbon Sails • Low Displacement • Bow Sprit – asymmetrical spinnaker


⇑⇓ AND NOW, THE REST OF THE 'LOST WOMAN' STORY Several decades ago I researched the story of 'The Lost Woman of San Nicolas Island', about whom there was a letter and long editorial response in the July issue. My research path led to the Southwest Museum in South Pasadena, where I met a truly ferocious librarian who was actually quite helpful. Strangely, the history of the 'Lost Woman' story starts with China and Russia. Specifically, how was Russia going to pay China for all the tea they wanted? The Russians were mad for tea, but had nothing to trade for it. Except gold. During the days of the gold standard, Moscow was watching their gold reserves plummet, millions of sips of tea at a time. They cast about for some other commodity the Chinese would want in exchange for tea. They discovered Lutra maritimus, more commonly known as sea otter fur. Sea otter fur is the densest of any mammal fur, with up to one million hairs per square inch. The climate in northern China features brutally cold winters, so sea otter fur was the ultimate luxury. The Chinese gladly traded tea for the pelts, so the Russians slaughtered the otters through the Aleutian Islands and farther south. In fact, they wiped out sea otters in one area after another. The operations featured a sailing ship manned by Russians, who hired native Aleuts to catch and skin the otters. In search of more sea otter pelts, the Russians kept press-

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Latitude 38 Nov 2017  

The November 2017 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Nov 2017  

The November 2017 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.