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LETTERS Reach to track his voyage and keep his family updated on his position. I also tracked the satellite transponder position of vessels nearest his coordinates. The Coast Guard was given all of the Garmin communications and my tracking information. Richard also had other electronic equipment on the boat. But after three days at sea, that equipment was no longer functional. Richard had been stranded in the doldrums after a week or more of sailing in rough and sometimes stormy seas, during which time he reported that he was unable to sleep or leave the cockpit. This was followed by several days of drifting at the whim of wind and current in the doldrums, baking or — as he put it, "being barbequed" — in the hot sun. He was still unable to get rest for fear of squalls that periodically appeared with little warning. His messages also indicated he was probably delusional. Several mariners who responded to family requests for assistance noted they had encountered something similar, but perhaps not as severe. These delusions are most likely what led to the demise of Richard and the disappearance of Celebration. The C-130 and Lear Jet searches occurred nearly a month after Richard's last message. By that time Celebration would have been near the Marquesas, Richard's destination. The American Enterprise reached Celebration's last reported location about three days after Richard's last message. They flew several helicopter searches in the area where Celebration would have drifted to, but without finding any sign of the boat or debris. Richard had secured everything from on deck in the cabin after an incident with a squall. Richard's family is most grateful to the US Coast Guard and all of the entities involved in the search for him and Celebration. Richard is missed by all who knew him. He was declared deceased as of May 28, 2017, by the California Court on September 8, 2017, based on the US Coast Guard report of the incident. Noting that miracles have happened, and the best efforts of men are sometimes not sufficient, if anyone should encounter a 36-ft sailboat named Celebration with green trim in port or having drifted ashore somewhere, the family would appreciate hearing of it. John Carr Richard's brother



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John — We're terribly sorry about your and Richard's family's loss, and appreciate the correction and clarification. — rs




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Reading the Wanderer's September 25 account of Fin Bevin using a sledgehammer to 'fix' the windlass motor on Profligate brought up a memory. I was delivering a Cal 36 back to Marina del Rey from the 1970 Acapulco Race, which was the last time that race was Looking a little bit like the Communist that held, when the Signet he's not, Fin comes to the rescue. autopilot quit. The problem was that the little compass needle had jumped off its pin. Since it was magnetic, I thought if I had a lump of

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Latitude 38 Nov 2017  

The November 2017 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Nov 2017  

The November 2017 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.